At Home With Josiah Bell and Jurnee Smollett

Josiah Bell and Jurnee Smollett Josiah Bell and Jurnee Smollett are a power couple of creativity. Jurnee, an actor since she was a child, is currently finishing her second season on Showtime’s Trueblood, and Josiah’s debut EP as a singer/songwriter is coming soon. As part of Sonos At Home, we hung out with them to learn a little about the role music plays in their lives.

“Music is pretty much the core of our household, our relationship. It is the creative force of everything we do. We’ll just come home after rough days or whatever and just literally lie on the floor and go put on a record and just decompress. Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder is a decompression record for us. That or Coltrane. But right now I am on the George Harrison record, All Things Must Pass.”

For Josiah and Jurnee, vinyl compatibility played a big part of their interest in Sonos. “We like to go to Amoeba and we have a rule where we just go and grab a pile of used records. We don’t even look at them. That’s kind of how we discovered new music in an old fashioned way. Even if the record looks crazy – that is the rule – we can’t look at it and say okay, this one looks cool. We have to pick up a box of records and then go home and just pop them on. We are probably almost close to something like 4000 pieces of vinyl. I live for and thrive for technology. But we just hook up our record player – once I knew that it could actually do that and then I could play it throughout the rest of the rooms in the house – I know it sounds crazy but – my world changed.”

Click here for more information about how to hook up your turntable with your Sonos system.

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