The Making of PLAY:1 and PLAYBAR

Posted on February 6th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in Products

Music lovers to the core, we aim to elevate the music experience with every product we create. We recently caught up with our Product Design Team to jump head first into the development of the mini but mighty, PLAY:1 and the Sonos PLAYBAR.

Sonos product and design teams share what carried the PLAY:1 and PLAYBAR from initial concepts into the homes of music lovers around the world.

Take a look into the Sonos lab in our video, and ask any questions you have in the comments below.

Posted on February 6th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in Products

  • Scott

    I own the Soundbar, Sub, two Play1s, and a whole house full of Play3s and Play5s. I love the system except for one MAJOR DESIGN FLAW. The sound bar is not capable of using an RF Remote control signal. My new top of the line Samsung 50″ HDTV uses RF. So I can’t use the TV remote to control the volume. I must hunt and find my iPhone to do so. This makes the system unusable by other family members. Very Frustrated! I don’t want to have to use multiple remote devices to watch simple television.

    • Trying to help

      Would a Push Control help you

  • Chuck

    All that engineering and no one thought to include DTS. Really.

    • Denis

      Yep, Bluray disk in Europe are now DTS only….

  • Zarlator

    I think i’m now a sonos addict but still i cannot imagine having a play bar for home cinema. It may be the most complex you have ever done but it also the flaw in the system because for the first time it’s not only about music. That be said, I’ll gladly wait to see like a v2 of the Play Bar with HD Audio, many inputs and outputs and an CEC compatible maybe.
    Thx for making life different.

  • JDM

    Listen Dolby, DTS, 5.1 you name it audio is great… to an extent. However other companies have been developing speaker bars for years, and the result is the same, a front range of sound from an array of small speakers. Sonos You really have to give us something more to work with. I have installed several of these for clients looking to Get some premium sound from an otherwise quality TV set, without breaking the bank. The surround sound however is a bit useless, given its sonos’s own Audio processing.