Rate your all-in-one player

Posted on November 18th, 2011 by Sonos Staff in Products

Rate Your PlayerOne of our missions here at Sonos is to make sure anyone who takes home one of our products is happy as a clam. Which is why we’re so excited to launch a new feature in our shop that allows customers to rate and review our all-in-one players, the PLAY:3 and PLAY:5. (Ratings for other Sonos products will launch in 2012.)

To see what people have to say, pay a visit to our shop. Some of our favorite quotes?

“The sound system of the future.”
“Awesome Products, Awesome People…”
“…it took me longer to open the boxes than it did to get music playing!”
“A fan for life…”

If you’re an owner, we’d love it if you would voice your opinion. And of course, praise is always nice, but we welcome any honest feedback.

Note: Currently, Sonos Shop Reviews are only available in the United States.

Posted on November 18th, 2011 by Sonos Staff in Products

  • diplomegalo

    Easy, simple with an amazing sound.

  • Brian

    SONOS has opened up the world of music for me all over again!  After almost a decade of listening to my stuff exclusively on an IPOD, I’m listening to a whole new generation of artists and songs. A born again music listener.

  • Jack

    Didn’t realize the Play:3 didn’t have local source.  Other than that, perfect!

  • SoundMind

    I Love this addition to my Sonos configuration.    It’s portable, and moves from room to room wherever we need it, or outside.   Syncs perfectly when placed in rooms with other SONOS outlets.   I have 5 and 8 year old girls who like to dance party.   They pick-up the S5, and take it where they want it (or where we ask them to take their dance party), plug it in, and continue to rock out.    They control the unit with their iPods, easily pulling their favorite songs or playlists (we use a lot of Rhapsody).   

    The S5 would be a perfect even if I has no other SONOS zones.   It’s a great way to start, or it may be all your family needs.    Sound Quality outstanding.

    Nice work Sonos.    Now go solve my home theatre needs.

  • Grandpamike99

    I love my S5, will be getting another this Christmas, and might also get the S3 as well. Streaming is the best, except, of course, when my internet goes down ..

  • Johnpward

    Have had an S5 in the kitchen for almost 2 years. It sits on the counter in the corner under the cabinets. Because of the way the back of the case tapers it sits in the corner so well that it takes up space that would never be used otherwise. People at first have no idea where this great sound is coming from, then they can’t believe it all comes from something so small. I have two 90s and a 120 as well, but this gets the most play, by far. Location, location, location.

  • Eresh

    Have used my Play:5 for several parties at my house. Guests, and myself, are amazed by the great sound that comes from such a small box. SONOS rocks and it’s only gonna get better!