Rate your all-in-one player

Rate Your PlayerOne of our missions here at Sonos is to make sure anyone who takes home one of our products is happy as a clam. Which is why we’re so excited to launch a new feature in our shop that allows customers to rate and review our all-in-one players, the PLAY:3 and PLAY:5. (Ratings for other Sonos products will launch in 2012.)

To see what people have to say, pay a visit to our shop. Some of our favorite quotes?

“The sound system of the future.”
“Awesome Products, Awesome People…”
“…it took me longer to open the boxes than it did to get music playing!”
“A fan for life…”

If you’re an owner, we’d love it if you would voice your opinion. And of course, praise is always nice, but we welcome any honest feedback.

Note: Currently, Sonos Shop Reviews are only available in the United States.