Open beta for our upcoming software

Sonos softwareSonos is now beta testing new controller applications for iOS devices with Retina displays and Android Tablets.

Key features:

  •  iOS Retina Display: The Sonos Controllers for iPhone and iPad have been updated with high-resolution graphics for retina displays.
  • Android Tablet: Improved Tablet experience in landscape orientation.

If you would like to receive early access to the beta version of these controllers, please go to the My Account section on the Sonos website. Once you have logged in with the email address you used to register your Sonos, you can click on Sonos Beta. You will see a program called iOS Retina Display and Android Tablet Beta which you can join. Once joined, please follow the provided instructions to upgrade your controllers.

Please note: Beta testing requires weekly software updates and participation is not guaranteed. Expect the unexpected. Remember, this is beta software. And tell us everything—the good and the bad—by emailing