The ZoneBridge gets a price cut

Posted on June 29th, 2011 by Jasmine France in News, Products

One of many goals here at Sonos is to let you experience music in your home any way – and anywhere – you want. We want you to focus on the freedom of streaming the music without having to worry about having a router in the room where you want to listen to that music.

That’s where the ZoneBridge comes in – simply connect it to your router to instantly activate Sonos network, or use it to extend the range of your system and expand your controller’s wireless coverage. Today, we’re making it even easier to get by dropping the price. You can now pick up the product for $49 in the U.S., $59 CAD in Canada, $79 AUD (including GST) in Australia, 39 GBP in the UK, and 49 EUR throughout the rest of Europe.

Posted on June 29th, 2011 by Jasmine France in News, Products

  • Natal Network Solutions

    Yes, everybody likes it here in Natal. So please, give me a reseller or distribution contract for Brazil!!!!

  • Billgates

    What about Australia and New Zealand?

    • Anonymous

      We just confirmed pricing in AUD and added it to the article – thanks for calling this out!

  • Billgates

    What about Australia and New Zealand?

  • Jussi

    $49=49€ nice math.

  • AVT

    UK price ? shafted again..

  • Mppendlebury

    Typical, only just gone and bought one two weeks ago.

    • randyrama

      I feel ya…same here. 

    • Roman

      take it back. That’s what sad about the Sonos. They don’t tell you about new products or pricing or anything. Love, hate relationship.

  • Yvonnemac

    $49 US converts to $47 CAD????

  • Bryan Hagg

    So the Australian dollar is currently worth US$1.07. How do you justify charging us almost double what the US pays?

  • Roman

    First. I have bought two of them for $119.00. Now they worth $59.00. I want a refund.
    Second. Canadian dollar is worth more then US dollar.That is highway robbery. How can you justified this kine of pricing and that’s goes for all of your products. I love Sonos, but if something comes along that is equal or better, I think you’ll find lot of people will say Good Buy to Sonos.

  • SBguy

    seriously? they drop the price and all anyone does is complain? kinda sad.

  • Matthewfuller

    Considering that the US units work in Australia perfectly fine (Sonos tells you otherwise, so do the resellers) I do not see the need for the huge price gap, the Australian $ is at $1.05 and we are paying a lot more, sure add 10% for Tax, factor in the importing costs and that still does not add up to $25 difference, come on Sonos play fair!