The Raveonettes Answer Your Questions at the Sonos Studio

The Raveonettes at the Sonos Studio
The Raveonettes at the Sonos Studio

Before The Raveonettes arrived at the Sonos Studio for an acoustic performance and Q&A last night, we asked the Facebook community to provide questions for the band to answer. They chose a select few to answer in front of a live audience. Find out about The Raveonettes’ creative process and what inspires their songwriting below:

First question asked by Jody H: Do song ideas just come to you or is there a particular process you follow to get your creative juices flowing?

Sune: It depends, I say they usually just come out but for instance on the new album we have a song called “She owns the street”. It was a girl that I met at a show in NY and she was dancing by herself, like really crazy dance. A friend of mine knew her so I had lunch with her and then after lunch she said “I want to dance for you in the street”. So she walked out to Lafayette St. in NY in the middle of crazy traffic and danced to some of our music. Basically stopping traffic.

Sharin: She danced to “Love in a Trash Can”

Sune: And I wrote a song about her called “She Owns the streets”. That is a good example of someone you meet who is pretty powerful so you write a song about them.

Second question from Dave C.: Do you still want to use as many vintage instruments as possible or have you passed that by?


Third question from Kim J.: You have continued to write songs about unrequited and lost love on your latest album, are these metaphorical for life in general, women in general or their a particular woman who inspires them?

Sune: Absolutely, all of the above!