The latest and greatest Sonos software

Sonos Controller on Kindle Fire

Today Sonos introduced its latest free software update, Sonos software 3.6. The new version comes complete with more control and more musical goodness for all Sonos lovers.

Starting at the top is support for Android tablets. Download the free Sonos Controller for Android in the Android Market and take control with your favorite smartphone or tablet, including the Kindle Fire. The controller app intelligently scales the screen layout to take advantage of the tablet’s larger screen size, making it ideal for seeing your zones, music menu, now playing pane and volume controls all at once. Plus, we’ve included new enhancements like alarms, music library management and Twitter support for smartphones and tablets alike.

Next in our innovation queue–more music. Now Sonos users in the U.S. and Canada can tune in for free to 150 expert-programmed stations and create their own on Slacker Radio. Plus, we’ve enhanced the Sonos Spotify experience, and have added support for the AAC+ music format. The update also introduces Sonos Labs, which will provide a place for users to experiment with up-and-coming music services.

Last but not least, a little icing on the cake for our fans from Denmark or Norway. Sonos Controllers now support Danish and Norwegian on Sonos controllers.

iPhone controller in Norwegian & Danish
iPhone controller and others now offer Norwegian & Danish

To get all the latest features, all it takes is a one-button software update. Give it a try and let us know what you think!