The 22 Most Iconic Music Moments from 80’s Films

From songs that we’ll forever associate with their cinematic counterparts – Ghostbusters, Footloose – to timeless classics that were deservedly given new life – Try a Little Tenderness, Johnny B. Goode – the 80’s ensured music played an impactful role in making movie magic.

Go back to when computers made futuristic supermodels using Weird Science, and when stocking feet, Bob Seger and Chivas Regal were sufficient ingredients for a house party. Relive the 22 most iconic movie moments from 80’s films below:

Stream the Spotify playlist of all these classic songs here: Your Soundtrack to the 80’s or on your Sonos controller: First subscribe to the playlist on a computer from your Spotify account. Open the Sonos Controller > Select Spotify > Select Playlists > Your Soundtrack to the 80’s.

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