Spotify makes strides

Posted on November 29th, 2011 by Sonos Staff in News, Products

Spotify logoThis year has been a big one for Spotify. The Sweden-based music service, which has brought social playlisting to the forefront of streaming music, made its way into five new countries in 2011: the United States, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland. The service has also enjoyed a host of new paying subscribers, and some improvements on the Sonos interface.

With version 3.6 of our software, Sonos continues to work on the Spotify experience. With the refresh, you can enjoy some nice visual enhancements.  In addition, you can now access your inbox as well as play music from Spotify’s new releases and top tracks. Just update your Sonos software and get listening.

Posted on November 29th, 2011 by Sonos Staff in News, Products

  • S Hawkins

    Why can I access some music on Spotify on my computer that I cannot access on Spotify on Sonos? 

    • Sonos

      There is a linking issue for some songs Spotify on Sonos. We are working to address the problem.

      • Arvinds Rao

         not fixed after 5 months – I can access a lot of songs and artists on spotify client but not on sonos

  • Anonymous

    Cross-field searching would be a major win if it’s not in this version – it’s hard to find a particular song by an artist if you don’t know which album it’s on, or if it’s a very common title.

    • Sonos

      Your feature request has been noted – thanks for the feedback!

  • Greg Forbes

    Love the Spotify integration, very slick. It would be amazing to see related artists to help with music discoverability. I also second airadam’s request.

  • Mhkolding

    Why do I not get sportify as a avaiable service on my sonoscontroller (ipad). I have done an update but still not there? Residence denmark.


  • Manhattanboy100

    when will this be available in canada?

    • Sonos

      Spotify hasn’t announced plans for Canada at this time.

  • Millyman

    Brand new SONOS user and loving it. But when I try to see my “Starred” list from my Spotify account — on both iPhone and iPad apps — it says UNABLE TO BROWSE MUSIC. All my other playlists are there. What are my options? Thanks and by the way, the setup was simply a breeze :-)

    • Millyman

      It’s working, now… darn bugs, hehe.

  • Hans

    I am a bit disappointed in the Sonos Spotify combination. I would like to use spotify on my Sonos and I don’t need spotify on my mobile and I don’t need spotify offline.
    Sonos does however require a premium spotify account in order to link to spotify.

  • Angelo

    Under even the latest sonos software of SONOS the Spotify features are so basic and the integration really awfully basic and it sucks. After subscribing to the Premium service, I was so dissatisfied and I advised my partner to refund the payment for Spotify.