Sonos launches Duomi music service in China

Providing access to all the music on earth is one of the top priorities for Sonos—but we are also committed to streaming music to all the people on earth as well. To that end, we introduced our new PLAY:3 all-in-one player in China in July. Of course, the hardware release is only half the story.


The other half–the music content–is an essential ingredient when it comes to offering people the most enjoyable listening experience possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with Beijing-based Duomi to formally launch our first comprehensive Chinese music service on the SONOS China platform.

Duomi is an innovative streaming service that gives music lovers in China access to a host of fun features aimed at music enjoyment and discovery. Those using the service on SONOS will be treated to more than 30 pre-programmed stations catering to mood and activity, as well as the ability to create customized libraries.