Sonos Takes SoundCloud Home

Posted on July 10th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in News

Beta available today for Sonos customers worldwide.

SoundCloud now available on SonosNothing should stand between you and the music you love and want to discover. And the closer we can connect you to all the music on earth, the more we deliver on our mission to create the best experience with music at home. Period.

Today we move another step closer to fulfilling that promise as we welcome an exciting new partner to the Sonos world of music –SoundCloud.

SoundCloud enables millions of listeners around the globe to discover original music, connect with each other and share their own sounds – from unknown artists putting their first demos into the world from their bedroom, to bands debuting their latest singles, to podcasters, comedians, news outlets and more.

Together, we’ve partnered to bring you closer than ever before to the world’s largest community of sound creators – the way they want you to hear it.

A global connection to a world of sound, now playing on Sonos everywhere

With SoundCloud, we bring Sonos customers in every country around the world a truly global experience, all at once, connecting you to a unique, expanding library of music and audio.

Original sounds from artists and creators, unleashed to your home the way they were meant to be heard 

With 12 hours of music and audio uploaded to SoundCloud’s platform every minute, Sonos expands your world of listening by freeing those sounds from computers and devices, giving millions of homes a direct way to stream to HiFi speakers.

Easy discovery without limitations

With SoundCloud’s ever-expanding library of new and established artists on Sonos, you can easily discover unique music and audio. Use Universal Search on the new Sonos controller app to stumble upon music from your favorite artists on SoundCloud that you may never have heard before. 

Try SoundCloud’s free service in beta on Sonos now by visiting ‘Add Music Services’ in the new Sonos app and dive into a world of new music.

For more information on this, please visit

Posted on July 10th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in News

  • Guest

    fyi your link at the bottom doesnt work. Also I’m very interested to know how much of Soundcloud’s new cookie policy carries over to sonos?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Thanks for the heads up. The link has been fixed, let us know if you run into further issue with this and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Adrian Schenkel

    Yeeeeeees, Finally! Thank you Sonos!

  • Evert Maat

    If you choose a category of music, you only can select one song at the time and add it to the play list. Would be great if you could play a category at random.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Evert,

      Great feedback. I’d encourage you to visit and post it as an ‘Idea’ so other like yourself can add feedback and vote for this feature.

  • Rick Hope

    Love this… Much awaited!

  • andycjones

    This is fantastic news! Thank you very much

  • buddaboy

    My feature request has finally been answered! Brilliant news, I spend most of my time with SoundCloud playing in the background.

  • Victor Emil Madsen

    When I try to start the SoundCloud app on the Sonos controller for my Mac it says that there was a problem authorizing my account and that’s what it keeps saying. Help!

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Victor, you’ll want to make sure your system is updated under Manage > Check for Software Updated. If you’re having trouble getting your account authorized, can you please give us a call to work live with a technician? Thanks

      • Grant

        Hi I get exactly the same error – any ideas?

  • hans2103

    Wow!! This is great!! Thank you!

  • chrisq

    How do you get Soundcloud on the Windows Desktop App?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Chrisq, make sure your Sonos Desktop Controller is updated by going to Manage > Check for Updates. After that, you can select Add Music Services from the bottom of the Music Source pane, on the right side, or go to Manage > Service Settings. You’ll find SoundCloud inside the Sonos Labs section as it’s still in beta. If you’re having trouble adding your account can you please give us a call to work live with a technician?

  • Lucien

    Amazing!!! Thank you Sonos!

  • iMod

    Thanks Sonos! Thanks Soundcloud! I missed the full soundcloud support for so long.

  • Angel Garcia

    At last. Thanks so much!

  • Jodders

    Excellent! Sonos rules!

  • DjEdmund DaGeneral

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