Sonos Studio Explores Beck Hansen’s Song Reader Through Art and Interpretation

Illustration by Ian Huebert
Illustration by Ian Huebert

In an age of unlimited digital access to new music, what kind of experience can we ask for from a song? And what kind of collaboration can an artist ask for from his audience?

Beck Hansen’s Song Reader— twenty new songs released in an almost-forgotten form —explores these questions, while simultaneously offering up the sort of richly textured music that has earned him global acclaim.

Song Reader‘s songs were released exclusively as sheet music by the independent publishing house McSweeney’s, and let loose on the world with an invitation for readers to bring them to life.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday, Feb 21st) at 7pm, The Song Reader Exhibition at Sonos Studio provides an environment specifically tailored to both experience these audience interpretations and to create them, giving the project a physical home, as well as another layer: a live, real time experience.

Five Song Reader structures built to mirror the design of the book at visitor-encompassing size, each powered by a Sonos PLAY:5, will broadcast selected Song Reader performances, and surround a miniature high-quality recording booth where guests can use provided instruments to record their own versions of Song Reader songs and upload them to—Beck’s online home for the project. Throughout the space, a mural by Kelsey Dake—whose artwork is included on the album’s “Old Shanghai” songbook—embodies the spirit of musical interpretation and a multi-voiced approach to creative collaboration.

Following the opening, the exhibition will be open to the public through March 24th during normal gallery hours (Wed-Sun 10am-6pm).  For more information, visit

Watch the submissions by artists (Amy Regan and The End of America) performing at the Sonos Studio on Thursday below:

Do We? We Do – Amy Regan:

America, Here’s My Boy – Amy Regan:

Please Leave a Light On When You Go – The End of America: