Sonos rocks Mac and PC with new Controller Apps

Posted on March 19th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in News, Products

We’re excited to announce the availability of our freshly updated Sonos Controller apps for Mac and PC. Our newest software gives you even greater flexibility to control your music, with streamlined search, handy drag-and-drop functionality, and a slick new look. Try it out today by following the update prompts on your existing desktop controller, or download it for free here.

Note: Sonos 3.7 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher, including Vista and Windows 7.If you’re using an older OS, be sure to upgrade before you update your Sonos Controller.


Posted on March 19th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in News, Products

  • Machiel

    Great Job, Now all we need is an android tablet app just like the iPad app. That would be awesome and very much appreciated for such a high class product.

    • Mike

      Die is gewoon in de market beschikbaar hoor!

      • Machiel

        Er is inderdaad een android app in de google play store die je kan gebruiken op je tablet. Echter dit is gewoon een uitgetrokken smartphone app. En deze is niet zoals de iPad app. Je kunt die app dus ook niet in Landscape modus gebruiken wat erg onhandig is aangezien je de tablet meestal in Landscape vasthoudt. Een echte volwaardige tablet app is er niet voor Android beschikbaar.

        • Richard

          Machiel is correct there is an app available in the google play store but it is imported from the android phone so pretty useless. I must admit i was really disapointed about how the app worked as i bought the galaxy tab to control Sonos. It has been like that for ages (even after the update) how long till we can get a landscape view like the ipad?

          • Bernie

            You should have simply bought an iPad. Everyone knows that right now it is the tablet to own.

          • panib

             Bernie, there are people that HATE Apple just for this inacceptable paternalism (hope this is the correct translation from German) thru iTunes. I´m one of them.

            I´d never in my life buy an iPhone as long as I have android.

            But you are right- ´ that right now it is the tablet to own´. I got one from one of my sons and I love it. Android has quite some work to do with their tablets.

          • Erik Holstborg

            Useless comment. I don’t expect Sonos to be just an Appple supplier.

          • Machiel

            I’m no Apple basher or something like that. They make great (a bit pricy) products. I just wanted something different and allready got a nice Android Phone and got myself an Asus eee pad transformer which is a great tablet. I can do anything I want it to do.

            I just really like to have an Android tablet supported app for Sonos. Especially landscape support is an important thing. Hopefully Sonos will release this sometime soon. I could ask for an ETA but they never give one. So hopefully sometime soon.

          • Rich

            say the (Cr)Apple Zombie

          • Sonos

             We don’t announce timelines, but we are constantly working to improve our software.

          • J R Link

             Then Android pad support is long overdue.

          • Rich

            The software (features) improvement is extreme slow, how many people are working on it? It seems that this has no priority. Your hardware is superior please bring up the software functionality to the same level. Most missing: android tablet support, spotify play list map support, spotify music information, something like iTunes genius, one click favorites, etc

    • WB9

      Agreed. The Android tablet app is rubbish, and a big let down.

    • Caroline Curran

      there is one, and it’s pretty nice.

    • Primo

      Agreed…big time!

  • Steve


    • Sonos

       No plans to announce on that at this time.

      • Primo

        Come on guys, why is it so hard to develop a proper android tablet software with landscape view for the sonos? I can’t speak highly enough of the Sonos system as a whole, but the lack of android support at this time is quite unacceptable.

  • Paul

    This is amazing! A much needed update to the old archaic controller. Really well designed and thought through – works great. Thanks guys.

  • BO

    So I’m not able to control my Sonos system from an OSX 10.5 machine? Or is it possible in some way I just didn’t figured it out yet?

    • Sonos

       The latest update only supports MAC OS X 10.6 or higher, so you will not be able to use the new Controller or software on your current OS. Alternatives include Sonos Controller apps for Android iPad,
      iPhone, or PC

      • TenKeys

        I’m also eager to know, when an updated Android version will arive(Galaxy Tab 10.1)
        landscape support please.

      • BO

        Well, what annoys me, is, that the old Controller offered me the update without telling me, that OSX 10.5 is not supported anymore. So is it possible to downgrade my sonos system to the previous version?
        I am not talking about the app, I am talking about the Play:5, Connect:AMP etc., since the old controller doesn’t work with the new firmware.

  • Morten Fjord Stengaard

    Finally!! Great job – love it.

  • Roel

    Well done boys;
    Column approach good choice.
    Excellent mini-controller.
    Thanks !

  • Peter S

    Only missing thing now is a decent Android Tablet app! Lack of this has actually kept me from getting a tablet the last 6 months… crappers 😉

    • DaveFL

      I was lead to believe any tablet that uses andriod (Sony, Kindle and a few others) will accept the andriod app on the google market.

      Not an expert that was what I was lead to believe, I use the Sonos Controler, My HTC EVO and my Wives HTC Evo all of us are connected and can control our zones individually any where through the house. 

  • Johan

    And an app for Blackberry …

  • Torben Hansen

    Well i am not that impressed, the update was way overdue. Now it “just” look like the iPad app. Do not misunderstand me, i like the new drag and drop and the minicontroller BUT. Why did not get a easy way  to ad songs/albums to a playlist/favorite list? This must be the only  Sonos sofware that cannot do that. Wimp, Spotify, Rdio can all do that.

    When i first read about the read about the multi source search i was all wauw now i finally search more sources at once. But no, i can only search one source but from the same search field. In that regard i guess there is an error in the winXP version. When i search one source for a track an then choose another source it always switch to artist search and and i have to switch to track.

  • Robert Bune

    I agree with that it is a great improvement, drag and drop very nice.

    The biggest missing feature for me is the lack of playlist edit. I really don’t like the only option being to add to empty queue, edit the queue then save and replace an existing playlist.

    Please can we have drag and drop from a queue to a playlist, so I can easily add songs as they play to any of my existing playlist.

  • Colesy153

    Finally! an upgrade. Looking forward to going home tonight to try it out

  • Pasi Saarinen

    Ever since buying into Sonos I’ve been hoping to get the iPad interface to the Mac…a look what I got in the mail today! Hooray!

    Can’t wait to get home tonite to test it out. I had to update the Controllers remotely from work on my home iMac and wifeys MB Air in anticipation. 😀

    Sure there’s room for improvement, but this is a BIG leap forward.
    I’m considering going out and buying a S3 for the kitchen just to celebrate!

    Great work guys!

    • panib

       ` I’m considering going out and buying a S3 for the kitchen just to celebrate! `

      Lucky rich Finns.

      Have fun with your new S3, Pasi!!

  • Holger de Vries

    Sounds good, I will try it today.
    But I miss a App for Windows phone 7 and a Metro Style App for Windows 8.

  • Ben Hodgson

    Was really looking forward to this update, but for me the interface is way too dark at the top. Almost to the point of being unusable. The volume bar is really hard to see, I can barely make out the numbers on the progress bar, and the full screen handle in the top right is almost invisible.

    It’s not my screen Brightness/Contrast settings, as other ‘dark’ apps like Spotify all look perfectly fine. If I turn up my screen to the point where it looks alright, it makes stuff that should be light grey in other apps/websites white.

    Is this how it’s meant to be? Could you not add an option to alter the level of darkness, similar to the Adobe CS programs?

    • Sonos

       We’ll alert our product development team to the suggestion for brightness settings–this is the first we’ve heard of this potential issue.

      • Machiel

        When watching my screen at some other angles then straight from the front, the top bar indeed is a bit dark. Especially the earlier mentioned volume bar and the shuffle buttons etc. Using it on a more recent screen it looks a lot better.

      • Dtgcom

        I don’t think it will be the last. The new controller is nearly unusable in bright room light. Black background with dark blue text is nearly impossible for anyone with aging eyes, a visual impairment, or a well-lit room. 

      • Eksterweb

        So far this new controller looks as an improvement on my PC. Only problem is that the font are not sharp. The characters of all text on in the Sonos windows look fuzzy. The tekst on the window titles are sharp. Would be nice if this can be fixed shortly. Thanks.

        • Eksterweb

          Maybe I was not clear. The text in the sonos windows on my PC are not clear. I see pixels lighting up around the characters.

      • Ben

        I concur, I did a Google search to find this thread, the Skin color is killing me, IO cannot see settings ont he screen controller on PC wither.  Please offer other colors or brightness/contrast options ASAP

        • klegg

          Totally agree. It is only possible to use it in “darkness”. I assume it is a design done by developers (sitting in a dark room somewhere programming)

    • Dtgcom

      The new controller is almost unusable in bright room light. Blue text on black background? What were you guys thinking? Please add a skin that makes this controller legible again. I wish I could go back to the old one!

      • Richard Banning

        I totally agree. On my MacBook Pro it is also difficult to read. 

    • Richard

      I totally agree. In the sun the volume slider is almost impossible to see. Hope this will be fixed soon. Apart from that, the new version is great.

    • Forrestf

      Agree 100%.  After the latest upgrade, the touch-screen monitor on my kitchen wall is no longer useful as a Sonos controller.  It serves double-duty as a photo display, and the monitor settings are correct for that task, as they were for the previous version of the controller… but not the new version.

      How can I roll back the app so that I can once again use my “wall” controller?  Please help!

      • Sonos

         Sorry, there is no way to roll back to a previous version.

    • Donal Duck

      Right, much too dark, more or less unusable!

  • BobH1

    This comment is a little like looking a gift horse in the mouth – but do you really think this is an improvement? Apart from being slower, it’s done nothing to improve the browsing experience.  Why didn’t you take the opportunity to give
    the user the options of choosing the browsing tree.  Taking the “genre” tree for example, at the
    moment it is fixed as genre>artist>album , why couldn’t I have the choice
    to set it to genre>composer>album or genre>composer>artist or

    Or even better why couldn’t
    you have set it up as a table showing all these parameters thus allowing me to
    sort by clicking on the headings.  We’re
    using a computer here with acres of screen real estate which is mostly empty in
    this “controller”.

    This is no better than the
    previous version, a lost opportunity and heading towards a lost user and

    • Torben Hansen

       I agree with most of it. There is a lot missing and with the slow update rate it will be years before we are to expect a new update.
      There are so many great and user friendly apps out there, why not learn from them. Or better yet, ask the users.
      Apple is closing in fast. If Sonos don’t shape up FAST they will lose big time.

  • Dawn

    any plans for a Blackberry app?

    • Sonos

       Nothing to announce at this time.

  • L3OONY

    Looks excellent, thanks SONOS.

    Brings an outstanding sound system one step closer the nirvana of editable playlists – oh the joy at being able to highlight a track/album/artist and then add it to one of my playlists…!

    Anyhow, for now this looks like it has brought some great features and takes it one step closer to the ultimate (IMHO) jukebox – iTunes!

    Thanks again SONOS, really appreciate the update (even if I haven’t tried it yet…)

  • Shibby

    Please fix volume fluctuations from song to song.  Volume balancing is needed.  Otherwise, Sonos is an awesome product.

  • Mike

    This is wonderful!  My biggest gripe about Sonos for quite some time now had been the poor desktop controllers that didn’t match the mobile controllers at all.  This is a HUGE improvement over the last version and really brings the functionality in line with the mobile apps.  Thank you, Sonos team!

  • E Nijenhuis33

    kan iemand mij helpen , ik heb de upgrade van sonos gedaan op mij ” mac os-x 105.8 ” maar nu heeft hij sonos er afgegooid omdat mijn mac os-x 105.8 niet goed was, het had hoger dan 106 moeten zijn , maar nu kan ik de oude versie van sonos niet meer terug zetten  ,Vraag:  waarom niet !!

  • Pgdionne

    Sonos is fabulous. One of my greatest toy. Use it 18 hours day. Good support updated controller fantastic. Make me enjoy my idevices

  • confused

    does it play music through my pc/mac’s speakers?  If not, then what are the “real” improvements?

    • Sonos

      Sonos software does not, by default, play music through your PC speakers. You may do that by using the music services or your library directly. Main improvements to the new software can be seen in the video, or in this post:

      • I’m with ‘confused’

        After years of owning Sonos equipment and seeing all the various updates to the Sonos Desktop Controller software, this is the one fundamental feature that continues to be ignored. I really don’t understand why such a simple addition has yet to be incorporated into the software. If I’m streaming music to multiple zones, why can that same stream be directly played through my computer speakers from the Desktop Controller? Oh wait…you want me to buy another zone and create an extremely inefficient connection through my Line In as outlined in your support section. Poor taste Sonos.

        The Desktop Controller should be no different than a zone player in the system.

        • wozburger

          Isn’t that what Sonos is in business for – to sell the audio hardware? Why would they want to allow you to play via Sonos software through your PC speakers? There’s plenty of other software that will allow you to do that.

          • I’m with ‘confused’

            Ya…I mean, why would a company want to provide basic implementation to their software that would greatly improve the experience of their products for EVERY existing customer for free? Companies have to nickel and dime for everything, right? That definitely creates a long-term sustainable business model and encourages previous customers to continue to support the brand… DLC anyone???

            Sonos is in the business of selling easily-integrated audio distribution devices. Having the ability to play the same music from my (substantial) computer speakers synced with other zones is a feature of easily-integrated audio distribution. If I’m using the desktop software to set up a playlist, I’d like to hit play…and hear it through my computer speakers independently, with another zone, or with all zones collectively in party mode. This is THE most basic, inherent feature of any music management software that’s ever been in existence…with the exception of Sonos.
            I think you missed my point woz. “Why would they want to allow you to play via Sonos software through your PC speakers?” Really? Isn’t simple music distribution the point here? Come on – remove your straw from the kool-aid.Allowing the audio that’s streaming through various zones to also be played through direct audio out would be a reasonably easy/cheap software implementation, and it would benefit every single existing customer. It’s an option I feel that everyone would appreciate. Rather, Sonos has diverted their attention to release this “HEY GUYZ WE MADE IT LOOK PRETTIER SO EVERYTHING MATCHES!” lipstick update.

            My gripe is that over years of seeing updates, this is one that has yet to be included, and should have been in the design from launch. Leaving it out absolutely does not motivate me to buy more products from this company; in fact, it does the exact opposite.  

            And lastly woz…

            “There’s plenty of other software that will allow you to do that.” Actually, no there isn’t. Unless you’re referring to software such as Windows Media Player, Foobar, MediaMonkey, Winamp, etc…in that case, you clearly missed my point more than I initially thought.

            If you’re still confused, see here:’s-speakers

            “To listen to and control music from SONOS over your PC’s speakers you will need to connect the line-out on your SONOS component to the line-in on your PC.”

            This is a slap in the face to customers. You make music management software for PC/Mac right? But you can’t just play it out through the speakers without spending an extra $350. You know tons of free independent software has provided this simple feature for like 15 years, and it’s not a feature you can throw in when a customer spends $1000? Thumbs up, Sonos. Thumbs up…

          • Chris

            Perfect. That was as concise an explanation to this ‘problem’ as I’ve read to date.

            My father gave me a Sonos system as a house warming gift (how great is that?). I called up tech support to inquire about the above not knowing what a hotbed topic it was. I noticed instantly that they were guarded, not rude exactly but it was a strange conversation and I felt awkward, as if I had dated the guys sister or something.

            When I told my dad it is not possible to use the native computer speakers as a zone he dug up the reciept and nearly insisted I return everything. I’m sticking it out though, hoping they will see the light :)



          • Michael Bollhoefer

            Even if you limit it down to lets say one PC (the main controller) at a time its looks like crap in my office having all my bose speakers then another sonos speaker in that room that can’t play through/with what I already have.

  • Karsten Bredahl

    Still missing an important feature: to be able to search for both song and artist.

    Look for Hallelujah performed by Alexandra Burke. 
    It’s possible to look for one or the other – but not both.

  • Anders Kinnerup

    Why Why why is it not able to rotate on a tablet???

  • Matt Gordon

    Excellent…looking forward to using the new features.  Keep up the great work @sonosblog:disqus 

  • DavidB

    I completely agree with BobH – this update is a total waste of time, maybe it looks marginally prettier but there is NO increased functionality. Until playlists can be edited and it’s possible to search by more than one parameter (both of these things really can’t be that difficult to achieve SONOS) we’re stuck with a seriously deficient means of controlling what is otherwise an excellent system.

    And the update for the CR100 controller has made no difference at all, for example to change a “search” which one has laboriously entered, from say artist, to album or track (which given there is no “composer” parameter on Napster I need to do quite often when looking for classical music), you have to delete the original entry and re-enter the whole lot again. Ggrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh. Come on SONOS, give us an upgrade SOON that actually DOES improve the system.

  • Simon Haylor

    A quick question. Does anyone have a problem when listening to the radio all day does it drop off and reconnect? Is this a problem with me songs or Internet?

    Me other question is when I play an album it will get half way through playing and stop! Any ideas??

    Look forward to your response


    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Simon – That issue sounds like it might be two things simultaneously.  1)  Yes, Internet Radio does occasionally have streaming time-limits.  That depends on each internet radio station and cannot be fixed from “our” end.  2)  That sounds like a wireless / network issue.  I’ll reach out over direct e-mail to follow up on that.

  • Ravgershom

    OK. So how do I obtain the new app for my iMac and iPhone? I love hype, but I like delivery much more. 

  • Enn

    Now please, please, update the android tablet app, it’s really lagging behind the rest now.

  • Collin

    Wow, great improvement over the old desktop controller, looks just like my iPad, and very snappy! 

    I love it, thanks!

  • Canntain

    On the whole I like the PC desktop update.  Search facility is better though could be improved as a previous poster commented – why not able to search on song title and artist in the same search parameters?

    Can we have a function to shuffle tracks from the whole my music library rather than those songs just pasted to the music queue?

    And why does the radio interface not show what track is playing?  It seems to be possible when accessing the station direct from the station’s website?

    Can Sonos set up a feedback page where users can submit suggestions?  Collate those most popular suggestions / gripes and develop software improvements? 

    On the whole I love the system and wouldn’t now be without it, however the user experience could be improved dramatically.  It’s clear from using the system that the hardware is up to scratch but the software / user interface is letting the whole product down.  Come on Sonos pull your socks up.

  • Jim

    Any chance of adding a module to the Controller that gives the user the ability to play an actual CD form the computer’s drive.

  • Runar Eidsaae Thorsrud

    When will you come out with a Windows Phone App? great new features here and would love to have them on my WP aswell!

    • Sonos

       We don’t announce timelines–sorry!

  • Peterhlord

    Since downloading the new software my Sonos will not work from both mobile phone and PC.  It says component not found.  Any answers???

    • Sonos Support Team

      Peter – I’ve reached out over e-mail, however if you don’t receive it please let me know!

  • Lyle

    I agree with the comments about the new interface being too dark. On my good monitor they are dim; on my laptop they are nearly unusable.  I also REALLY miss the “add to queue” and “play now” buttons; drag and drop isn’t nearly as usable and I cannot imagine why I’d ever want buttons for Sleep Timer and Alarms. At first I liked the mini-controller, but since it’s “always on top” I’ll never use it–why would I want it covering the applications I’m using?  As long as I’m wishing: scrolling through a long list of albums is still painful; a “click on first letter to jump” would have been really nice.

    • JimTorsen

      Lyle – regarding the missing  “add to queue” and “play now” buttons: To the right of the song title is a blue down arrow. Click on that and you’ll find those functions and more.

    • Tallyopia

      Love the new app, but I also think it’d be nice to have both a dark and light interface, for different environments.  

      I also would like it if the “always on top” behavior could be controlled.  

      Otherwise, nice upgrade.  I’ve been a huge Sonos fan for maybe 5 yrs now, and have recommended to many of my friends.  Great system!

  • Lyle

    I just noticed that the new interface scrolls text when song or album titles are too long.  I don’t need that distraction; there should be a way to turn it off.  Until then, I’ll have to keep the controller iconified.

    • Torben Hansen

       Well that’s one thing i have been missing. I like :-)

  • Ivo

    Right… the update to version 3.7 of the Sonos controller for Mac just broke the “radio” feature. It just shows up with “Unable to Browse music”. This worked on version 3.6. I don’t suppose there is a way to revert to an earlier version?

  • Sean

    It would be good if there was an option to minimize in tray, that would make the mini controller even better and more useful

  • Alan

    The problem is that the Android platform is rubbish and a big letdown.

  • Ben Carlson

    Linked songs on Spotify playlists still aren’t playing, which I thought was resolved. Oh well.

  • Brian Evans

    Well – that 1min 45 video was useless!!  It went so fast there’s no way anyone could grasp the things happening.   It needs to be slowed down dramatically, so that fools like me might have a chance to operate it.

    Sorry this is so negative – I';m a BIG Sonos fan, and would be in this if I could understand it.

  • Jimsemailstuff

    Sonos – my #1 favorite.  I tell everyone I know about it.   Their support is awesome too!

    • Torben Hansen

      Yeah well sometimes. When you can get through to them is great. I find that they only respond 50% of the time. I have written to then four times about hardware problems but only gotten a response twice.
      But you are right, when they respond the support is great :-)

  • MM

    Can I listen thru SONOS other source hat is not on the Sonos list…like

    • Sonos

      Go into Radio, and then search sky,fm. Lots of options in there!

  • Pierre Levesque

    I operate my main source of a NAS  with my master computer being in XP. I hope tha tyou will make also your future update allowing the XP to use it.
    Ihave a lap top in Window7 but all my musi on itunes come from the XP PC application.
    I do not find many improvements in that new PC controller which resembles my old IPAD version. I prefer the version before.

  • Kdotsey

    i can’t get my controller to wake up it’s been dead for months i just use the pc it’s all i can do how do i get the new apps

  • Local6

    when will be able to get decent info on who is playing on albums. ie liner notes. Its the real downfall for SONOS. When you want to know whose playing the sax, who the drummer is etc…YOU CANT FIND OUT easily

  • Michael

    I just want to be able to see my Spotify folders on the iPhone app instead of a giant string of unnavigable playlists.

    OK, what I’d really like is a Sonos plugin in Spotify. Imagine if I could just click ‘play this on my Sonos system’ in Spotify, either on my phone or PC!

    The thing is I just don’t listen to all that dusty old music stored on my hard disk any more. Nearly all of it’s on Spotify anyway, which is so much handier.

    Believe me, we love our Sonos system, it brings pleasure every day, so thanks! But please could you put your heads together with Spotify a bit more closely to come up with the ultimate in listening convenience?

    • Torben Hansen

      You are asolutely right. As Sonos i clearly not going to give us great software like Spotify/Wimp/rdio and others, they should help the streaming services build in direct control of the system. Then they can concentrate on building the great hardware that are know for and leave controller software development to the pro’s.
      And Wimp/spotify is not likely to build in all of the goodies (playlist editing, recommendations, editorial support) into the Sonos controller
      We still have to use wimp/spotify to find music, recomendations, playlist editing, editorial support and then switch to Sonos controller to play it.

      Your suggestion is a clear win win situation.

    • john h

      You’re asking for Sonos and Spotify to integrate their software. The end result could be awesome but I’m almost dead sure that would render my only handheld controller (android phone) totally useless. Spotify cannot seem to make it’s own app work at the few things they do. I’m running more than a year old version of the Spotify android app because it’s the newest one I could find that didn’t crash after doing anything with the app other than pressing play once. Do I want more Spotify control from Sonos? Yes. Do I trust Spotify to make software work at all? Hell no. 

  • Ajli

    It is just iPad app ported.
    Could we not have better/smart playlists – one that gives easy access to recently added music would be great.

  • Mark

    I think the new drag and drop is backwards. We should be able to drag and drop songs from que to existing playlist
    Still a great system

  • FJ

    is there a blackberry sonos app that works?

    • Sonos

       Not currently.

      • Peter M

        Why on earth not?

  • Desmilner

    I liked the old app. This new app cannot fit the entire screen on my 15 inch laptop and I cannot see the bottom of the screen. Sonos technical support could not fix this problem.

  • Trevor Sullivan

    I don’t like how large the app is, with no option to resize it to the smaller, previous version.

    As far as the mini controller goes, I don’t really need it. I’m fine with using the regular app on one of my 3 widescreen LCD displays. I switch music sources fairly regularly, so it’s fine to leave the thing open.

  • Bodo Panitzki

    Trevor ´´ I’m fine with using the regular app on one of my 3 widescreen LCD displays ´´ .

    Thanks for this- self-evident- idea. I have a second screen, which I don´t use very often. This makes the use of Sonos even more comfotable.

  • Richard

    Congratulations to the new mac controller! One question, can I change the background color of the mac controller? The black is too dark and it’s hard to see where the sliders are since they are kind of black too. E.g. the volume slider. Thanks

    • Sonos

       That is not currently an option.

      • Richard

        Thanks for the response. Please consider to change the color of the volume slider or the background in the next release. The volume slider is the most important user control and right now it’s almost invisible in the sun.

  • Pacschaap

    Does anybody know hen he android app is going to released? Because the he ons we have now is rubbish!

  • @jandebrink

    Beautiful upgrade of the old non-intuitive PC-version, I wondered when Sonos would apply the iPad look and feel to Windows and Apple clients. And indeed, the iPad is the most ideal interface for Sonos :-)

  • Frederik Claerhout

    Finally the Sonos player for PC is updated. I’m happy with this release although 2 suggestions/requests:

    – browsing the media library stutters, the horizontal movement is annoying when not fluent
    – I want to browse in my media library with big album covers, even with a specific cover only view.

  • Mark

    Hoping for finer equalizer control than bass, mid and treble. I have a nice set of Bose speakers that just don’t have the same sound quality connected to my Sonos as they did connected to my old receiver. The sound quality is OK, but I’m also not rushing to show off my sound system as I used to.

  • Onizuka1957

    I would just like my music library to play and not keep reporting there is no music in my iTunes library, the worst device I have ever purchased.

  • Jeannies10

    great thank you


    great thank you

  • Fredrik

    Very nice looking controller! An improvement can be to have the Information function under the arrow on the tracks in the cue (the same principle as for the tracks in the right column under Music). 

  • Antti

    When will we see an app for Windows Phone?

  • Jonathan

    I think you definitely need to to offer the option to change the colors under Edit Preferences.
    Also, I miss not being able to open the app wide & have the length of the playing song ALSO be lengthened so that I can pick spots on tunes that I’m working on. With the new “color” format I can’t even SEE the playing bar. There is no reason to not have this stretch out if you’re filling your screen with the app. You should NOT have taken this away. Please fix ASAP.
    BTW I LOVE Sonos & have sold quite a few units for you so you OWE me!!!!

  • Graham

    Great hype guys. Unfortunately you just made yourselves very unpopular with any customers who can’t upgrade their Mac’s past OS10.4. My old Mac runs just fine for my uses but will not take further software upgrades. I now have a Sonos system that will only work with the 200 Controller, so if anything happens to that I have no way of controlling my system. Effectively you have said that unless I buy a new computer I cannot use the desktop controller and this is completely unacceptable. I’ve spoken with the support guys and as usual they were as helpful as they could be, but this issue needs addressing at a much higher level, you simply cannot render someones home equipment obsolete. Please sort this out now.

    • john h

      As a part-time mac tech, people like you were the first thing I thought of when I saw 10.6 as a min requirement. Unfortunately Apple themselves are a lot quicker to make their own products obsolete so it’s hard for me to be too mad at Sonos for doing the same. I have to spend hours going back to 10.6 because my TWO year old APPLE audio software isn’t supported in 10.7 and will never be. 

  • Clint

    Love, love, love the PC update. Great work Sonos!

  • Mike

    Great, now I just wait for the Windows 8 Metro App and the Windows Phone App. I hope you are already work on that

  • Watsonstephen

    The new PC app is great. Thanks Sonos for updating it to make the  look and feel more like the iPod app. Its aesthetically more enjoyable than the previous version and functionally much slicker.

  • Craig

    why cant you find the older software for mac 10.5.8, so lame sonos wants you to pay for os update in order to use the older software.  whats up with that!

  • Ian

    When will Sonos make a controller available for BlackBerry Playbook?

  • Atomic Boy

    Wow, I’ve never heard a bigger pack of whiners. Sonos have been providing significant updates for free for the longest time, giving your music experience a new modern feel many times over, and so many here can only focus on the negatives…it embarrassing.

    Sonos, I am away from home and my Sonos system for quite a few months yet; and even though I will not get chance to see this new update for a while, I for one would like to say thank you for your terrific product and constant development that you continue to share with us. Cheers!

    • Torben Hansen

      Whiners, what a load of…
      I really like Sonos HARDWARE, it really excel. The software on the other hand is light years behind the competition.
      And yes it looks great now, but i would righter have functionality before design.

      The biggest problem really is that Sonos don’t listen. Look at this page. They almost never respond to criticism.

      When Airplay matures i will have my Sonos on eBay in no time.

  • Michael03 Stone

    Sonos has cheated us. I have a MAC OS 10.4 and bought my Sonos because according to all specs it is supposed to work wit OSX 10.4. But suddenly a higher version of Mac OS is needed and all secs are suddenly changed. Is this possible under US law? I wonder.

  • Wurst

    Update is forced by the sonos controller, and after it is done it tells me it does not support 10.4? Awesome…

    Cannot believe it: Sonos forces me to buy an update of the apple OS? No way to use the older interface that was more intuitive, smaller, not that dark, was able to use the blank-key for pause…

    I do not see any benefit from the new version.

  • Sebastian Key

    Still no album art caching?

  • Jay

    i mistakenly updated to the new controller, but don’t have the 10.6 operating system for Mac and want to go back to prior version.  Can’t seem to find how to do that – any suggestions?

  • Mark N

    What happened to the Twitter posting option? I use Macs, PC and my original CR100 to control my music and am an avid Tweeter……. what happened guys?

    • Sonos

       In our last update, we inadvertently removed this feature from the controllers. We’re working to remedy the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Frank Braillard

    I absolutely can’t believe I am finding out I need to buy an upgrade to my operating system to continue using a product I have already purchased. Would you accept having to buy another phone from your operator to simply continue enjoying the subscription you’ve already paid for??!!
    This is simply outrageous, unethical, and in my view downright dishonest. Well done, Sonos. Don’t people get sued for those things? By default, Sonos, you have just demonstrated how well you treat your early customers. Great strategy to uphold a reputation.

    • Sonos

      We’re very sorry to hear that you are upset with this latest
      software update.  It certainly was not our intention to upset our customers.  In fact, our passion for creating the very best
      product for our customers is what is behind us asking you to upgrade. While much of what you see in this new software upgrade may seem to be a simple
      reskin, the reality is that the new controller was rebuilt from the ground up
      and includes many pieces necessary to control future Sonos products. This
      is the reason we required people to upgrade their Mac iOS to 10.6 or higher.


      We think your passion for the system is evident in your
      disappointment and hope you will choose to remain a Sonos

  • Airliquid

    would like to be able to use the pc controller to play the music on my pc speakers.

  • siverthoyem

    Just updated to the new version – looks great. Just one problem: I’m not able to index nor play from my itunes library anymore. I have an iMac OS X Lion 10.7.3. When launchin the app I get the following message:  I’m aware tht you had some issues when Lion came, but I thought this was resolved. 

  • Bjørn Reinfjell

    Looks great! 

    However, I have one problem – can’t index nor play music from my iTunes library anymore. I have an iMac OS X 10.7.3. 

    Let me explain a little more. I get the following message when launching the app: “Sonos needs to update your Music library- resources in order to work with OS X 10.7.” I then press OK, type in my general Mac PW, and nothing more happens. 

    I’ve tried to update the music library again, but I get a message that says that it’s not possible to index because my iMac is not available anymore. I’ve also tried to remove and add the library again, but it keeps telling me that it could not be added (the computer “IMAC-54221C” could not be found”).  I’m aware that you had some issues when Lion came, but I thought that was resolved? Would appreciate any help!

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Bjorn,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems playing iTunes on Sonos.  Given the nature of the problem you’ve described, it would be best if our support team could connect with you and obtain some information from your system.  

      If you’d like, you can find us on Twitter at @SonosSupport:disqus and DM the best email address for one of our team members to reach you at.  We’ll be in touch shortly thereafter to help get you back up and running.


      Sonos Support

      • Bjørn Reinfjell

        Thanks! DM sent.

  • Tim O

    Is there anyway to play the music your playing on your sonos thru the computer you are using to control it?

    • Sonos

       Unfortunately, not wirelessly at this time, though you can plug in to a PLAY:5 or CONNECT via line-in.

  • Martin

    Hi Sonos Team. I have a Sonos system since December and I’m really loving it. One thing I miss in the controller app (both for iphone an android) is an option to generate a list of favourite albums). It would be great to bookmark my favourite albums and put them in an list (so that I can choose whole albums from the list and not only favourite songs).

    Are there any plans to provide this in one of the next versions?

    Thanks for the answer!


  • EJM

    Too dark. Now hard to use. 

  • Nikmillard

    It is horrible.  The colour theme makes the whole thing unreadable.

  • Sfxtomo

    why do i keep getting messages looking for sonos equipment when I’m sitting right next to it and my wi fi is running ok. It took me 3weeks to connect to Sonos equipment in the first place so why does it keep loosing evertyhing,when I have just been playing it not 5 minutes before the message appears???

    • Sonos Support Team


      Sorry to hear about the trouble!  it sounds like your Controller is losing connection to the WiFi network or switching to another connection.  That might cause it to lose the connection to the Sonos players.

      If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you get in touch with Sonos Support: for assistance with the problem.  We’ll help get this problem sorted out.


      Sonos Support Team

  • Sebastianwkey

    it has been 2 years since the retina display has been introduced. yet the graphics on Iphone have not been updated. No album art caching is very annoying aswel

  • BackoftheNet

    I would like to add to the comments about MAC 10.5 users being left high and dry by the latest update.  I understand that it is the current way of the world that nothing is meant to last more than a couple of years.  However, we bought our SONOS system a few months ago on the basis that it was compatible with our computer system.  To remove that compatibility without proper notification, let alone any alternatives, is extremely poor customer service.

  • Andy

    I listen to internet radio a lot, and the old version would automatically update the list of stations playing my favorite shows as time passed.  With the new version, this no longer happens, and I have to close and reopen the controller.  A small step backwards.

  • Farmfatale

    How about a controller app for the Windows Phone? Any idea when we will see one?

  • TTL GreaterThanOne

    How about an app that works in a routed network instead of a flat LAN!  

  • Pedro

    Hi there, this latest release is crap! Too dark, cannot work out how to manage my playlists. How do I go back to the last software version? This is just driving me insane.

    • Sonos

       You cannot roll back to the previous version, but we will continue to work to bring improvements to this software.

  • Pedro

    I’m using a Mac and this update is just crap. I dare not update my Andriod tablet for fear of making that totally useless. Guys what were you thinking by making the skin so dark you cannot see the control settings? Is this some marketing ploy to make me pay for an interface that I can see and read??? This is a disaster. Please fix.

  • Irritated

    How do I see this update as anything other than vandalism? 

    I run Mac OS 10.6.  For weeks, every time I launched the controller it asked me to upgrade.  I finally did, and find out I need a new OS.  I have no interest in upgrading.

    Surely, your programmers could have taken a moment to add a line of code to check if the OS they were running on would support what they were about to do.  A nice message could have popped up that says: “Sonos no longer supports this perfectly modern/good computer you are running on.  Proceeding with this upgrade we are recommending will render the money you’ve spent with Sonos worthless.  Are you sure you’d like to continue?”   

    If someone had stolen my entire system I’d be able to listen to as much music as I am now.

    How do I get back to where I was?

    • Sonos Support Team

      We truly apologize for the confusion.  We made every effort to notify our customers of this upcoming change via email and online messages, as well as an in-product message displayed prior to performing the update.  Our new Controller was built from the ground up and depends on features only found in the latest Apple operating systems, since Apple discontinued further support for OSX earlier than 10.6.  

      One note, we do support OSX 10.6 and higher.  I see in your comment that you wrote out 10.6, if this is what your Mac is running, you should be able to continue using the Mac Controller.If you’re running an earlier version and don’t wish to upgrade, you can still use the Sonos Controller for iPhone, iPad, or Android.  


      Sonos Support Team

  • kth

    Oh yes,

    running os x leopard 10.5.8 and now I can’t access Sonos from my computer. Raised a Sonos call and they simply said: Upgrade your computer. Not really the kind of attitude I would expect from a company that has such a great product line and provided all kind of good! support to various platforms.

    Let’s see if they’ll figure something out if enough people complain.


  • Rdkfomh

    When will you have a windows phone 7 controller application.

  • Rafael Alcala

    Sonos does not work any more suddenly!! I use MAC , nothing respond !!

  • Mlped

    Is there any way to adjust the PC/Dos controller display colors/options?   On my desktop PC, the black backgroud / soft blue and white lettering lacks contrast and is hard to see.  The Volume slider, but for the white dot in the middle of the buttun is all but invisible.  “Heip” tells me the PC is running Versioin 3.7, butild 17551200f

    • Sonos Support Team


      Make sure to update to Sonos software version 3.8.  We’ve made the Controller for PC a bit lighter and it should be easier to see.  This change was made based on feedback from our users and was one of the most popular requests for the new Controller after launch.

      If you’re not sure how to update, see the link below:


      Sonos Support Team

  • Chris

    My imac which runs on 10.7.4 is unable to share its music with new Sonos. I see numerous people with this issue. How do I fix it?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Chris,

      There are various reasons why the music share would not work on a 10.7.4 Mac.

      If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you get in touch with Sonos Support: for assistance with the problem.  We’ll help get this problem sorted out.


      Sonos Support Team

  • 0845 numbers

    Choosing a CD/DVD drive is a bit easier than choosing some of the other main components of your computer system. Short of the speed at which the drives can burn disks, most drives are similar. 

  • Smith Winford

    The system will be comparable in power to the Xbox 360″. If this is true, i may finally ditch Nintendo. Xbox360 is already 5 years old, and i’m tired of playing with old hardware. They should absolutely make the next Nintendo more powerful than PS3 or 360, because otherwise Nintendo will once again lost proper third patrty support for way more powerful PS4 and Xbox720 with power display controllers.

  • lor


  • Lauren

    Thats really interesting

  • thebeersoapcompany

    Where can I find the Controller App for Mac?

    • thebeersoapcompany

      When I click “download it here” it takes me to a support page.

  • Ian Smith

    hello I have just bought a play5. Set up ok and am using on my PC and Android phone and its great. I picked the Play 5 because it has a line in socket .I have a load of my favourite songs on my I-pod classic which are no longer on my computer so I thought all I had to do was connect my I-pod through the line in socket and they would play through the Play 5 but i’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. Anybody know how I can resolve this problem

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Ian, you’ll want to turn on Auto-Play so the PLAY:5 switches to the Line-In and plays when it receives a signal on the Line-In. Here are directions for settings that up:

  • huge frog

    fucking stupid sonos controller ,,, doesn’t work with win 8. shit! frustrated

  • James

    Hi, are you guys going to incorporate more live music data and tagging, within digital radio. Currently I have to switch to another app to find out what new track I’m listening to or I have to go direct to the station and look up what was played. I would love to use sonos as a replacement for or all the other music apps in the future.