Sonos Music Collaborations

Music is our passion and it moves us to reinvent how to fill our homes with it. And it inspires us to create meaningful collaborations with the artists who make it.

Looking back over the years, our work has been one giant collaboration. And it has yielded some pretty awesome products, performances, experiments, and even new music.

Below are 10 collaborations that inspired us in different ways.

1. Sonos x Rick Rubin x Mark Romanek

Rick has been a longtime Sonos collaborator and inspiration, even helping us fine-tune the Sonos sound. But when we set out to visualize a multi-room multi-track Sonos experience with iconic music video director Mark Romanek, Rick went one further and produced aRick went one further and produced a track featuring two original scores blended with N.A.S.A.’s Hide Remix. Bam!

2. Sonos x Janelle Monae x Deep Cotton

Part music experiment, part cultural exchange, Janelle and her Atlanta-based Wondaland Arts Society re-interpret the Wondaland experience for Los Angeles by transforming Sonos Studio LA into Wondaland West. Meanwhile Deep Cotton’s “We’re Far Enough from Heaven Now We Can Freak Out” track powers our Sonos TV ad filmed at the real Wondaland and rockets up the Billboard charts. Electric, indeed.

3. Sonos x Beck x you

Beck and Sonos collaborated to bring to life the concept behind Song Reader, his album of sheet-music-only created for other musicians to interpret and play. The event created a stage for lesser-known and unknown artists to perform the album, gave guests a chance to record their own versions, and in Beck’s words, “played with the idea of the American songbook.”

4. Sonos x N.A.S.A x Karen O x Bob Marley

To bring to life the dual benefits of the Sonos Playbar in a short film, Sonos partnered with N.A.S.A. and Karen O to create a charismatic and distinctive cover of Bob Marley’s iconic single “I Shot The Sheriff”.

5. Sonos x Aramique x Red Paper Heart

At Sonos Studio SXSW, five projectors, an Xbox Kinect, music by Gary Gunn, and one Sonos PLAYBAR transform a shed into an other-worldly playground for the imagination which is able to visualize any song on Earth.

6. Sonos x Robert Glasper x Erykah Badu

Grammy-winning artists Robert Glasper and Erykah Badu join forces onstage at Sonos Studio for an exclusive, intimate performance and conversation about collaboration and musical inspiration.

7. Sonos x deadmau5

Longtime Sonos collaborator deadmau5 surprises 200 fans in LA with a secret free show at Sonos Studio, recorded for an exclusive broadcast on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic.

8. Sonos x Excision x SkisM

To test the seismic range of the Sonos SUB, we partnered with DJs Excision and SkisM for a science project in which we unleashed dubstep on some unsuspecting non-Newtonian fluid. What is non-Newtonian fluid? Look it up. Or buckle up, then hit play.

9. Sonos x Diplo x Shane McCauley

Sonos worked with Diplo and Shane to create “Blow Your Head”, an interactive exhibition that explores cross-cultural influences in music. Responding to sound, images from Diplo’s world tours, captured by McCauley, come to life in an experience that feels like a gallery gone concert. or a concert gone gallery. or both. Blow your head.

10. Sonos x The xx

Sonos collaborated with The xx, Kyle McDonald, Aramique and Matt Mets to create an interactive music installation titled “Missing.” Missing explores the dark emotional landscape and concept of the album “Coexist” via 50 robotic Sonos players that follow the listener through the exhibit. To find out more about the Sonos experience, visit