Turn up the perfect playlist for any day, mood or room with Songza on Sonos

Starting today, you can find the perfect music for your day with Songza on Sonos. The service, currently available in the United States and Canada, offers thousands of original playlists hand crafted by music experts to ideally suit a time of day, activity, or in the case of Sonos, a particular room—all available for free, uninterrupted streaming on your Sonos system.

Even better, we’re going the extra mile to make sure you have just the right soundtrack for each room in your home. Songza and Sonos are partnering with musicians such as Slash, Counting Crows, Tori Amos and Montgomery Gentry to bring you mixes tuned specifically for the home gym, backyard, patio, living room and more.

Songza wants you to use music to improve the things you do every day no matter what you are doing or where you are doing them. Each time you fire up Songza, you’re served the expertly-curated playlist that  depending on the time of day will help you wake up, workout, commute, focus, unwind, entertain, sleep (and just about anything else) better.. Each mix is thoughtfully hand-crafted and cataloged by a network of music experts to ensure you always get the right music, for the right moment.

So imagine you have a friend who is a serious music expert; someone who always knows what you should be listening to. Then imagine that this friend is on-call 24/7 to ensure that you are always listening to the right tunes at the right times, effortlessly. That friend is Songza.

Interested? Sign up for Songza online, and then add it to your Sonos by navigating to More Music on your Controller.