Pencils of Promise rocks out at the office

Pencils of PromiseOur friends over at Pencils of Promise really know the value of music in the office. Don’t believe us? There’s a video below to prove it. We asked Team PoP to share some insight about their music-driven workplace–get all the details here.

Anyone who walks into the doors of our office knows that music plays a huge role in our office. Some even say it’s “PoPpin!” Read more about how music motivates the team here everyday…

PoP Jukebox

Since our very first PoP office (fun fact: we’ve had three offices in three years!) everyday at noon a different team member chooses a song to share with the rest of the office and explains what this song means to them. We’ve heard at all, from Latin songs to house beats to Disney classics. You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to – but we hold back all judgement…for the most part!

Music as Appreciation to Supporters

Sean Stephenson, a motivational speaker diagnosed with a disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a genetic bone disorder paralyzing his ability to walk held an event in San Francisco and donated 100% of the proceeds to Pencils of Promise. After becoming wildly popular on YouTube with his own “Dance Party,” in one night he raised enough money to educate 100 children! Watch our amazing dance party video clip that the PoP team created as a thank you for Sean’s amazing efforts.

PoP Quotes

“It’s great to have music to listen to at the office, especially on these awesome Sonos speakers donated to us. It keeps me focused and in the groove!” -Joseph Frantz, Finance Intern

“I love listening to music in the workplace and have a really hard time concentrating with out it. Doing homework requires the mellow laidback, vibes of Norah Jones, Jason Mraz, and Michael Buble while a night out with friend is usually a combination of songs from Rihanna, Avicci, or Calvin Harris.” -Bridgette Doran, Impossible Ones Intern and NYU Student

“Listening to Rihanna on full blast makes me want to get up and spin around the room!” -Jocelyn Kmet, Director of Community Engagement

“Music in the office is great because it lets me focus on what I’m working on without getting distracted. I think it’s also great for office morale and bonding. I love when one person says ‘I love this song!’ and then you hear a chorus of ‘me too!'”-Maria Angelov, Partnerships Intern

“One of the best parts of our Sonos speakers is that we can easily listen to everyone’s favorite music at the office! Jukebox is a great way to get to know more about our staff and diversify our music.” -Sam Buchbauer, Special Projects Manager

“Music is important to me because it creates an environment of noise, which sets up a workplace to talk about ideas, promotes collaboration and brainstorming! I believe that silent offices make for an office with very few new ideas”    -Wendy Wecksell, Director of Partnerships