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Posted on April 10th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in Music On Sonos, News, Products

Available around the world – the music you love faster and easier than ever.

Biggie - ENWe do more than build software, we believe in it. We believe in its ability to bring out the best of any hardware and its potential to create the richest possible home experiences.

As we continue to invest in the way you experience and control your music at home, curating and managing an array of services across multiple rooms, the benefits of playing your music to Sonos directly from these very services is clear. In Google Play Music, we’ve found a great partner to bring this vision to life for the first time on a global scale. Together, we’ve created a music experience that shows how media, devices, and sound can seamlessly work together in the home.

Now available around the world, you can stream directly to Sonos from within the Google Play Music app on your Android device, or simply stream Google Play Music from your Sonos app to any Sonos player throughout your home.

All the music you love, all there is to discover, all together in one place:

  • Blend your personal library – Google Play Music lets you store your personal music collection for free online (up to 20,000 songs) so you can stream all your favorite music from one place, to any room in your home
  • Discover more than 22 million tracks on demand
  • Create a custom radio station or try I’m Feeling Lucky radio and enjoy fresh music based on your listening habits with unlimited skips and no ads

Listening to the music you love just got even faster and more flexible:

  • Enjoy all the features of your Google Play Music app in Hi-Fi sound by playing directly to Sonos from Android devices
  • Use the Google Play Music app to start a song in any room and control the volume without ever leaving the app
  • For full access of all your music services and multi-room control, use the Sonos app to stream all the music you love to any room

Google Play Music is now available on Sonos in 25 countries around the world. To get started, select Google Play Music from the services menu on your Sonos and log in with your Gmail. Android users can now play directly to Sonos from within the Google Play Music App on their device by selecting the cast icon.

Posted on April 10th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in Music On Sonos, News, Products

  • Mak

    Great, leaving your iPhone users behind it’s the new Sonos strategy, it seems. Google Play Music has an iOS app too. Anyways, I’m really happy with the change of paradigm. I really hope to see my Sonos system been supported by Spotify Connect and Airplay really soon.

  • Guestieguest

    Thank you! This, and the app redesign, are the last things I wished for. Awesome!!

  • Frank Hart

    Excellent news!! You guys rock! Thanks you for the efforts to make Google Play Music available on Sonos :-)

    • Kiwini

      Now just need to be able to do it with other apps

  • Ryan

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The lack of support for the past couple of years has been such an inconvenience. I look forward to putting my Sonos system to its full potential.

    • happy

      Anyone still struggling just go into the settings of the sonos app find online updates and click. Hey presto. Google play music seemed to update itself and the car icon appeared. Click it and select sonos. Don’t know if this is working in the beta. if not go back to the current sonos app. I works flawlessly. Thanks sonos

      • David

        Still can’t get it to work.

        • Sonos Support Team

          Hi David, if you’re still having trouble getting Google Play to work, can you please give us a call on our Customer Care Line? We’re here to help. You can find our contact information here:

  • Guest

    I see that this has been added to the Google Play app. Will it be added to the Sonos app as well ?

    • Kevin

      It has been added to the Sonos app

  • Nodes

    This is great news, thanks very much Sonos. My system just became a whole lot more useful!
    Although I’m not seeing an option to play direct to my Sonos from the GPM app yet, will this be phased in?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Nodes, the option should be live in your Google Play Music app. If you’re running the Beta Sonos controller you might need to uninstall and reinstall your app. Otherwise, can you please give us a call:

  • Rob DeMillo

    Tremendously great news. Nice work Team Sonos.

  • gnuowned

    You guys ROCKS! this is awesome!

  • Ed

    The BEST Sonos news since the Android app release! Thanks

  • paul

    love sonos! you guys really listen to your customers.

  • dan

    how you make this work? I have the latest beta and play music doesn’t show the sonos players. what am I missing? Is this restricted to the US again?

    • Patrick Alain Hofman

      You have on install the latest beta version and google play music music service in the sonos app then install the old sonos app setup you’re sonos speakers then Google music service account in the sonos app and then install or update the beta link via you’re mail, let me know if it worked out , it worked for me!

      • dan

        I can’t follow what you’re saying. I have the sonos beta installed, the play music service activated in beta. In non-beta, none of these are available. And if I install the non-beta, it does want to update but then the package cannot be parsed or some other stupid error like that. but people in other places say that this works in beta too not just in the official release. oh, well, typical of sonos, half-botched software release. Maybe by christmas time it will finally work as promised

        • Patrick Alain Hofman

          Try to update with the email link from sonos

          • dan

            haven’t got such an e-mail

          • David Knight

            I went back to the last email I got for the beta program and reinstalled. No idea if that is a later build but I can now see my Sonos units in Google Play.

          • dan

            this is weird. went back and forth between beta and official, tried to update the official but wasn’t able to, then suddenly, with the old sonos app, the sonos players started showing in play. they have to work some kinks out I think

          • laestrella

            thanks this worked for me

  • D

    All the comments and feedback was eventually received.

    Well done, great implementation.

  • The Eton Rifle

    Any news on when the iPhone will be supported?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Eton Rifle, Google Music is available on any of our Sonos Controller apps, but the functionality of playing directly to Sonos isn’t part of the iOS Google Play Music app.

      • The Eton Rifle

        Thanks for the feedback, I have the beta app installed, v26176020, but cannot see Google listed anywhere.

        • Sonos Support Team

          Hi, you’ll find Google Music available under Service Settings. This page has directions for adding the service, ( but please note, it is only available in certain countries. If you are still having trouble, can you please give us a call on our Customer Care Line:

          • DX

            So Is there a list somewhere with the “Certain Countries” ? Would help if we know we are just wasting our time.

          • Sonos Support Team

            Hi DX, you can find a list of the countries Google Play Music is available on Sonos here:

          • The Eton Rifle

            Hi again, still cannot see Google Play anywhere. Is it available in the UK?
            BTW I tried calling customer services, and had over an hour of waiting time so gave up!

          • Sonos Support Team

            Google Play Music is available in the UK, so it should be showing up. Since you’re using the beta application, please uninstall it and reinstall using the latest download instructions.

            Sorry to hear you weren’t able to speak with a technician. You can reach us by email as well if you still have any questions, we’re at

  • Jose Marcos

    Great News!!!! Game changer!!!!.. About to buy a 6 connect:amp, 2 playbars, 2 subs and 4 play:3.

  • Sean Greenwood

    will this work with version 4.3 of the sonos software on pc as well like it does for pandora.

  • Jugular

    Thanks for listening to us. So thrilled. Now I will go out and buy that new Sonos speaker I was hesitant about.

  • Richard Darvid

    Bravo Sonos, this is excellent news, a wish come true. Awesome!!!

  • Peter

    Kudos Sonos. Not only should existing users be thrilled (+ the new app) but Google Play should open up a huge number of new customers.

  • Jason Ip

    sigh.. doesn’t work in Canada

    • DX

      What else is new. I am starting to feel like a second no third class citizen. Disappointing how we support the ecosystem by purchasing there products and we can’t even get an explanation why we are left out of the circle.

      • dbinott

        i think its the shitty licensing laws here.

    • Guillaume Simard

      I’m a year late but.. is this still the case? I know Google Play Music (and All Access) is available in Canada but does it work with Sonos?


      EDIT: Looks like it should work!

  • Bart van Wissen

    Great! It would be awesome if this could somehow be added to the desktop google play app as well. I know it’s probably not trivial since it’s basically a web app, but surely it must be possible with some kind of browser extension.

  • Thomas Hettenhausen

    Excellent. Tried it, and it works just as I wanted it. Now I love both Sonos and Google Play Music even more!

  • Suddy

    This is great. In the Sonos app though I am trying to work out if I am doing something wrong or the feature is just unsupported. When I am browsing an album by an artist in Google Music the only option I have to save it is to add it to my Sonos favourites. How do I save it to my Google Music library?

  • Mike Stewart

    Very happy about this. However, does it work in Ireland?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Mike, yes, Google Play Music is available in Ireland.

  • neal

    Add YouTube and all will be well with the world.

  • aTom

    So far I am loving Google Play. I can see I’m going to get a lot of use from the three month trial.Its my first time stepping outside the Pandora box.I had no idea what was possible.Thanks Sonos! I am having one issue though. I dont seem to be able to stream content from my mobile device through the Google Play music app. Whenever I try I get a playback error that says” Unable to play the song.Cant play a sideloaded song remotely.”

    • moali

      any luck in playing with this error

    • shane kenny

      You cannot stream content from your mobile through GPM. If you think about it it doesn’t make sense. You should upload the content to GPM and then stream it or just use the Sonos controller to play the local files

  • Brad Spellman

    Folks not seeing this in the services menu. Is there a trick?

  • max

    Thank you SONOS!


    But, i would like to add a song, artist, album to my “google music” library too and not only to sonos favorits, because the sonos favorites are limited to 32 favorites only. When you will fix it, you will make me happy with 5* :)

    Thank you sonos, again!

  • Kevin

    YES!!! I was so close to subscribing to Amazon cloud or buy a NAS to put more songs online. Google has nearly my entire collection. Thanks Sonos!!!

  • Joebot

    I can’t see my sonos components in the cast menu, just my chrome cast, any trouble shooting tips? Everything’s up to date…

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Joebot, you’ll want to make sure that all of your Sonos players and controllers are up to date so the play direct option will work. If you’re on a beta version of Sonos, please uninstall and reinstall the controller application on your Android device and then try once more. If you’re still having any trouble, please contact our Customer Care team and we’ll be happy to help further:


  • @virtualswede

    This is awesome! Thank you so much!

  • Andre Ruas

    Greate news! and greate move from Google!
    Suppose Spotify will be loosing some premium subscribers…

  • Nick

    Are we supposed to be able to stream from Google Play our uploaded songs without the paid plan?

  • Ryan

    Fantastic! This was the one thing stopping me from buying a Sonos.

  • phil

    I signed up for google music…

    i was working great but now I can only see my music and not all 25 million google songs…

    I get this – Error getting stream URL for track.

    Anybody have a solution?!


  • stuefi

    any chance more apps will support this…like to use the music/podcast player i normally use, e.g. pocket casts – dont want to deal with your player, the ui is horrible

  • Tom

    but how does it work in iOS cast Sonos/Apple/Google does not work here?

  • shane kenny

    Sonos and GPM = heaven. Works fantastic for me! Love it!

  • chris

    wondering if it’s possible to cast it from youtube too? 😀

  • Erez Levin

    It seems like you can’t stream to multiple rooms concurrently from the Play Music app, only from the Sonos app, right? Would I be able to stream from the Sonos app to one Sonos speaker and my TV’s Chromecast simultaneously?

  • Kiwini

    Will this feature come to the ios version of Google Music? This feature should be available with all apps. For example, I can stream free Spotify on my phone from the Spotify app but it won’t work on Sonos and you just get error saying to contact customer service. Google Music has free radio so I guess Apple won’t be eager to allow it