Now Playing All Over Your Home: Music Stored on your Android

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 by Sonos Staff in Cool Music News, Music On Sonos, News, Products, Sonos Stories, Worldwide

As the growing ranks of amazing music services are accompanied by countless digital radio stations from all over the world, there’s never been more ways to discover and listen to music than today.

At the same time, many of us still have and continue to build our own personal music libraries – on laptops, tablets and phones. We are downloading tracks, creating playlists on the go and we want to enjoy them wherever we are.

We are stoked to announce the latest update to the Sonos Wireless HiFi System.  Now you can play music stored on your Android phone or tablet anywhere there is a Sonos wireless speaker or component.

If you have Android 2.1 and higher (podcasts are compatible with Android 2.2 and higher) you can play your music in three quick steps:

(1)    Update your Sonos Controller for Android to software version 4.1.1. This release is for Android Controllers only — the rest of your Sonos components do not require an update.

(2)    Ensure your Android device is on your home wireless network, and then launch the Sonos Controller App.

(3) Go to the Music menu and select ‘This Mobile Device’ – this option will appear if you have music stored on your phone or tablet. You will now see all of your device’s music, playlists and podcasts available and can play them on Sonos.

Only Sonos lets you play all the music on earth—from any source to any room. This includes your music library no matter where it is stored – all delivered in Sonos HiFi sound.

Tracks downloaded directly from the Google Play Store are not immediately available for playback. To play these tracks through Sonos, you must download them from Google Play to a computer, and then transfer them to your Android device’s Music folder.

For more details, visit For Google Music support, visit Sonos Support.

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 by Sonos Staff in Cool Music News, Music On Sonos, News, Products, Sonos Stories, Worldwide

  • Dave

    Can I do this for the I phone
    If not when will this be available

    • Anon

      You’ve been able to do this since 2012. You need to have iOS V6.0 or newer.

  • grumpypaul

    still disappointed that you have to download from google first before you can play – this iupdate doesn’t help at all

    • Anon

      It doesn’t say you need to download the music from the Google Play store. I copied mine onto the SD card via the laptop & iTunes and it works brilliantly.

      Really pleased with the new update. So glad I have Sonos, just constantly gets better!

    • Sonos Support Team

      Yes, we understand the disappointment. It’s a strange restriction for Google Play but hopefully syncing is a viable workaround for you. If not, as noted by Anon, there are other simple ways to get music onto an Android phone, such as transferring to an SD card.

    • Doominator

      I can play all my music of my pc library directly from my phone on wifi !! GREAT !!! Don’t have to carry my iPod anymore !

      • Doominator

        PS: Don’t need to add it into my cell, it plays it directly from the PC via network.

    • Carl Wouters

      Search for the Macronos app 😉

  • Techead

    Thanks guys, this is yet another benefit to owning Sonos.
    I can play anything from anywhere to anywhere in my home, brilliant.
    It does exactly what it says on the tin, what else do you want, so it doesn’t make lunch.
    Who cares?!!
    Keep it up.

  • MattyC

    So can I play music on the sonos via Google’s ‘Play Music’ app? I don’t sync my phone with any PC as such. I have a vast music library that is uploaded to Play Music, some of it I choose to store on my device (Nexus 4) and some I stream (as I don’t have enough space to store it all on my device. None of the music flagged as ‘On Device’ shows up in the Music Folder of my phone when I plug in USB. I haven’t bought a sonos yet because when I connected my Nexus to my brothers system (he has iPhone), I couldn’t play any of my own music! This press release doesn’t really state what we can now do with android / Google Play Music

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi MattyC,

      If the music was downloaded directly from Google Play onto the phone, it won’t be available for our app to stream to Sonos players on your home network. The download folder used by Google Play is restricted and cannot be accessed by the Sonos app.

      Music that’s downloaded first to a PC and then synced to the phone can be accessed and is streamable.

      I hope this information helps.

      • MattyC

        Ok, so sonos is still useless for Android users then!

    • Carl Wouters

      Check out the Macronos app 😉

  • Alimoo

    I can’t see my podcasts – how can I find them?

    • Brad Griffith

      I’m having the same issue. I use PocketCasts to download podcasts on my phone, but no episodes show up in the Sonos menus. Not sure how to fix that.

      • Sonos Support Team

        Hi Brad,

        Pocket Casts does not appear to download the music in a way that allows our app to access it. We’re looking into why. As an alternative, try BeyondPod.

        • Examiner19

          PocketCasts saves its downloaded files in a folder with a hidden .nomedia text file. That file tells android to ignore any media (music, graphics, etc.) in that folder. This way, PocketCasts downloads don’t show up in your Music player on Android. Sonos can’t ignore the .nomedia file by default without getting buried in random sound files from games and other programs. Sonos would have to hardcode the path to the PocketCasts folder and ignore that one only. As an alternative, I would suggest an Advanced Settings option in Sonos for power users allowing us to point to a folder to use. Just a thought.

          • Mark Fletcher

            I had a reply from the makers of Pocket Casts (@shiftyjelly) they seemed keen to work with Sonos for a resolution, if the Sonos team contacted them.

          • Sonos Support Team

            Yes, we’re already in touch with Shifty Jelly and are talking about the best way forward. Thanks for your support!

          • StuMcBill

            So….shouldn’t deleting the .nomedia files allow Sonos controller to see and access them?

            I have tried this and it still doesn’t seem to be able to find them?

          • Satyajit Malugu

            any progress with this?

          • Sonos Support Team

            You’re exactly right – our app uses the built-in Android media indexing to populate the options and since the .nomedia tag is present in the Pocket Casts folder, the downloaded files aren’t indexed.

            We’re looking at our options and we’re in communication with Shifty Jelly (the makers of Pocket Cast) to find the best solution for everyone.

          • Examiner19

            Great that you are working with Pocket Casts. While I was thinking about this, it would be even better if Pocket Casts showed up as a Music Service under Sonos instead. Pocket Casts allows one to log-in with them to sync podcasts on multiple devices and how far along they have been played. I would think they could let one log-in through Sonos and provide that information allowing Sonos to stream podcast from where they were last played and sync that progress back to Pocket Casts. Just a wishlist item. Thanks.

          • Sonos Support Team

            We’re happy to work with any interested parties and have an open development program called Sonos Labs. Many of the music services available on Sonos now were developed through Sonos Labs.

    • Allan Hansen

      Same here – tried changing the settings in Pocket Cast to save to the Podcasts folder, but still no luck.
      Otherwise a great new feature!

      • Sonos Support Team

        Hi Allan,

        We’re looking into the problems with Pocket Casts. Pocket Casts does not work with our streaming at this time. We can suggest BeyondPod as an alternative.

        • sylvain

          Beyondpod doesn’t show my podcasts either (stock Nexus 4)

          • sylvain

            The podcasts are not in the /podcast folder so that’s probably why

  • Nigel Steward

    Successfully installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note ‘phone & Motorola Xoom tablet.

    However despite uninstalling & reinstalling will not provide the additional functionality on my Google Nexus 7 tablet running Android 4.2.2

    Help please.


    • dan

      same here, galaxy S2 phone, “this mobile device” not available. and yes, there IS music on the phone.

      • Sonos Support Team

        Hi Dan,

        See the response to Nigel above. If the music was downloaded to the phone directly from Google Play, it’s stored in a location that Sonos cannot access. You can however download to a PC and sync to your phone to play it directly from the phone to Sonos.

    • Sonos Support Team


      If the music on your phone or tablet was downloaded directly from Google Play to the device, it’s stored in a location that the Sonos app can’t access for streaming. If this is the case, download it to your PC first and then sync over to the devices.

      There may be other restrictions depending on how the music was put on each device.

  • AB

    Can. You tell me what I need to make a start with this system.

    • Reason411


  • ryan

    When will we be able to stream Google Play Music directly through the Sonos units? Please, please, please add this functionality! Please!

    • fjaebli

      This would be an awesome added feature as I have moved from Rhapsody. The way Google did this is really quite good.

    • Tom

      Google Play Music was just released in my country and I uploaded all my music in the cloud and switched my streaming from Spotify to Google too. Unfortunately Sonos does not (yet?) support Googles service. If it would be just another streaming start-up I could understand this. But it is Google and it is going to be big. Now that I have all my rare grooves in Googles Cloud I would like to stream them directly from the Sonos Android app and don’t want to start up my laptop or synch it via usb with my device. Now that Samsung just entered your market with almost similar speakers you should really provied maximus service to keep up with the new competition.

  • PeteG

    Great. Have been waiting for this. Amazon recently gave me free mp3 copies of all the CDs I bought which are now on my phone, so I’ll be able to play these on sonos too.

    • Lucas W.

      You can connect your Amazon Cloudplayer account directly to your Sonos so you won’t have to download all the songs to your phone, they’ll just stream directly to Sonos. Here’s the how-to:

      • willie

        not in the uk :(

      • PeteG

        I tried that but no sign of any Amazon option . And even worse, spotify has disappeared off the list of available services!!!

        • Sonos Support Team

          Hi Pete,

          The issue with Spotify was a temporary problem which was resolved after about 45 minutes of no availability. We’re looking at a possible integration of Amazon Cloud for customers outside the US.

  • grahamtriggs

    “Only Sonos lets you play all the music on earth—from any source to any room. This includes your music library no matter where it is stored – all delivered in Sonos HiFi sound”

    As you can’t play music stored in Google Music – or indeed Amazon Cloud Player in the UK – this is blatantly false advertising (certainly for the UK market).

    Sorry, I do in essence love the Sonos app and devices, but you can’t go around making sweeping claims about your product that aren’t true, and end up irritating your customers.

  • gschroder

    I just want to be able to stream any audio from my device — for example, I have the MLB app on my device. I want to be able to listen to the baseball game audio through my Sonos speaker system.

  • studio

    Great. Another benefit by Sonos. Running perfect with Sony Xperia V

  • Merlin 19

    Amazing development thanks for this!

  • Dave Y

    For your next very cool app, how about turning any computer in my home into a Sonos speaker? Right now I sit in my office, where I can control music throughout my home with the Sonos Controller for PC – the only problem is that I have no speakers in my office! I can’t hear the music I am controlling! What if I could stream Sonos content directly over my computer speakers…
    Now THAT would be awesome!

  • mauidebb

    I have sirius radio in my car…. how can I get it thru my Sonos??

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Mauidebb,

      You’ll just need to have a SiriusXM Internet Radio account (it’s an add on available to satellite subscribers) and to follow these instructions:

      This will set up SiriusXM for your Sonos system.

  • Gemma

    Do you have any plans to be able to stream music from google play? would be nice to know if this is on your forecast?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Gemma,

      You can find an up-to-date status and add your support here:

      At the moment, Google Play is not available via any third party hardware systems, like Sonos. We’re hopeful that the option to integrate with Google Play might be available in the future.


  • Tom

    Works Great!!! Thank you

  • bob stcyr

    Can we play a service like songza from our phone through sonos?

  • Shaun Mccran

    Awesome update. Was going to update to the Beta program for this, now I don’t need to.

  • Phil S.

    I like that I can finally play music stored on my phone and/or tablet, so thank you for doing that. What I’ve been having a challenging time with is that I do not have the ability to shuffle the music from my phone and/or tablet when playing it through the Sonos system. Am I missing something or will you be able to add this functionality in the near future?

    Thanks for the continued enhancements.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Phil,

      On Sonos, shuffle is an operator on items that are already added to your queue. What you can do is to add the songs you want to shuffle to your Sonos queue from your Android phone, then turn on shuffle. You have the option to add all tracks to your queue, or tracks from a specific album, artist, or genre.

      Once you’ve added your tracks, just turn on shuffle and you’ll get a random play order.

      Hope this helps!

  • SonosMusik

    When you click on This Mobile Device, there is no Folders option … like there is when you click on Music Library. Would it be possible to add the Folders option to the This Mobile Device menu as well? Otherwise, this is a great update!

  • Laura Worker.

    Can I play music from my iPhone library?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Laura,

      You bet. The functionality released in this update for Android is also implemented in our iOS controllers, so you can stream your iPhone’s tracks to your Sonos system in the same way.

  • DanielSedlacek

    this is great news!

  • jick

    Just tried the Android App with the sonos system of a friend. I want to buy a sonos system as well. But I mostly hear spotify radio. Without spotify radio sonos is useless to me. Please add it.

  • Ram

    its great update, just need a feature to add a folder located on the device.
    I cant find podcasts either I use the Samsung G3 Kiescast.

  • Sally Daffarn

    I noticed that the android app clearly shows “This mobile device” button on the app to download but I have tried installing and uninstalling several times on my Nexus 4 and this button does not show on the installed app. Why is this please?


    I see beyondpod as the recommended way of downloading podcasts that are visible to Sonos on the device (Samsung S3). However, I have the same problem that I see others reported, ie the podcasts are not detected. I dont see a solution reported. Any advice?

    • MODON

      I should have added that I am trying to play directly from device to sonos, and its also not in the podcast section of the music folder either

      • Sonos Support Team


        BeyondPod downloads its podcasts to a separate BeyondPod folder, but Sonos should still display these files under the Podcasts section of “This Device” in the main music menu. I’d recommend double checking to make sure your podcasts show up in the BeyondPod directory, just to make sure they’ve downloaded properly.

  • Chris

    When using “this mobile device” as a music source, there is no option to use the search facility to find music ie by typing in an artist etc. Please can you help.

  • CamBam415

    Hi Sonos – I have all my music on google play and want to stream it to Sonos using my ipad or iphone. I don’t see any mention of how to do that, and under services to add on the i-devices are a bunch of music services I have never heard of, but no google music :( Any help would be much appreciated! I’d use my Sonos daily if I didn’t have to turn on our home computer, which would mean I’d have to add more speakers to our system :)

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello CamBam,

      You can stream the music that’s stored on your iOS device already using the iOS streaming feature which shows up as This Mobile Device. Google Play All Access isn’t currently on our music partner line-up, but we have an open request to get them added in on our community page. You should head over there and add a +1 and follow it so you get updated news as soon as anything becomes official:


  • Roger

    So, I use doubletwist to download podcasts and am having trouble playing the ones on my phone through sonos. It seems to be stored on the podcast folder on my SD card (music is stored on sd card as well) so not sure what the issue is. Any thoughts?

    • Roger

      actually, turned phone off and on and then sonos found it. all set – thx

  • user

    The article is a bit misleading. What you can actually do now in Sonos is see a list of audio files on stored on your android device, and making Sonos say “File not found” and crashing the Sonos App.
    Great Work!

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi there,

      If you’re experiencing any crashes with the Android application, we’d be more than happy to help out. When you’re next available, please give us a call on our support phone line and we can help fix the problem. You can also send us an email, if you prefer. Our contact information can be found on this page: