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Red_Grange_Lindsey_Nelson_Game_of_the_Week_1955It’s some people’s favorite day of the year – MLB opening day. Generations have grown up huddled around the radio or TV, hoping this year will be their year. Maybe your team reinvented themselves over the offseason. Or this year they will finally make it through playoffs. Or just to the playoffs.

Regardless of how your team nets out this year, or even next year, we have something you can absolutely depend on: on Sonos. With your membership, you can now listen to all the games all season in every room of your home. Find out more about how to the service works here.

The nostalgia of listening to your favorite announcer over the radio is an experience you can now share with a new generation. Take a walk down baseball radio memory lane and share your favorite memories with us on Twitter @Sonos.

MLB on Sonos, making it easier to catch every moment of the big game.