Last Weekend’s Spotify Outage: A Message from Quality

By Andrew Schulert, VP, Quality 

Over this past weekend, our European customers experienced an extended interruption in playing back Spotify over Sonos, which lasted approximately six hours.

The outage was caused by a failure in servers that Sonos manages and maintains, and was not caused by any failure with Spotify’s service. During this outage, Spotify on Sonos was unresponsive and customers trying to use it received an error message. While we have built-in redundancy that should allow users to continue streaming music, even when failures happen, last weekend’s outage fell well below our own expectations.

An outage of any kind is unacceptable and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused Sonos and Spotify customers. We understand you depend on Sonos working properly to enjoy music at home.

We have identified and fixed the problem, which came down to a server being inadvertently misconfigured and was followed by not having the appropriate backup staff in place over the US holiday weekend. Now that Spotify service on Sonos has been fully restored, we are digging deeper into the misconfiguration that originally caused the outage. We are also improving our internal escalation process to respond earlier, and to communicate more clearly and promptly with our customers.

We accept full responsibility and will do everything we can to ensure an outage such as this doesn’t happen again.