JUKE is in the haus

JUKE logoIt’s not a band. It’s not a car. And it’s definitely not a phone. JUKE is a new cloud based music service from Deutschland. And, it’s making its streaming debut on The Sonos Wireless HiFi System.  Our latest service addition is all part of Sonos’ grand plan to stream all the music on earth– everywhere on earth–wirelessly in every room.

JUKE’s library offers over 13 million tracks, representing more than 80,000 major and independent record labels. Sonos users in Germany can use JUKE’s intelligent search to listen endlessly in any room, free of ads. We think it’s uber cool that JUKE selected Sonos to be its first home streaming device.

Sonos customers in Germany can now add JUKE via More Music and try the service for free for 14 days. Here’s hoping the music service expands to even more countries in the near future.