Introducing: Sonos Labs

Posted on November 29th, 2011 by Sonos Staff in Music On Sonos, News

With today’s software update, we’re thrilled to introduce Sonos Labs, which provides music service developers access to the free Sonos Music API, Technical Documentation & Tools Suite (SMAPI). Sonos Labs is great news for developers and customers alike. The new platform allows music services to make themselves available on Sonos about 60-percent faster than before, all while giving our customers early access to the service during the development and testing phases.

Sonos Labs

In a nutshell? Music services get valuable feedback from Sonos users, and music lovers get to listen to their favorite services much sooner. Even better, SMAPI provides extensive forums, community support, and documentation to help speed the process along. Once a service is in Sonos Labs, it can become a full-fledged service within four to six weeks.

SMAPI has been very well-received by music service partners who helped us test it. AUPEO praised the platform for its “great documentation, outstanding technical support and strong focus on quality,” stating further that it “made the integration extremely easy.” Similarly, MOG said that it “was straightforward, and working through the partner process and with the Sonos Music Team was great,” while Rdio was “up and running in a matter of weeks and [its] users are thrilled.”

Music service developers can register as a Sonos Music Partner to get started. Are you a Sonos customer looking to test out the next big thing in music? From the main menu on any Sonos Controller, navigate to More Music > Sonos Labs.

Posted on November 29th, 2011 by Sonos Staff in Music On Sonos, News

  • Andyadshead

    How do I listen to impact radio via sonos……I cannot find in anywhere on the listed stations..

    • Fiede – Sonos

      We use the directory of our partner TuneIn Radio – you can suggest new stations easily:

  • pq

    This looks like great news – will you be opening anything similar up for developers who want to integrate Sonos into their client software (eg for unsupported operating systems)? 

    • Sonos

      Hi pq – Nothing to announce on that at this time, though it is something that has come up for discussion.

  • Richard

    What about Wimp?

    • Fiede – Sonos

      Wimp is available as of today in a public beta in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

      • Run

        But how do I Signe up? The link sonos says dont work.

  • Oliver Ibanez

    This is huge!  Sonos Labs should really speed up the integration of other great music services!  So here’s a call to all who have the ability to add such services … it’s about time Sonos supports GrooveShark!  I, and many other users would love to see GrooveShark as a supported service.  And on a side note, Sonos desktop software should support the ability to broadcast directly from your PC or MAC directly to Sonos!

    • Sonos

      Loving the excitement! :)

      • Get Grooveshark on Sonos!

        are you considering adding GROOVESHARK in the NEAR future?

    • Nancy

      I agree! The only drawback to my Sonos system is no Grooveshark! I would use my Sonos a LOT more (and buy more players!) if I could access my Grooveshark playlist. BRING US GROOVESHARK!!!

  • SJ

    Can you add the # 1 Indian/Bollywood music service to the list of services available.

    • Sonos

      Hi SJ – We are reaching out to many music services about Sonos Labs, but we encourage you to spread the word to your favorites as well. :)

      • SJ

        you mean telling Dhingana to work with Sonos SMAPI? I’ll put this in the feedback on iTunes

  • Christian

    Could we some time soon expect an even better Spotify integration, with more advanced music finder and curation functionality? The problem with streaming services is often that you need some element of curation and inspiration for what to play. Could be great to have that feature build in.

  • Jeff_hibbert

    When will you integrate Apple’s Airplay directly to Sonos?

    • Sonos

      Hi Jeff – We have nothing to announce on AirPlay at this time.

  • Chris

    Any thoughts of supporting “Hearts of Space”?

    • Sonos

      Hi Chris – We are open to nearly any music service developer who is interested.

  • Kiran Gujral

    Sony music unlimited and I will die happy :)

    • Sonos

      Hi Kiran – We are open to nearly any service provider with an interest in developing to Sonos, Sony included! :)

  • hockeyguy

    Please, please, please bring 8tracks to Sonos soon!!

    • Sonos

      Hi hockeyguy – We are reaching out to various music services about Sonos Labs, but if you have a favorite, we encourage you to let them know about it as well! :)

      • Michaelm

        I’d like to 2nd the request to bring to Sonos.

        • Frans Staal

          Dear Sonos,
 would be great.

          • Lisa

            Yes, please please Sonos, add 8tracks soon! That would make the Sonos experience perfect for me. 8tracks is really greatly missed.

      • cobrakai

         Yes, would love to use 8tracks on SONOS.  I’ve already made the comment to 8tracks as well.

      • dbrgn

        Yes please, 8tracks would be awesome :)

  • Dru Sutton

    How about Google Music?

    • Sonos

      Hi Dru – Google Music is noted as a top feature request, but it is not currently in Sonos Labs.

      • Dru Sutton

        Thank you for your prompt reply!

        • Melky

          Any idea when Google Music could be in the Labs?

          • Shiznik

            PLEASE, Adding Google Music will make my Sonos experience complete!!!

          • guest

            whew….almost bought this stuff for the house. just assumed would have google music. glad i did a bit more research. that would have been disappointing.

      • Greg Bridwell

        I would LOVE to have access to my Google Music collection.  Is it even in the works?

        • Sonos

          We don’t announce timelines, but would love to bring Google Music to our customers.

          • gaurav

            Greg, This is just not acceptable. How come you guys don’t have integration with Google music yet. Amazon cloud player is totally a pain in the ass. Even if one manages to upload the albums after days altogether, the sequencing is an issue and then one has to bloody pay for the space and number of songs. Google music is free. Are you still deciding? really?

          • sam

            It might be Google who is still deciding…

      • Sean

        It is absolutely imperative that google music/play be integrated with Sonos. The reason…google will soon be releasing a home entertainment device ( ). As more and more people start graduating from the old 20th century home music gear model that is rooted in local physical media, they will start comparing the google offering with sonos. Since legions of users have already invested time and energy into the free google play cloud storage, the google offering will have a significant advantage for those users if sonos doesn’t play with google music. On the other hand, if users can access their google playlists through sonos, then they’ll compare google hardware vs sonos feature by feature and sonos will likely come out ahead. I have a feature-rich third party app on my iPhone that plays google music very well. So there must be an API available. Please do this for your current and (even more importantly for Sonos) future customers.

      • hsteckylf

        A year later and the top feature request is still not even in labs! What is going on here? I just bought a Play:3 and will be returning it if my Google Music library is not able to be accessed. Rediculous!

    • Ctrunk514

      I was considering buying a Sonos system but once I found out that Google Music
      would not work on it, I had to pass.

  • Georgehyne

    I live in Canada.  Why can’t I use XM on Sonos?

    • Sonos

      We will support our music service partners in any country they want to offer streaming via Sonos. Ultimately, the decision on the level and locations of service is up to the provider.

  • Kasonos

    How about support for Spotify radio?

    • Sonos

      Spotify does not offer its radio service on Sonos.

      • Ertgyu

        I am confused… Is it Spotify that is reluctant to finally get Spotify radio available through Sonos, or is it Sonos that is not delivering the required (iPad) app for this??

        • Sonos

          It requires a bit of development on both sides to bring a new feature onboard. We continue to work with Spotify to optimize the experience for subscribers.

          • JasperS

            After having listened to Spotify daily at work for a year I just purchased Sonos components this week to bring the Spotify pleasure back home (connect for the living room and Play:5 for the kitchen). I’m truly disapointed not to find Spotify Radio on the Sonos Spotify app…

      • Carolinaren

        I’m also disappointed in this? I am a spotify premium member with sonos. But I cannot play spotify radio through my sonos speaker? That does not seem right. Sorry I bought sonos now!

    • Tim

      Come on Spotify release your service from the desktop to Sonos where it make sense :)

    • Joseph Rodriguez

      I would also love to see this feature. Spotify Radio is amazing!

  • Bmcfadd

    How about a Windows Phone app and Zune integration?

    • Sonos

      We no longer support DRM, which unfortunately means no more streaming from Zune. Nothing to announce on Windows Phone, though it is a noted feature request!

      • angry zune user

        which really sucks.  this was one of the main reasons I bought Sonos in the first place, I’m wondering how I should to about demanding my money back for a product that changed for the worse via a require update. 

        • Dontburntheday

          I have an 11 zone system, 5+ controllers.  I also have a large WMA collection and use the integration features of zune/wmp.  This update reduces my investment to plugging in a “line input” from another device.  Ridiculous!  Way to screw your users Sonos. 

          • Founding Customer

            I agree, I have a mix of zune and wma, and you have now just cut that out, you dont take a feature away because “it interferes with the seamless operation”, you fix any issues you have, or simply say, this is a deprecated feature in the future.

          • davy#3

            Do you know Qobuz ?
            Is sound quality much better than with Deezer or Spotify?
            It would be interesting to approach this service.

          • Sonos

            Thanks for the tip–we’ll pass it on to the product developers!

      • Jgalviz

        Incredible, what are we going to do without Zune and now in all Nokia devices…looks like you are going in the wrong direction.

        • Mafmusic

          LOL they are going in the right direction. Everyone tried to get into the act after Apple lead the way and began everything. You can’t expect them to support a zillion different services etc.

      • Windows Phone 7

        Any news about the Windows Phone 7 support?

        • Sonos

           Nothing to announce at this time.

  • Sleeper329

    I work for a home theater and automation company. Does this mean that control companies like Crestron, AMX, RTI can gain access to your API to develop ways to control sonos and get feedback on their platforms?

    • Sonos

      SMAPI is not a platform for Sonos controller development – only music services.

      • Sleeper329

        Understood. But was hoping this same software kit gave access to the info needed for control companies to do this.

        Have you made any plans yet of partnering with any of these companies? There are guys out there reverse engineering and trying to figure out how to make the interface but if you opened up to work with them me and many other custom installers would stop selling our other music systems.

        The only thing stopping you from being on every install i do is that i cant integrate youre product…

        • Sonos

          We have no plans at this time, but it’s something we continue to consider.

          • Nikhil Khandelwal

            +1 on an API for controller development. I really want to create a controller for my Windows Phone and it’s too bad that this is not supported.

          • Sleeper329

            Great. In the meantime i know several programmers have developed crestron plugins that work ok.

            Someone has started an RTI driver which what he has so far works perfectly. Hes currently working on menu browsing and testing all feedback from music services.

            Im still not sure why sonos is so hesitant to open the API to these people. It would help your sales and finally make you a player in the higher end market. Correct me if im wrong but i see no downside for sonos.

            Rti was hesitant at first to open up development of the programming needed to integrate third party hardware. They finally let prescreened dealers sign legal documents to keep the “opened” code in the right hands. Since then their integration list has skyrocketed and so many more dealers bow use their product bc of the features outside dealers have provided… You should just give in and do it already. Only hurting yourselves

          • Tip

            I would be very interested in finding more about the RTI driver. I just recently installed RTI and Sonos, but hate having to switch between apps to load the music from Sonos and then back to RTI to control where it is played within the house.

  • Henry Swanson

    I got my hopes up that this would allow integration with other control systems.  (Crestron, AMX, RTI, URC, etc)   

    Sonos is great, but it is kinda lame having to use two controllers.  One to select the Sonos activity, and another to control it.  

    • Stereo Doctor

      Has anyone come up with a solution for this yet? I to, dislike switching from RTI to Sonos and back again all the time.

  • Rmayor

    Any plans to allow playing my music from my Amazon Cloud Drive?

    • Sonos

      We have noted this feature request, but have nothing to announce at this time.

      • Steve

         So… still nothing?

  • S_mieritz

    I cannot find Wimp under the Sonos Labs???

    • Sonos

      What is your country of residence?

      • Soren


        • Sonos

          Please make sure you have updated to Sonos Software 3.6. If it still doesn’t show up, please contact support for further assistance:

  • Morten Arngren

    I have just enabled Wimp on the Sonos at home and it works beautifully, much better than spotify.

    • Sonos

      We’re glad you’re enjoying it!

  • Freek Roelofs

    What about iTunes music match integration?

    • Sonos

      We currently work with iTunes match.

      • Urs

        Ha! Good to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that the combo Sonos + iTunes Match would be cool, especially as iTunes Match now is available in my geography [Switzerland].
        That’s an update I’m really looking forward to! Any idea about when this can be expected?

      • Imeniche

        This is great, do you have a tutorial on how to access my iTunes match account from my Sonos?, Do I need to hace my computer On?

        • Sonos Support Team

          Hi there!  Unfortunately, Apple has not allowed anyone to simply “access” the iTunes Match service – only your iDevices can.  That said, music downloaded from iCloud and stored on your computer are compatible with Sonos and able to be played through standard file sharing.  Cheers!

          • Imeniche

            Thank you for your response, what I don’t understand then is what you mean when you say “we currently work with iTunes Match”

          • Imeniche

            Thank you for your response, what I don’t understand then is what you mean when you say “we currently work with iTunes Match”

          • Sonos Support Team

            The files that iTunes match can download to your computer are unprotected (DRM-free) files that you can share just like any other file on your computer.  There are no limitations meaning your Sonos can use them just fine.

          • nat1nat1

            Hi – I’m thinking about buying a Play 3 and bridge, but it looks like you don’t support iTunes in the Cloud as a streaming service, direct from my router, like the radio stations. Do you know if this might change at all? Otherwise, I think I will not buy. I don’t want my PC permanently running in order to play music – I can do this much cheaper through other means. :/

          • Sonos

             We are constantly working to add new features and services, but do not announce future plans or timelines.

  • Graham Beale

    This is great, hopefully we’ll see some fruits of this action very soon. 

    However, there are three things that are causing me concern right now are: No folder support on Spotify (I have way too many playlist and having them in one list makes the service unusable), Ability to add more than one Spotify account (we have two in this household and its the cause of many arguments), Quicklinks to my favourite radio stations or Spotify playlists from the main menu (there are waaaay to many clicks to get to the stuff I used every day). 

    • Sonos

      Thanks for your feedback! We’ll pass it on to our dev team.

  • Felicia Renz

    PLEASE somebody develop a way to stream my google music collection to my sonos! 

  • kasmonkey

    Will development for a gradual wake / sleep be easyer now? :)

    • Erwin Hosono

      I’d like to see a gradual wake up, sound increase, as found on the iHome devices so that my music increases in volume when I wake in the AM.

  • Powderdust72

    How about support for Soundcloud. There is so much music to set free on my Sonos but you have got to build it in. I would pay for this feature.

    • Sonos

      We would love it if Soundcloud developed for SMAPI!

      • Based on the Beat

        Soundcloud would be HUGE for me! That would be a killer combo. Please, please, please!!! SONOS + Soundcloud = <3

      • falken

        Please focus on Soundcloud! Work on them to develop SMAPI!

      • Dave Bennett08

        Not sure what SMAPIis, but sure hope Soundcloud and Sonos get it together someday!

      • Jorick

        At the MusicHackDay in Amsterdam, an event Sonos supported, there was the SonosCloud developed It seemed to work well at the time (feb ’12), any progress on that by any chance?

  • Nbossert

    Having an option to use the sonos pc application to also play music through the pc speakers would be amazing.

  • Lars Ole Brenne

    Sonos and Wimp works greate. I lock forward to get the full supported version in a future upgrade.
    Thanks SONOS !!
    Now I can sell the AirPlay unit.


  • Lars

    When I use Wimp sonos change the track itself is a big mistake

    • Sonos

      Hi Lars – Thanks for the feedback. When you use a service in Sonos Labs, it is still in the testing phases, so you may run into a few kinks here and there that the developer will continue to work out.

  • 123 Miguel Martins

    Hi! I just bought Sonos. I would like to play my Grooveshark music in the Sonos System! How can it be done?

    • Sonos

      Hi there – Grooveshark is not currently available in Sonos Labs. If you want to be kept in the loop on when we add new services, be sure to subscribe to this blog — we’ll post about it here!

  • Powderdust

    Are we going to have anything to test in SONOS Labs – I keep on looking but there is nothing there. This is so frustrating. Soundcloud has got to be added soon – it’s a must, I have a massive playlist on Soundcloud and it needs to be liberated by my Sonos. Please get this sorted ASAP as Apple AirPlay is looking like a better alternative. 

    • Sonos

      It takes music service developers a bit of time to build a new program. We appreciate your patience in the meantime! We will announce new services here as they are added to Sonos Labs, so a good way to be kept up-to-date on this is to subscribe to this blog.

  • Martijn Stegink

    I see many options mentioned in the thread, it would be great if Sonos would keep a list with status of all of them so it is easy to see what works already, what’s expected and where there is no movement yet. Even better with subscription with notification of changes. I can even imagine offering users to send an email to the respective suppliers to plea for integration. 

  • Digit84

    what about groove shark?

    • Sonos

      We don’t announce timelines, but if you want news about new services as we add them, be sure to subscribe to this blog–we’ll announce them here!

  • Skester

    Please tell me how to get Hearts of Space.

    • Keoni

      I have been awaiting Sonos support for Hearts of Space for a LONG time. My system would be perfect if this were added.  I have contacted HOS and Sonus multiple times about this and it seems that Sonos is non-responsive to HOS’s requests for integration help.

      However, with the release of Sonos Labs I am hopeful… Contact for HOS and Sonos about your request and if we get enough momentum, someone will act.

  • Per Söderberg

    I have tried Spotify but currently use Wimp, with both these services there seems to be a problem regarding searching. Often the result says “no available selection” (or something like that, I use the Swedish version) eventhough there is a hit if I use the dedicated players of these services. It seems that compilation albums are not included in the search result, only the artist’s own albums.

  • Nick Taylor

    Hi, are you aware of a sonos controller app for nokia c5 phone please? Currently use iPad but phone would be nice. Love the system, thanks, Nick Taylor

    • Sonos

      Hi Nick – No controller for Nokia unfortunately. Glad you’re enjoying the system!

  • Mschaper

    I really want to play hi-res files through Sonos. 24/96. Is this someting you look into??

  • Anonymous

    I really want to play high-res files through sonos. 24/96   Is this something you look into??

    • Sonos

       We take all suggestions into consideration! However, nothing to announce on this at this time.

  • vinpao

    my vote for grooveshark

  • Woprob


    what about Google Music??

    • Sonos

      We take all suggestions into consideration! However, nothing to announce on this at this time.

  • Jonathonc

    Have you thought about doing a tie up with sound cloud?

    This would add a massive archive of outstanding tunes

    • Sonos

       We take all suggestions into consideration! However, nothing to announce on this at this time.

  • Dave Hegarty

    Soundcloud soundcloud soundcloud please! So much there, so many podcasts from DJs I want to play on Sonos

  • Davidjea

    Adding my voice to those requesting GrooveShark.

  • Barkbeach

    Why doesn’t Wimp work? Living in Norway!

  • Amaurycoste

    Any plan to have sonos gives access to qobuz library in the (near) futur?
    It seems they are growing fast and offer unbeatable quality streaming  (CD quality).

  • Sam

    PLEASE get Hearts of Space!!

  • Der Marco

    soundcloud it´s very good for electronic music…..
    i must have om my sonos…

  • Downhillracer

    Another voice for integrating Grooveshark! They have such a vast library of music and you can play what you want!

  • Michael Battley

    Hi Are there plans to launch soundcloud on sonos?

    • Sonos

       Nothing to announce at this time.

  • Lizziemchugh

    is there any hope of being able to play 8tracks through sonos soon??

    • Sonos

       We are always working to add new services, but we don’t announce timelines.

  • Bocrane

    Any update on when Amazon Cloud  Drive will be accesssible with SONOS?

  • Info

    grooveshark please!

  • Batalha


    Is there any possibility to ad MusicBox ( to my system?

    • Sonos

      Let them know about Sonos Labs! The more people request it, the more likely a developer is to add it to the Sonos API. :)

  • David

    When will Google Music or Amazon Cloud be available on Sonos, I have stopped adding Sonos to rooms in my house because of this.

    • Elijah Lynn

      Me too. No Google Music, no more Sonos.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi David,
      Amazon Cloud on Sonos is available! Click this link for more:
      As for Google Music, feel free to up-vote this service on and hopefully, we’ll be able to provide their service in the future. Thanks!

  • Mades32388

    I say AirPlay integration without me having to buy an airport.

  • Robert Nyqvist

    Please add ( to Sonos!

  • Krishna Vinod

    Any update on Amazon Cloud or Google Music support for Sonia?

    • Krishna Vinod

      Thanks auto-correct.

      Of course Sonia = Sonos

  • dand92

    Him all! do i need to leave a pc running to stream music to a sonos?

    • Sonos

      Not necessarily. You can stream music stored on a NAS drive ( or from a variety of music services if you don’t want to keep your computer on all the time.

  • Munkyman

    How about Saavn? It is an extremely popular Indian music application which allows users to create their own playlists of Indian songs. This would be a great addition. 

  • Nada

    WE NEED SOUNDCLOUD!!! please :)

    • Lockeyant

      Yes please!!! Greatly needed!!! :)

    • Mike Carter

      Soundcloud support yes yes yes yes please!

  • Citaurs

    Can’t wait for SoundCloud to be included! 

    Hope it will happen!
    Thanks for the update.


  • Manuel Villegas

    Now will be a good time to release the Google Music everyone is clamoring for. Sonos?  Are you listening? We are.

  • Rob44983

    Google please

  • Cruiserandmax

    I have migrated my whole library to google music. Now I have 5 zone players that mostly sit around doing nothing but for occasional radio streaming.

    I need a way to buy songs for my library anx havd them available for playback through Sonos all from my mobile device without any hassle. At this point I would go with the gioogle playback device and ditch Sonos if it comes first.

  • frank marshall davis

    Forget Google Music. Plain evil. Let’s go with Amazon Cloud. Does anyone realize that Amazon Prime members can upload AS MUCH MUSIC to the Amazon Cloud for free? I have 25K songs up on Amazon’s cloud. I would buy Sonos for our vacation house and my parents if we could point it towards Amazon!

  • Fayazbudhwani


  • Jessdidoellis

    Hi SONOS is  SoundCloud development in the pipeline?  can you confirm please?

    • Sonos

      Unfortunately, we cannot confirm development at this time. We are constantly working to add new services–keep an eye out here and in our social channels to be informed when new services are added to Sonos Labs.

  • Marcel van Kekeren

    soundcloud would be great. 

  • Md

    Soundcloud woud be awsome

  • Joshdamon

    Please add SoundCloud support!

  • joeking

    Sonos NEEDS to add Google Music NOW.  

    With the new Google Q, market share will be lost to the big G.  The google device interestingly, is cheaper than the sonos system and offers the same functionality, if not more.  Also, with google Q being “open”, developers will quickly add support for all the usual players (Pandora, rhapsody, spotify) leaving Sonos behind.

    Google Music API is available, please add support!  

  • Curry Nichols

    Sonos – I would buy today 5 rooms and outdoor 2 more zones if I could stream amazon cloud player. any plans?

  • Vivien

    Really badly need Soundcloud.  Please.

  • Ms_dummy

    sonosoundcloud plsssssssss. any updates available by nowwwww.

  • Maximum Appendage

    Please, please add groove shark! :-)

  • Marcel

    I love Spotify on my Sonos but I miss the Spotify radio. Any idea when this will be available?

  • Casper Brown

    Please give us what we need!

  • Steven Rockets Grimmer

    If I don’t get support for Google Play, Amazon and SoundCloud I won’t buy any more equipment from you – simple as that. Come on Sonos – you supply the hardware and they supply the content and I supply your revenue – don’t take yourself out of the equation.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Steven,

      We currently support Amazon Cloud in the US. Here is the link:
      I agree that Google Play and SoundCloud are great services and will happily forward them to our development team as feature requests. In the meantime, feel free to share this with the Sonos community with and click ‘Share an Idea’. Others will have the ability to up-vote your ideas and hopefully, we can provide these services in the future. Thanks!

      • Steven Grimmer

        I feel I have ‘shared the idea’. Lots of other people feel the same way – I know, I pick up the feed.

        Amazon – great for the US, I’m in the UK. Less service, higher hardware cost in comparison.

        Community? Get off your ass and serve your CUSTOMERS!!! i.e. stream audio off the internet to your speakers. Can’t be that hard, your labs have been there for a year and all they’ve come up with is some German Radio service. Great if you are into David Hasslehoff!!

      • Dave

        Google Play is also important for me and has just turned me away as a customer for the time being. All my music is uploaded or purchased on Google Play, so Sonos is sort of pointless for me.

      • DCeight

        Heard great things about Sonos but Google Play is a necessity. Looks like 2 years after the earliest mention of it on this page and no progress or investment from Sonos to deliver on a feature admitted as a top request. Any recommendations on other speakers that have delivered on this? Thanks.

  • Rob has a playlist system and a vast data base with thousands and even million of original stimulating play lists for every genre mood and activity please add asap

    • Sonos Support Team

      I am happy to forward this on to our development team as a feature request. In the meantime, you can share this idea with the Sonos community at by clicking ‘Share an Idea’. Thanks!

  • Hans

    Soundcloud. Soundcloud! Even your Sunset Blvd. Poster Boy DeadMau5 has Soundcloud!

  • Casi

    wow, just in time! was about to buy a sonos amp. but now that I find it does not play soundcloud I will hold off until it can play it..

  • Marc
    • Jess

      Is this for real? are you an individual developer or a sonos one? sounds like you are essentially hacking but hey ho i am just suspicious! :)

  • RHB

    I need Soundcloud support please. I will need this by tomorrow. Preferably by lunchtime :)

  • MikeT

    completely agree on supporting Google Music. This is a must to keep competitive. All my music is in Google Music.

  • Michael Wingfield

    Please support Google Music and Grooveshark!

  • Brian Davis

    I would request Google PLay/Music Support

  • Ohboy

    Can u add Bollywood online music access to your list of music sites please. There are a large audience for this. I had no clue that There would be no access to Bollywood music when I bought like 7 songs zone amps. Music sites like or saavn music are a must. I have told this to all my friends on Facebook 2870 of them to watch for this limitation as they all hear only Bollywood songs. Could you please let us know either way. Cheers

  • Geoff A

    Another vote for SoundCloud. And, like others, it feels like something that would make me more inclined to buy more Sonos hardware. In fact, the more streaming music services you cover, and the quicker you can get integration to new services as they appear, the better bet Sonos is.

    Rather than you trying to prioritise these and develop integrations for particular services in particular counties, why not open up the API to any service that wants to be on the Sonos Platform and get them to do the work. Of course, you may need to approve the service before it’s available to the masses but new integrations could be available in beta to a small group until they are ready for general release.

  • Petunia

    I agree with others who are requesting Grooveshark on Sonos. Please consider this!

  • Hans

    SOUNDCLOUD Please!!!! Bring the best music to the best stereo..

  • Oliver Bath

    Please bring SoundCloud soon!

  • mt

    requesting 8tracks

  • ROB

    PLEASE add 8 tracks (crafted play lists) it had ever genre and mood though of and the playlist are immaculate could you guys please add it asap

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Rob, we are always adding new products and features to our product. I will gladly forward your suggestion to our development team as a feature request. In the meantime, feel free to share this idea with the Sonos community on so others can upvote your suggestion and add comments of their own. Thanks.

  • Sparky

    is it possible to ply 8tracks app on Sonos?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Sparky, I will gladly forward this suggestion on to our development team as a feature request. In the meantime, feel free to share this idea with the Sonos community on so others can upvote your suggestion. Thanks.

  • Tracy Floyd

    +1 for GrooveShark!

  • yoeri

    When finally soundcloud is coming to Sonos??

  • Steven Rockets Grimmer

    I’m selling my Sonos gear. Been waiting for Soundcloud and Google Music for ages. These guys won’t get round to featuring these great MUSIC sites for as long as I’ve got a hole in my arse! Poor dev, high price. Goodbye Sonos.

  • Paul Mules

    Hi Sonos, when will you integrate with Soundcloud?

  • BlackEyedEd

    Dear Sonos – Now that Google Music has Scan and Match functionality,we really need to see the Sonos integration.

  • Ginge

    any word on Grooveshark yet Sonos?

  • Tom East

    Google music, google music, google music, google music

  • Acetown

    Please please please put 8tracks as a music source selection

  • dubstepper

    I love my sonos how bout an 8tracks app?

  • Formika

    How do I play the Eight Tracks app on Sonos?

  • Ed

    8 tracks please?!

  • Azazael

    Soundcloud intergration!! :)

  • Andreas Fröhlich

    Any chance to get notified if something new hits the “Labs”?

  • teej

    8tracks please

  • Joey LaCroix

    Please add Google Play and 8tracks!

  • Dan Partington


  • Christopher Stewart

    Another vote for Grooveshark from me :)

  • Builder

    Yet another user (I bought one to test in my own home), AND Builder I just put my first (and last) Sonos system in a 1.6m home because you do not have all the music services like Groovshark and Google music. I wanted to add another device in my own home but passed cause of this as well. I know you guys are trying to be on the right side of the market, trying to get music partners to do the work, and or control a proprietary system. However, if you do not adapt now you will lose the market. Period. I am looking at others as we speak.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Builder,

      We don’t have anything new to announce for either of these services at this time but we’d encourage you to share your opinion with us at


      Sonos Support

  • Builder

    Also Sonos will not play the Spotify RADIO feature, which is discouraging (It works on my desktop and cell phone, just not through Sonos. Why are you guys taking yourselves out of the game?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Builder,

      Spotify Radio is not available to any 3rd party hardware systems at this time. There’s no API available for Sonos or any other companies, it’s a feature which is only available to the Spotify desktop and mobile clients.

      If you feel strongly about Spotify Radio on Sonos, we’d encourage you to share your opinion with them.


      Sonos Support

  • rob


  • AlexanderWestlund

    Are you working on Google Music?

  • mrids

    Can we get Dhingana Music integrated with SONOS. Would be great to have it

    • Kris

      I agree. Can you please add Dhingana or Saavn Music?

  • the nope man

    … Windows Phone 7/8 support please?

  • Johnny Ray

    Would love to get a play 5 but google music as absolutely necessary – especially with the release of all access. Any progress on this front?

  • Steve Walker

    xbox music coming any time soon ? Love my Sonos but hate having to use the audio out from a computer to access my xobox music in the cloud :-)

  • Elliot

    Will you make the API available for those who just want to have a tinker at home?

  • A Miranda

    Sound cloud!!! is a must !!!. I’d be grateful, if someone in the forum take me through the steps to enable SOUNDCLOUD on my iphone controller….Many thanks

  • thetherainman253

    Soundcloud support please?

  • Jason Cardoz

    what about Saavn

  • hotfleet

    mentioned before: Saavn. is it in the works?

  • Glen

    Could you please add saavn music on sonos…I need to connect via auxiliary cable to to listen to songs from saavn on sonos play would be great if I could use saavn to stream music into sonos like pandora radio…will be waiting for an update..the new bose wifi systems do that…I feel like moving to Bose speakers if you don’t bring the feature at the earliest.thanks