Introducing: Sonos Labs

With today’s software update, we’re thrilled to introduce Sonos Labs, which provides music service developers access to the free Sonos Music API, Technical Documentation & Tools Suite (SMAPI). Sonos Labs is great news for developers and customers alike. The new platform allows music services to make themselves available on Sonos about 60-percent faster than before, all while giving our customers early access to the service during the development and testing phases.

Sonos Labs

In a nutshell? Music services get valuable feedback from Sonos users, and music lovers get to listen to their favorite services much sooner. Even better, SMAPI provides extensive forums, community support, and documentation to help speed the process along. Once a service is in Sonos Labs, it can become a full-fledged service within four to six weeks.

SMAPI has been very well-received by music service partners who helped us test it. AUPEO praised the platform for its “great documentation, outstanding technical support and strong focus on quality,” stating further that it “made the integration extremely easy.” Similarly, MOG said that it “was straightforward, and working through the partner process and with the Sonos Music Team was great,” while Rdio was “up and running in a matter of weeks and [its] users are thrilled.”

Music service developers can register as a Sonos Music Partner to get started. Are you a Sonos customer looking to test out the next big thing in music? From the main menu on any Sonos Controller, navigate to More Music > Sonos Labs.