Introducing Our New Sonos App

Posted on March 18th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in News

Try it today on Android; Available on iOS this spring.

trainbeta_US.UKSince day one, we’ve focused on one thing – giving you an incredible, immersive music experience throughout your home, simply and enjoyably. Switching on music should be as simple as turning on the lights. The music you want, from any music service, to any room, should fill your home with the fewest steps possible. And, of course, it should be delivered without sacrificing flawless HiFi sound from a rock-solid wireless connection.

We created the Sonos app you enjoy today to manage the ever-expanding wireless music landscape that has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. Throughout this time, we’ve taken every opportunity to enhance this experience with a commitment to add new services and features. Creating an app that keeps up with your needs means we have to consider factors that most apps, which are designed for one user, rarely face. We must design for multiple dimensions that are constantly changing and different for every listener:

  • The way you use music services (now and over time)
  • The fact that you might not be the only listener in your home
  • The number of rooms you want to play to.

Today, we’re bringing our learning from the past ten years, and our belief on what will happen over the next ten years to bear, as we introduce a brand new app experience.

Available for phones and tablets this spring (Android owners can try it today*), the new app offers an array of new features that make it easier to find and listen to your music the way you want.

New design and simplified interface:
A refreshed design and simplified interface makes listening to your Sonos more intuitive than ever before. The app’s three main modules allow for a simple navigation between the music currently playing, what room it’s playing in and how to find the next song you want.

It’s been designed as a platform to bring you the best music experience for your home today, with the ability to adapt to what we have in store in the future.

Introducing our universal search:
We’ve brought all our streaming services together for our simplest search ever to bring you the music you love in a heartbeat. For example, search for an artist in one window and we will search for that artist across all your music services at the same time. Play their radio station on Pandora. Look up their album on Spotify. Play one of their latest tracks through Hype Machine. It’s completely up to you.

Enjoy your favorite music in any room at the touch of a finger.

*Android owners interested in testing through the beta program can find out more information regarding participation by logging into their account on We plan to update the desktop controllers for MAC and PC later this year.

Posted on March 18th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in News

  • James Parker

    Thank you, I can’t wait to see this on iOS devices. Will you be updating the desktop app as well?

    • Guest

      on The Verge they said desktop apps will be updated at a later time.

  • Morten Skeldal Østergaard

    “We plan to update the desktop controllers for MAC and PC later this year.”

    • Ian Brown

      Please dont. This App is an abomination for multi room users

  • Anthony

    Will Windows Metro interface be supported with the new controller? And Windows Phone 8?

  • xcabur

    Looks great! Please support the windows phone with the new controller app



  • David

    Where is the Sleep function in the new app?? I can’t find it anywhere! Otherwise, I really like the update! :)

    • uvmann

      On the screen with the album cover (or radio station logo, etc.), play/pause functionalities and volume control, tap on the (progress) circle with the three dots in the down right corner of the cover. The sleep function is accessible on the bottom – but only when you have chosen/loaded a song to play or paused a currently playing one. Hope this helps.

      • Rhonda Whitman

        Thanks for the tip – I would have never found it otherwise.

        Sonos UX people, please fix this!

      • Kitkat

        Seriously, that’s where it is!?!? I just spent 20 minutes looking for it and finally resorted to google. This whole ‘where’s the UI’ game that developers are playing is becoming really irritating.

  • joelhousman

    Will the iOS version finally get AirPlay? I listen almost exclusively to podcasts through a 3rd party podcast app (not Apple’s podcast app or using iTunes). I’ve put almost $4000 worth of architectural speakers in my new house and have been holding off buying Sonos Connect AMPs and Sonos Connects to setup the entire system because of lack of AirPlay support. I don’t want to have to attach Airport Expresses to them all simply to get AirPlay.

    This and now news that Android is getting these app updates first with no mention of AirPlay doesn’t give me a lot of faith that you’re going to support the features that you ought to already be supporting.

    I’m a potential customer who’s about to buy several thousand dollars worth of product from you, but if you cannot deliver AirPlay I’ll just have to go with NuVo.

    • ShawnMolnar

      You only need to attach 1 Airport express to 1 Connect, and it can share the airplay stream to all/any of the Sonos units. If you want to have multiple airplay streams (ie you streaming from your phone, and someone else streaming from theirs to a different unit) you’ll need to add more airports.

      • DoctorMemory

        This was always, and remains, a hack. I appreciate that it works at all, but only because I personally was converting from an all-airplay system and therefore had an existing Airport Express lying around to repurpose.

        For anyone with an existing investment in the iTunes ecosystem (which I suspect is most of Sonos’ customer base), being told that you have to buy a $100 wifi router (if not multiples thereof) to make our $300-3000 Sonos installation have a feature that $99 clock radios bundle in is a little much.

        • Iffy

          Well, most of those devices don’t implement AirPlay very well. So, if I’m investing in my $3K system, $100 to get the *best* AirPlay implementation is, IMHO, not a bad investment.

          • DoctorMemory

            There are many ways to describe Sonos’ airplay implementation. “Barely adequate” comes to mind. So does “mostly not annoying as long as you never try to do anything interesting with it.”

            “Best” isn’t even in the ballpark.

    • Steve O

      Great, more people making stupid demands.
      1) Airplay requires a wifi module specially manufactured by a company called BridgeCo on behalf of Apple. These chips cost between $20 and $25 each. Sonos don’t have these chips in their current systems…
      2) Then there is the license cost to have Airplay. Even if Sonos could find a way to make it work without the chip, then Sonos will need to back pay a licence for every Sonos zone out in the market. There are well over a million Sonos zones already in the market. That could be a massive cost to Sonos, obviously.

      Instead, how about you ask your 3rd party podcast app developer to integrate their app using the Sonos API – it is free.

      Sonos has better things to do than to incorporate a lesser streaming technology when they already have SONOSNET.

      • DoctorMemory

        $20/chip?! I’m curious, what’s your source for that? That’s a ridiculous price for a wifi module: I’d be seriously shocked if iHome, Logitech or any of the other major airplay OEMs were paying that much, but I guess I’ve been surprised by weirder things before…

      • James

        Well it’s not so silly really is it? In terms of consumers, I don’t think anyone really cares about SonosNet vs Airplay, they just want their music played easily and the logistics of such a feature aren’t really the costumers’ problem or interest either.

        This rhetoric about lesser/greater streaming technologies is completely irrelevant given the low data rate of the audio isn’t it? Sonos is not about audio fidelity it’s about ease of use (but it sounds great to me so I’m not being negative here just realistic; it’s a streamer for a few hundred quid). The same argument occurs with phones about CPU speed/RAM etc it means nothing against the usefulness of the device.

        I use Sonos because nothing touches it in the market in my opinion but the lack of Airplay is frustrating. I would hazard a guess that this is the same for other Apple/Sonos users; but obviously that’s speculation.

        An ‘Airplay Bridge’ would be a nice idea – again, I don’t care about logistics of making this work. It would sit on the LAN and expose an AirPlay endpoint for each Play. (Not thinking of the airport express abortion that was punted a few years back), something simpler and a single box for any number of Play units. I would pay for such a device £100? £150?.

        While I Iove the Sonos system and mine has been flawless for many years, if an equivalent came out with AirPlay support I’d switch tomorrow without blinking because I want features not excuses. Just saying.

  • WalkyChalky

    So the UI and the search have changed. Anything else? I’d really like to be able to select a song to “play next” from music already in my queue. Rather than having to add the song again from my library. Also, a graphical shuffle that can be edited by the user would be welcome. Sometimes I want a shuffle but I also want to group certain songs or artistsa fter the original shuffle. This is a strong point of iTunes. Also anything that gets improved on the mobile app should also get similar treatment on the desktop app.

    Just some suggestions. Love my SONOS!!

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi there, thanks for the feedback. We’re planning on updating our Desktop Controller applications on PC and Mac later this year. If you’re on our Public Beta currently, we’d love to hear further feedback and ideas via email at


  • René

    Please use the new translucent status bar.
    Please also add a menu drawer for the main navigation.

  • Tehmasp Chaudhri

    can’t wait for iOS version. awesome!

  • Michael

    Great work – I need a row of shortcut buttons (like P1, P2, P3, P4, P5) – all programmable through sonos favorites, and accessible on all screens. That would be great.

  • Doug Neal

    Was turned on by friends who rave about their Sonos systems. And I was ready to buy a new Sonos setup for our home to service 4 different rooms. But just found out there’s no Windows Phone controller. It sounds like WP8 is ‘under consideration’ – and has been for over a year. Looks like I’ll have to keep Sonos at, under consideration, until there’s a WP8 controller app. Big time bummer.

  • Armin

    What is included as part of the software update which is prompted when installing the beta app? Are there any new features/tweaks to the way the Sonos speakers sound?

  • Kim Borg

    Will it be possible to remove controllers from your local Sonos Network. The solution today to change the local Network, is not the easiest thing to do for most households.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Kim, you can do this within the controller application that you wish to disconnect. If it’s a mobile device, you’ll find the option under Settings > Advanced Settings > Forget Current Sonos System. The controller will then disconnect from the system that it’s associated to. On a PC or Mac, this is under the Help drop-down menu.

  • Michael

    It’s about time for an update to that dinosaur! It looks pretty nice, I wish they would give dates including IOS and WP.

  • Rich

    Is there any plan to bring the new interface to the CR200 Controllers?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Rich, the CR200 will be able to work with 5.0, but we don’t have any plans to update it with the new interface.

      • Eltel

        That’s great news, the old UI is far superior to the new one. I’ve stopped using the iPad to control Sonos and have reverted to using the CR200 and desktop apps. Please don’t update the desktop apps either. Thanks.

  • Baby Huey

    I like the idea of simplifying the interface, but… I don’t think its there yet…
    – On my Android phone the info field when streaming is not wide enough to see the name of the song. Most of the screen is filled with the useless picture icon for the radio station. Give us the option to get rid of that damn thing!!!
    – The room grouping function is still has the same (too many) steps, and looks worse now.
    – The sleep timer is hidden in a weird spot
    – The volume control still doesn’t allow easy fine adjustment.
    – ff, rewind and queue buttons show up when streaming where they do nothing

    • BlancaP

      They “simplified” it by moving certain functions into more obscure places. Too many things that are now in front of you have been moved so you have to do something to see it. And the new icons are too big, as you say. They use up valuable real estate for no purpose and force other functions to be moved elsewhere.

      About once week I download the latest beta build, install it, use it about an hour, and reinstall the old app. It’s more functional. It could stand some improvement, but I don’t want to give up functionality for appearance.

      • Ian Brown

        Its awful with almost no redeeming qualities. The old app worked fine for all of us

        • Stanley J. Walljasper

          Exactly…spot on.

    • wazzufannn

      Where is the sleep function should be easy and it is lost

  • kevin

    Mine just force closes on the HTC one Google edition 4.4.2 with a clean installation. :(

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Kevin, if you’re experiencing a crash with the beta software, please send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help further.


  • Darren

    Please can we have the ability to seach ‘Contributing Artists’ easily when music is grouped by Album Artist ? i.e. artists that make up various artist compilations. Typing in an artist currently only seaches the ‘Artists’ view. It does not search the ‘Contributing Artists’ view. It would be really nice if the user interface first displayed all of the albums by the artist, followed by all of the compilation albums that the artist features on.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Darren, you can enable this setting on a per-controller basis. On a mobile device, go to Settings > Manage Music Library, then enable “View Contributing Artists.” You can also do this on your Mac / PC controller under Manage > Music Library Settings > Advanced.

      • Darren

        I know how to group music by ‘Album Artist’ and to turn on the ‘Contributing Artists’ view per controller. My point is that artists within the ‘Contributing Artists’ view are not found by the search function. I have thousands of artists that only appear on compilations and the only way of finding them is to scroll through the ‘Contributing Artists’ view. I have many albums by artists where I have additional tracks by them on compilations. Searching for the artist only returns their albums and does not include the compilations they appear on. It is a major in an otherwise fantastic system. With around 1/3 of my library being multi-artist compilations this is a major use ability issue for me. It has been requested for years and years but unfortunately still no improvement in this area.

        As I have so many compilations I like the fact that grouping by ‘Album Artist’ only shows the artists I have albums for under the ‘Artists’ view. My ‘Contributing Artists’ view is significantly larger and it includes a lot of artists who had one-hit wonders. I like the fact that these artists do no clutter my ‘Artists’ view but we should be able to search for artists that appear under ‘Contributing Artists’ and not ‘Artists’.

        I know that I can change my tagging so that the ‘Album Artist

        • Darren

          I know that I can change my tagging style so the ‘Album Artist’ is blank instead of ‘Various Artists’ for my multi-artist compilations. This allows all Artists to be searched but all of the artists then appear under the ‘Artists’ view. This is not what I want as I don’t like the clutter. I should however be able to find these artists by performing an artist search. It seems crazy to provide a ‘Contributing Artists view without there being an easy way to search it.

          I have been a massive fan of Sonos since I first started buying Sonos zones back in 2007. This has been my number one issue since day one.

          With ‘improved search’ being a big feature of the new controller, I was really hoping that this issue would have been addressed as part of it.

          Please can we have an official response on this?

          • Sonos Support Team

            Thanks for the clarification, Darren. We’re currently looking into this internally. Once we have further information to release, we’ll be posting an official response in the Idea thread here: It looks like you’re subscribed to the thread, so you should get a notification when we post something. I’m afraid we don’t have an ETA so it may be some time before a response is posted, but it is on our radar.


  • lotus78

    Hi – i like the new GUI – especially for the phone it is a big step forward!
    The design of the player is realy better,
    and now it is much comfortable to use the volume button.
    on the tablett i miss the Drag & Drop feature – like on the iPad!!!!
    Please implemet Drag & Drop to select songs!!!
    (there are some posts in the net, that this is realy missing!!!)

  • Seth Ehrlich

    Looks great! My only request is to simplify how we access room EQ settings. You have to go through 4 steps to get to the EQ settings. Would be nice to have an EQ button on the room screen, or at most have it nested 1 level down.

  • Czesiek777

    Deezer albums so far have been divided into types: LP, EP, Single. Now, in the author’s albums, there is no indication of what kind of disc we have to deal with. Native deezer mobile application and their website does not make such changes. Compromise for the new interface would be an icon of the album type in the corner of the album cover

  • Herbgold

    The new interface is a HUGE improvement. A couple of points – the track descriptions don’t scroll any more – is this in plan for further builds? Which brings up the other point – why not share your plans for further builds? If only to say something like “We hope to introduce xyz in build 1234567…”

    • Stanley J. Walljasper

      Are you referring to the IOS “interface”? Pls tell us how its such an improvement. Before we all have to call support.

      • Herbgold

        No, I am referring to the Android interface.

  • Parkersaurus

    I am curious if the new controller will enable the adjustment of volume from an iPhone/iPad/Android lock screen. Maybe if only one room is playing or one set of paired speakers or something as I understand multiple people could be using the speakers at the same time.
    Being able to adjust the volume from lock screen like every other music app would be amazing.

  • Heydar Aliyev

    Attention Commenters making feature requests: Sonos is going to milk this cash cow as hard as they can before they devote any development resources to the most simple of feature. Our community of users have demanded a WEB INTERFACE over and over again AND a Linux controller. These requests continue to fall on deaf ears unfortunately. The only reason they are updating the app now is to begin competing with Boses SoundTouch offering. You guys are hacks.

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  • Mikaeel

    hi, when is the app for ios available? cheers

  • BlancaP

    The Beta app is a disappointment to me. It’s pretty, but it’s not as easy or intuitive to use. Many things that are now right in front of you are hidden, and it’s not obvious or easy to find them.

    The universal search “feature” is annoying. I used to be able to search within a music service. No more. If you search for an artist, for example, it shows everything it finds on all music services. It takes longer than the searches within the service like you used to have. Personally I like to choose the service, say Spotify, and search only in Spotify. It’s faster and doesn’t show a lot of stuff on services I rarely use.

    The current app is more functional but a little dated in appearance, but sacrificing substance for form is not a good idea.

    As long as the present app will continue to be an option, I’d prefer to use that.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi BlancaP, we’d love to hear your feedback about the Beta app. Can you email our Beta team at If you’re having trouble with the software the can assist as well. Thanks.

      • BlancaP

        I’m not having trouble using it, I know exactly what it does and how it works. First, I really hate, hate, hate universal search. Make it an option for those who want it to work that way and leave the search within a service as it was before. That should not be hard since the code to search each service has to be embedded in the universal search code. Not everyone wants a dump of the results in each of their numerous services AND the Music Library (which is even more ridiculous of the music content drive is not mounted and the desktop controller not running). The universal search dump shows only a bit of each service so requires another action to see within a service.

        Next, the actual usability. The old app had more functions on the page with the cover art. In fact it has almost all you would need while paying music. The beta hides more of these, and while they are there, that are hidden and hard to find. You could go back to the older app’s content on that page if you made the cover art less of a space hog. Look at that screen in the beta and the current apps and see. Yes, the beta is prettier but where did the functions go? Again you have sacrificed function for form.

        The vast majority of Sonos users would have been quite happy with a simply cosmetic change that did not disturb the functionality.

        • Ian Brown

          I’m not happy. The functionality has gone. If this was what I first experienced, I wouldnt have bought a second sonos. I have 5 and they are all but rendered junk by this new App. Sonos if you are listening? Hang your head in shame, you might gt just have destroyed your loyal user base

          • Stanley J. Walljasper

            Oh, you should just “call support”. (Sarcasm tag)

  • EV

    So it is May now, can anyone tell me when is this iOS version going live?

  • Marc91

    Will you finally build a Windows Phone version of this application?

  • Bart1966

    I’ve been using the android beta app for a few weeks now. The only issue I’ve come across is when I have grouped zones there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the volume in the separate zones, ie the volume slider changes the volume in all zones.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello, the volume display for all grouped zones should pop up from the bottom when you’re adjusting a group volume. Would you mind sending us some details at We’d be happy to look into this with you further.


      • Ian Brown

        Multiroom on this new app is horrendous. Admit it, youve not just cocked up, youve ruined the user experience. People need to be sacked

        • Stanley J. Walljasper

          Here, here. It sucks. And the admonition of “call support” is proof for sure it sucks.

  • Martin Sturl

    What about the update?

  • Alex

    Sorry, but the new app on Android is rubbish. I can’t find anything. I don’t know how to refresh my media library, I don’t know how to view my Bridge settings… None of it. What gives!?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Alex, using the Android app you can hit Settings from the music menu or off the settings button if your phone has one. That will list all of the Settings. If you’re not seeing anything on that listing, make sure your system is up to date. Your components need to be on 5.0 too.

      If you’re still having trouble, please give us a call or email us here:

    • Ian Brown

      It stinks. Like a work experience kid with no understanding of tge customers has been allowed to ruin an interface.

  • Fred

    The new UI on iOS looks terrible. Sombody’s first attempt at a UI? Is there no way to close the gigantic pane with the glaring white background and the humongous buttons on the left? I don’t need to switch sources very often, but it’s taking up more than half the screen and won’t go away!!!! I’m guessing some committee wants to “encourage” us to add services by shoving this in our face. Regretting buying Sonos for the first time ever….

  • Daniel Bull

    Starting to regret buying a Sonos. The software update looks better it’s still lacking core features that are offered via music services. Let’s face it, most people stream music now so don’t have a “library”. I want to be able to use Spotify Radio and Discover – surely there is an API for this? The Spotify app is so good and I just hate having to fire up the Sonos app. I wish the Spotify app could just play through my Sonos. Feel like I should have got an airplay device :(

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Daniel, we’re constantly adding music services and updating the software. Spotify Radio isn’t available, there isn’t an existing API. But there are similar services which have the ability to discover new music.

  • Joe

    Need to know where sleep timer went please.

    • Simon

      Setting a sleep timer
      1. Touch the Info & Options area on the Now Playing screen, and then touch Sleep Timer.
      2. Select a sleep timer duration.
      The sleep timer duration appears next to the Sleep Timer option.

      • Rob

        Thank you! I updated a few weeks ago and had not been able to find where they moved the sleep timer too.

  • sunny

    can anyone tell me how to add Samsung milk music program to my sonos

  • Mark V.

    SoundCloud integration, please!

  • Ian Brown

    The new App is utterly useless. I have a play5,play3, 2 x Play1 and a connect. They might as well be junk as the multi room functionality on this fisherprice App is so poor to be actually non existent. oh sonos what have you done?

    • Kevin

      What a load of tripe. It’s just different but also more attractive than the older app. It just takes a bit of getting used to like any new app. But once you know where everything is and have given yourself time to get used to it , in my opinion, it’s fine.

  • Ian Brown

    Can you release a second App for adults with multi room Sonos units ASAP? That said, even my kids hate this new App

    • Stanley J. Walljasper

      Exactly. Thank you. Now wait till sonos tells you to “call support”. Grrrrrr.

  • TC

    New sonos app for iphone 5 sucks. Icons are difficult to decipher. There is a lag when making selections to the point that you wonder if it’s working at all. It doesn’t happen on my computer.Is there any way of downgrading to the previous version?

  • Squigg

    Was the new interface designed by left handed people?

    Now when you are doing anything at all, if you are right handed you cover the majority of the screen that shows what’s currently happening…

  • Jack

    I am a first time user with a play bar and multiple connect:amps and invested heavily in the sonsos system for my new house. I am very disappointed with my setup thus far as the iOS app on my iPhone 5 is horrible. Grouping rooms is confusing and disconnects songs playing in one room when trying to group others. The queue is particularly annoying as it won’t just allow me to easily play an album on spottily without replaying the beginning of the “queue”. I don’t want to have to keep selecting songs, unless i’m making a party playlist. I want to listen to a whole album but it only plays a single song. Even then its hard to know what you;re adding to the queue and can easily add multiple of the same song. Many many problems I am having and I am not happy.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Jack, regarding the single songs playing: it’s like that only that particular song is being added to the queue when you select “Play Now.” If you’d like to play an entire album or playlist rather than a single song, you can select “All Tracks” at the top of the list instead. This will add all of the listed tracks to the queue and will play through them all.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team via phone or email. We’d be happy to help further. Our contact information can be found at


      • Stanley J. Walljasper

        Fix the app…its unintuitive and aggravating. Its a self-inflicted version of why I avoided things like Airplay. You’ve gone and messed up a perfectly intuitive interface and the proof is your recurring advice on this thread is to “call support”. B.S.!

        I bought Sonos to AVOID needing “support”.

        Aggravating, i am holding back on any further recommendations for your products and i already own in excess of 5k. No more $$ till we see a fix.

  • Todd

    Why did Sonos eliminate sleep timer?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Todd, the sleep timer is still available. If you’re using our mobile applications, it can be found under the Now Playing screen under the More Info section. This can be accessed by pressing the (…) button near the bottom right.

  • CMM

    Hi, how can I access room settings, it is not showing under settings options!

    • Sonos Support Team

      If you’re missing any settings or options, this usually indicates that your controller is on a different software version than your players. Try checking for updates on Sonos to make sure that all players are on the same software version as your controller. If you’re still missing options after doing this, please contact our Customer Care team ( and we’ll be happy to look into it further with you.


    • Stanley J. Walljasper

      Yep…it sucks. I go inside and use my Mac desktop when i need to find and group music sources. Very aggravating and a big step BACKWARDS, SONOS. Ugh.

  • Micky

    What happened to the old app , worked perfectly and now its totally confusing !!!! There is no logic to this , friends and family who have this system are very disappointed with the way the app work now !

  • Erik

    Still waiting to buy my sonos system. Only one thing is stopping me… a windows phone app.
    If you provide the app and i will buy the system.

    It is that simple.

  • Doug S

    The new app and UI for ipad is HORRIBLE… ‘Simplified’ apparently means reducing the user experience that worked extremely well down to a painful, multi-screen nightmare. The previous UI had the volume and music controls ALWAYS available and now I have to click thru different screens to stop, play, adjust volume… half my beautiful retina display is taken up by a silly music source display (I get that you support lots of online music sources… I use 2-3, give me my screen back now to control my music…). Sonos customer forums are blowing up with people who hate the changes… Fix it or roll back to the old UI please!

    • Stanley J. Walljasper

      Count me in as one who LOATHES this “new” interface. Its confusing, unintuitive and a piss-off just to try finding a particular feature. Instead of using using my phone or ipad, i usually just have to inside and fire up my desktop.

      FIX THIS ABOMINATION, SONOS. Honest t o G-d, I am pissed. You have skidded off the road imho. Badly.

  • Mark

    Why do you take up the majority of the screen with cover art? I miss the old blue background. Looking at a stark white background in a low lighting situation is hard on the eyes. The graphics look cartoonish and add nothing to the functionality. Also why do you show the radio stations logo and name first? Most people know the stations by their number on the dial or call letters. I was forced to upgrade on my phone and pc. Now I cant use Sonos on my PC. Enhancements are good. Change and graphics for their own sake are not. Sorry to say this but the word Id use to describe this “upgrade” is moronic.

  • riggedveda

    The new Android interface is one step forward in looks but several steps backwards in usability. I instinctively knew how to use the old app as soon as I launched it. With the new app, finding everything is a struggle, and you need to memorize what to do to get it to do what you want.

  • Ben

    Interesting… but no support for Windows Phone? Come on !

  • Stephen Hughes

    Hi I love my sonos kit, I have a lot – Should not have joined the beta programme – regretting it whole heartedly! Can not play music at full volume. I know the house will move but that is no reason to cut out…. very disappointing for neighbours who like to listen in 😉

    PLease help – can I remove beta firmware from my multi sonos unit Play 1, 3, 5, playbar, sub…… I hope I don’t have to buy new.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Stephen, you can opt-out of the beta program on our website here: Once you’ve opted out, check for updates using your Sonos controller and apply any that pop up. If you have any questions on this, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help out:

      • Stephen Hughes

        Thanks guys – Was a little peeved and a little full of gin!.. I have removed myself from the beta program for now.

  • davey

    Is there any plan to make the layout more adaptive to users requirements? every other music platform gives various option regarding layout. An a – z list of 600 albums at 9pt size is not happening when I can only see the first 20 and have to scroll and scroll and scroll – Can we have a grid layout of album covers a little bigger than 1cm square?

  • Richard Braithwaite

    Hi, please can we have a Windows Phone 8.1 app, it’s about the only thing that is majorly missing. Thanks!

  • Bob

    Is there a Windows Phone App in the making?

  • BobH

    I would love a service added to Sonos that allows me to use iPhone mic to turn Sonos into a one-way intercom.

  • Adam Brice

    Your seep function in the new app idea. I can’t find it anywhere! Otherwise, I really like the update and i am appreshade to you because publish a helpful information…

    Android Development

  • Ellie

    Where is the volume control on this new app please?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Ellie, the volume bar is along the bottom of the active player screen. It’s a white bar starting with the speaker icon for muting a player. If you have a group active tapping on the bar will pull up the list of all the rooms in the group so you can adjust each individually.

    • LycraLout

      You can also use the hardware volume control buttons of your device, if the Sonos app is in the front. Easier than poking around with my fat fingers.

  • Dave

    When, oh when, will a Windows Phone version of the controller be available? I use the phone all day long, and Sonos sporadically. I’d rather give up the Sonos than switch phones …

  • angel

    Random room appears and won’t go away

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Angel,

      If a room has shown up on your system there’s a player connected with it. There’s a chance it’s from an old group, or a unit that got renamed. In few cases, it could be a neighbors player that’s within range of your Sonos system and they pressed the connect buttons on it while you were trying to add a new player. Try playing music to it and see if you can find it. Otherwise, we’d be happy to help locate it with you. You can give us a call here:

  • PKallos

    I cannot believe how expensive and crappy this system is. I’ve had to reinstall the software over and over. Our Macs cannot find the stupid speaker even when right beside it. The sound of the 5 is marginal at best. Better to opt for something hard-wired. Be forewarned. Save your hard earned Money!,,,,

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello PKallos, we’re happy to take a closer look at your system and investigate what may be causing the connection issues. The quickest way to do so would be to have one of our customer care technicians take a look at it. If you have the chance, please give us a call and we’d love to get you back up and running again. Here is our info:

  • http://www.MrMelody.US Aristedes P DuVal

    SONOS Sounds Good!

  • Corson

    This app is terrible. It freezes all the time on my pc and It refuses to connect with my speakers at times. Importing playlists is a challenge also. I love my Sonos speakers, they are of such great quality all around, but then I need to use this app which wrecks the experience of listening to them. Not impressed.

  • Andy C

    I have two episodes of a podcast which I can’t delete from Sonos.
    Any ideas?