Enjoy mood music with AUPEO and Sonos

No doubt, one of our favorite things at Sonos is providing even more ways for people to enjoy music at home. Today, we’re doing that by partnering with AUPEO, a unique, global streaming service that offers a medley of preprogrammed and customizable online radio stations.

AUPEO Personal Radio lets you stream music from more than 100 genre stations, as well as input specific artists for even more variety. The service features “Love” and “Ban” buttons that let you influence stations more to your liking. An algorithm based on technology created by the institute that invented the MP3 then works to recommend new music for you to discover.

What sets AUPEO apart, though, is Personal Radio. This feature provides a Mood Selector with an array of emotions to help you find just the right music to match a particular mood, whether you’re feeling energetic or melancholic (or anything in between).

AUPEO is now available for free on all Sonos music systems – new users can sign up for the service by registering online. AUPEO is also offering Sonos customers the option to sign up for a 14-day free trial of the service’s premium offering, which ups the ante with ad-free listening and higher quality streaming audio.