Enhance your Sonos Controller apps with our latest software

Posted on July 17th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Australia, Canada, Europe, News, Products, United Kingdom

At Sonos, HiFi sound is only part of the story. We also want the act of controlling your music to be as simple and enjoyable as possible, which is just one reason we continue to update our software as new technologies arise. Today, we’re turning the Sonos software up to version 3.8.1, which offers a variety of enhancements for the Android and iOS Controllers.

Sonos Software 3.8.1 - Android image

For one, the Sonos Controller for Android has been optimized for both 7-inch and 10-inch Android tablets, giving customers improved control of their music. We have also listened to your requests and have added landscape mode on Android tablets to make music selection and playing in rooms easier. In addition, we made the album art screen larger to more clearly show what is currently in play. The Sonos Controllers for iPhone and iPad now look better than ever with high-resolution graphics designed for Retina display devices. Plus, you can now use the hard volume buttons on your iOS devices to control the volume on your Sonos system.

These updates not only take the visual experience to the next level, but also give customers greater control and access to their world of music on Sonos. To enjoy the latest and greatest, follow the prompts on your controller to update your software.


Posted on July 17th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Australia, Canada, Europe, News, Products, United Kingdom

  • phikai

    My Sonos controller apps still aren’t working properly… keeps complaining that there aren’t any devices in my house. Then it shows a big sad face… Can you guys fix this for me?

    • Arno Kral

      phikai, does the device you which runs your sonos-app have access to the internet wlan router to which at least one sonos component has to be connected? 

  • http://twitter.com/flokke Mathieu|Flockdesign

    Well, it would be nice to have an update with possibility to create Spotify playlists and add songs to them.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      Thank you for your feedback. We continue to work with our music service partners to provide the best functionality. Feel free to provide your feature requests in the “Sound Ideas” section of our forums: http://forums.sonos.com. Our development team and music services department checks the Sound Ideas section for enhancements and hopefully, we will be able to provide playlist enhancements to Spotify in the future.

      Sonos Support

  • Bjorn Axell

    When will we see an Windows Phone app?

    • Chris W

      Probably wont see windows phone until late 2013. Once Windows 8 takes hold. If written correctly one app will fit three platforms.

    • Gregc

      Doubtful they will create an app for the 5 people who have a windows smartphone.

      • Earache

        It is actually only 4 now as I dumped mine this morning.

      • Network Developer

        Gregc, I have iPhone 4s, Samsung galaxy 3 with ics 4, Blackberry Bold and Nokia with windows 7. All great phones, some better than others at specific tasks. But iPhone needs to worry, don’t think they are the holy grail as many apple lovers do….

      • EcW

        Such a shame you seem to know nothin about mobile phone market. But stay in your tiny world of black and white…

  • FrustratedSonosUser

    Wake me when it can catalog more than 65,000 songs.

    • OldMike

      Indeed.   Please Sonos people allow me to isten to my entire library !

  • Swanny

    I love it.  You continually improve on the most incredible home music experience out there.  Keep it up!

  • Cdp1963

    Excellent. Just need different volume settings for different rooms when using the alarm now. Otherwise excellent news


    Great! Continue to ignore your customers having BlackBerry Playbook.

    • http://twitter.com/thatmetalman That Metal Man

      As developers, it makes sense that they invest in the top 2 or 3 sold devices. Why would they pay developers to create an app they’re unlikely to move a significant number of?   

      • Mhoy

        On the other hand, why not publish the API so we can build any controllers we want?

    • SonosMan

      All two of you…. 😉

  • Dave

    Nice Android tablet update! Thanks! Being picky, it’d be nice if the ASUS Transformer keyboard mute key worked (the volume keys already do).

  • Nocero23

    I should be able to turn the Sonos up and down using the volume buttons when the app is closed. What does it matter if I can use the buttons when the app is open, that’s why there is a slider. I want to be able to turn it down quickly when the phone rings. Radio services through Bluetooth speakers allow you to do it, come on Sonos!

    • Patrick

       Nocero23 has made the same point I was going to make. The buttons need to control the volume when the app is closed. When the app is open the slider is easy to use.

      In addition, one of the greatest frustrations of using the iOS controller is that when the phone switches to powersave mode and the screen switches off, when I want to control my Sonos again the app has to re-initialise and reconnect to my network which causes a frustrating delay, particularly if I want to pause the music to answer the phone, etc. Other apps on my phone stay activein the background and are instantly available wher they left off once I re-open them, and I don’t see why the Sonos app should be different.

      • SonosMan

        iOS and Apple don’t allow Sonos to do what you (and I) want. This is why you need to buy a Sonos Controller….before they are all gone.

        • Micke Schönning

          Or even better. Buy an Android phone and use that as controller. It’s better and cheaper.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for that. Keep it up! It’s good to see that the software gets better bit by bit. I really do appreciate that – in contrast to some other pretty selfish folks in this thread 😉

  • http://topclassifiedsoftware.com/ Victor John

    Very interesting thanks. I believe there’s even more that could be on there! keep it up.

  • NickB

    Landscape, awesome!

  • Aechalis

    Love using the iPad app on my new iPad, hardly ever use my CR200’s now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/www.renetaekker René Tækker

    Kan ikke finde ud af at få spotify på min sonos. Jeg har medlemskab på spotify

    • Nielsjensen

      Det skal være et Premium abbonnement…

  • branon

    One issue with the Sonos app is that you cannot advance and rewind within songs in the android app. I hope this can be rectified soon.

    • Greg

      If you tap on the play screen, it brings up further controls such as the progress bar, which is draggable. Is that what you’re after. Don’t see why they don’t just put it under the artwork though.

      • branon

        Thanks. However, I know that option exists in the ipad app. Am not seeing it in the android app.

        • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

          From the Now Playing screen, touch the right-hand side where you see the
          track information. This should pull up
          the additional track controls you are looking for (which is slightly different
          than the way it works in the iPad app).
          If this is not the case, please open a support ticket at http://www.sonos.com/support. Include the make and model of your Droid, so
          we can try to reproduce this on our side.

          Thanks, Sonos Support

          • branon

            That did it. I cant believe that despite hours of playing with the app, I never saw this. I guess because I was always naturally drawn to clicking on the album art rather than on the empty space.

  • dartar

    Sonos iOS team, the iPhone app is awesome but it has a huge design flaw. The only thing I want from this app is the ability to quickly search and play my music. It currently takes me 4 clicks to get to a search bar, that’s just wrong. Can you fix this?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      Thank you for your feedback. The best way to provide feedback to our development team is through our forums. Feel free to give us these ideas (and more) in the “Sound Ideas” section of our Forums: http://forums.sonos.com.

      Sonos Support

  • Selond

    Just purchased an Android 7″ pad for the Sonos.  Disappointed it doesn’t allow you to slide songs in to an existing queue like the iPad version does.  I can only ‘play next’ or ‘add to queue’, why is this?

    • Gregc

      Should have bought an iPad.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Selond,

      I agree, “drag and drop” is a great feature.  Feel free to login to our Forums page at http://forums.sonos.com and provide this feedback in the “Sound Ideas” section.  Most of our features start out as requests in this section.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at http://www.sonos.com/support.

      Thanks,Sonos Support

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1532326478 Dan Van Malsen

    Here’s hoping to have Spotify Radio soon!

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      As you know, we are always looking to provide the best access to all your music content and we are happy to hear ideas from our customers. Please provide this feature request in the “Sound Ideas” section of our Forums: http://forums.sonos.com. Most of our current features started out as requests in our Forums.

      Sonos Support

  • Nachas20

    I love my Sonos systems, but I have one major problem that I think you could easily solve. I have two houses and I take my computer back and forth with me. The way the software is now, I have to reset all my Sonos devices each time I arrive at a house. As this involves running up and down stairs and pushing buttons, it’s in no way convenient. 

    Why can’t the software allow me to automatically switch between systems?

    • 2housesnow

      I’m eager to hear the answer to this. I just bought a second home and was planning to get a couple Sonos units because I love the convenience. Only one of my four units in my main home is accessible without climbing a ladder. If I had to drag a ladder around the house each time I switch locations that would be a huge negative.

      • Ryan

        As an installer I sync to 5 different Sonos systems a week. But a $50 bridge and make your “join button” more accessible.
        I would like Sonos to fix that issue as well.

    • Peter

      That’s easy, just initialize the entire system in the one location, name each zone according to their intended permanent locations, split the system to the remote locations and remap the music on each site. Then as soon as you enter the site provided you have wifi locked in, you are seamlessly connected. Works for me across 3 separate locations.

      • Nachas20

        I think I understand what you are recommending, but in one house, I use a Sonos wireless bridge and in the other, I have the Connect hard wired to ethernet. I’m not sure that what you are suggesting would work for me. Also, a Sonos product support person told me that I had no other option but to reset every time I switch houses

        • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

          When you install all the components in the same location, they will all have the same Household ID, meaning there is no need to reset when you switch between the two.  Then, as long as there is one Sonos component hardwired into each network, everything should work fine.  They are physically two different locations with possibly different network configurations, but the Household ID is the same, so no need to reset.  Let us know if you have any other questions.  www.sonos.com/support

      • Scott

        That’s a great work-around – but hard to do for people at work who also use their controllers at home. Sonos – do you have a solution for this anytime in the next few quarters? It’s a horrible experience.

      • Scott

        It would be great to also know the reason why we can’t do this now.

  • Djg4355258

    How do I sync my current Sonos controller up with my I pad so I can control everything with my I pad.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      You can control your Sonos with the Sonos Controller for the iPad, which you can download from the Apple’s App Store right from the iPad.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.  www.sonos.com/support.

      Thanks,Sonos Support

  • Shakyl1

    Sonos man .. I enjoyed the Sonos dedicated controller .. And yes …it made it much easier to adjust the volume .
    However they are the Achilles heal of a great system…. all three of them failed in the lower screen . The quickest way now is a IPad that we leave at the house . .. Once again…. Sonos rules ..shaneB

  • David Johnston

    A lot of whinning here, sonos is great keep up the good work

  • Fais

    The day I can play m usic stored in ipad, then I will be impressed

  • Frankholck

    Possibilitites for playlist needs to be added. This is essrntial in order to get the max out of the systrm

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to provide this as a Feature Request in the “Sound Ideas” section of our Forums: http://forums.sonos.com

      Most of our current features started out as requests in our “Sound Ideas” section of the Forums.

      Sonos Support

  • Hmk1

    We love our 5 zone Sonos system and have also purchased a Sonos controller which solves all the delay issues when using our iPhone/iPad controllers. The ONLY issue I am experiencing is with the iPhone dock. The do

  • Hmk1

    Type your comment here.
    Continued…..The iPhone Dock will intermittently lose volume capability-meaning the song is still playing but mutes out. Someone has to either decrease and increase the volume on the controller or advance to the next song. We replaced the dock once and the new dock worked for a month and we are experiencing the same issue again

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      If you haven’t done so already, please open a support ticket at http://www.sonos.com/support. We need to see if we can reproduce this behavior or at least figure out what is specifically causing this in your case.

      Sonos Support

  • Prots

    When will we have BBC iPlayer (radio) on Sonos?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      This is a great feature request. Feel free to provide this feedback in the “Sound Ideas” section of our forums: http://forums.sonos.com.

      Sonos Support

      • Jesper

        Hello Sonos
        I’ve read through some of these comments and i simply cannot understand why you keep repeating for people to go to the “Sound Ideas” forum.
        If this is where the ideas are posted why dont your deveolpers turn their attention to this page or better yet. The support team start counting how many times customers are reporting:
        1. 65k database problem
        2. long menu drill down
        3. wireless headset
        and report that to your developers.

        As the Zen gardeners say: Put the path where people walk

        • http://sonos.com Sonos

          Thanks for your comment Jesper. We use the forum as a way to prioritize and plan future developments and features since Sonos users know the product best.

  • An experienced IT consultant

    I wish they would do a complete re-write of the controller software – the hierarchical view of tracks is so not user friendly. I have a large number of compilation albums with tracks from different artists, but if I view the album (this is on the iphone) then I just get a list of track names with no indication of the artist.

    I would also love to see the year included in the display, and the ability to select tracks by year. I have a very large library and often just want to play something recent, so a selection by Year would be great. It would also make selecting an album easier where I have multiple albums for one artist, I can never remember albums by the album title, so if I have 10 albums by 1 artists I would be more interested in the year the album was released than I would be in the title of the album.

    Please please please Sonos, can you please do a full review of your software. To me it feels like you have put a lot of effort into the controller being nice looking, slick to use, etc, but very little effort has gone into the nature of content and how best to make use of that content. It seems like your developers have just used standard development techniques that are very appropriate to some times of content, most probably document systems or systems dealing with product components, but these don’t seem to translate very well into a music library system.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      Thank you for your valuable feedback. We love to hear suggestions like this. To ensure that this gets seen by our development team, please navigate to our forums at http://forums.sonos.com and provide this feedback (and any other ideas you have) in the “Sound Ideas” section. Most of our current features have started out in the Sound Ideas area of our forums.

      If you have any other questions, please visit our support page at http://www.sonos.com/support.

      Sonos Support

  • nix

    I echo the requests for full Spotify functions – playlist and radio. Also, please give us full LastFM functions – artist radio and friends radio.
    It is very frustrating and annoying that the full features of these tools are not available in Sonos !

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      Thank you for your feedback. We certainly want to be able to provide the best access to all of your music content, including full functionality of music services. Please provide these feature requests in the “Sound Ideas” section of our Forums: http://forums.sonos.com. Our development team will have a look and hopefully, we will be able to provide this functionality in the future.

      Sonos Support

  • Ben Morton

    Hard key volume control is a great addition – thanks!

  • Ben Morton

    Hard key volume control is a great addition – Thanks!

  • Jd

    Will you be developing a wireless headset in the future ?

  • TonyM

    Although Sonos don’t have a Windows Phone App there is a 3rd party app called Phonos which works. But i will be changing my win Phone for an iPhone later this year as soon as my current contract is up for renewal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlie.millar.77 Charlie Millar

    This sucks for me – when are you on playbook and blackberry

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Charlie,

      The best thing to do at this point is provide this as a feature request in the “Sound Ideas” section of our forums: http://forums.sonos.com.

      Sonos Support

  • Ian’s

    Most of my music is on my iPad, until I can access this the sonos is little more than a very nice expensive radio.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      We would love to be able to access the music content on iOS devices, but unfortunately we cannot. Until then, there are a couple of options: 1. Sync your music to a Mac or a PC and then share the music from the computer to the Sonos, or 2. Copy your music to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device and share that NAS to the Sonos over your local area network.

      If you have any questions about these options or would like us to help get this configured, please contact us by going to our support page: http://www.sonos.com/support.

      Sonos Support

  • Grae

    I would like to echo all the recent comments about the need to re-write the controller and associated database… in particular having Artist search extend across compilations and introducing Date search both by publication date and the date when songs were added to the Sonos system.

  • Llama

    Overall I have to say I’m a bit of a Sonos fanboy….absolutely love it. However, I have 2 gripes. Firstly, 65k limit on songs. Sorry just no where near enough. I have to use a 3rd party app to download and export playlists from itunes.
    Second issue is that I use the alarm function every day. Great feature but in order to play in both bedroom and en suite bathroom I have to have the 2 players permanently grouped in the main screen. Would be good if you could group players seperately in the alarm function. If I set them to go off individually they are always out of sync (1/2 minute!) and the rooms are near enough to hear both.

  • Chris

    I have a Sonia system at work and at hone. Wish there were a way to have multiple profiles on my android devices (tablet and phone). I have my phone set to control the office Sonos which means I can’t use it at home without resetting the controller…. Arghhhhh!!!@$#&?!

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Chris, if you bring your work Sonos home and get them all associated on the same ‘household,’ then when you take it back to work, there will be no need to reset the controller between the two. If you have any questions about this, please contact Sonos support at http://www.sonos.com/support. We are happy to help. Cheers!

      • http://www.facebook.com/bradswitz Brad Switzer

        Oh man I’m so happy I found this. I will bring my work Sonos Connect
        home and get it all together! I have a bridge at both locations. Do I
        need to bring home just the Connect or do I also need to bring home the
        bridge? Is it possible to get 2 different bridges working on the same
        network? Thanks so much!

  • Brian

    I use my Sonos system for listing to a few favourite radio stations.
    It is really annoying that it takes so much menu selection to change from one station to another…
    >>>>Radio Stations
    >>>>>TSF Jazz
    Surely, comonly used options should be just ONE CLICK AWAY in some sort of top-level FAVOURITES?
    Is that asking too much?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Brian, That is not too much to ask. I have forwarded your suggestion to our development team as a feature request. In the meantime, feel free to share this idea with the Sonos community through ask.sonos.com by clicking ‘Share an Idea’. Others can up-vote your idea and discuss other enhancements. Cheers!

  • Fredrik

    An Airtunes sollution would be nice. I use Spotify and I´d like to use Spotifys interface instead. My wife, kids and I do not cope with editing a playlist everytime we change songs. A pain in the gluteus is what playlists are.
    Pretty please with sugar on top, give people like us an alternative. The Sonos software is not very userfriendly today. Think apple, think web rented music not basement storaged.

    Otherwise, I´m sure no other company will offer the customer service like Sonos. I´ve tried it and I remember the day with a smile.

  • Reto

    WAITING for a Windows Phone App… can’t await to control SONOS with my Lumia

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Feel free to share this idea on ask.sonos.com so others in the Sonos community can up-vote your suggestion. We appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

  • Craig Hopgood

    Agreed. The controller softward. is garbage and having to wait 20 minutesjust to listen to a new track because the software has to re-index the complete library is just plain stupid. Ummm … and a drop down menu for “Play Now”. Garbage. It’s possibly the most frequently used feature (Play Now) and it’s hidden by a drop down. Who designs this stuff?

    Great sound. Ridiculous software.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Craig,

      Just to clarify, the re-indexing process reads changes based on timestamp, so it really shouldn’t take that long.

      Also, it is now possible to simply drag the tracks or album to the Room you would like to play to, or if you already have the Room selected, just double-click the track to Play Now. Hope that helps.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team at http://www.sonos.com/support.


  • Steve t

    Please add the ability to post playlist or individual tracks and comments to Facebook from iPhone sonos app.

  • 4+ year Sonos owner

    We really need a Windows 8 app! I want to be able to control the system from my phone and not have to go find the controller.

  • Mikael Dalsgaard

    Hi Sonos, can you please comment on when you expect to be ready with a Windows8? Im specifically talking about a an App and not just the install file.

  • jose antonio

    What about sonos for sourface?…

  • Highway

    When will an official Windows Phone 8 app be available? Should be nice!

    • Alexandre

      it is a shame not having a Sonos on WP8…

  • Tony DiMaggio

    Sonos needs Windows 8 Controller. Phone, RT and OS otherwise #epicfail. Apple fanboys proceed with Windows bashing you drones.

  • chokelever

    I was thinking about buying an 8″ tablet with a resolution of 1024 x 768, which has the same aspect ration as a 10″ iPad. After reading your comments about the controller being optimised for 7″ and 10″ tablets I was wondering if the 8″ will work just as well. What resolution did you optimise for?

  • Kryz

    So do the speakers work with a blackberry or no?

  • Alan

    Sorry for my ignorance but can somebody tell me exactly why my original iPad cannot use the new sonos app upgrade. My old 3GS works fine as does my 4s.
    My point being, I had my iPad in USA The day of the launch.I had my 3GS 6 months prior, yet the iPad will not accept ios6, the 3GS does, ??????? Is this a blatant PLOY by apple to make us upgrade? Don’t get me wrong, I have been using sonos for the past 10 yrs. fantastic, nothing comes close, Apple, I am disappointed ?????
    Somebody with a real answer please.

  • Keith

    Is it possible to use my iPad as a sonos player as well as a controller

  • Brian

    where/how can I download the controller app fo 64 bit windows 8

  • Karl Levonworth

    I can shuffle all my Rhapsody songs using my TiVo, but can’t on my SONOS. Would love this feature.

  • jagerdave

    I have my Sonos Hard wired to my wireless N router and the Ipad drops off when I go into the living room

  • jagerdave

    I have a Blu-Ray player in the LR that is wireless and has Nero can it pull from the Sonos???

  • http://www.facebook.com/olap1 Ola Petersson

    Why is it so low resolution on the album art?
    Im on Ipad most of the time and when i play tunes from Spotify the album art is realy, realy bad. When i compare it with the Spotify ipad app there the album art is super nice and crisp. It sad because it makes the app look cheep :-/

  • thomas

    Hi, would like a controller for WP8 and WRT. Is there a Roadmap?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hello Thomas,

      Thank you for contacting SONOS. Currently there is an open feature request for the addition of a Windows 8 Mobile and Windows RT SONOS Controllers. The feature request is under consideration and has been submitted to the SONOS Product Development Team. SONOS does not comment on possible future releases dates. Please use this link: https://ask.sonos.com/sonos/topics/windows_8_modern_ui_app to view and vote on that request if you like. Save the link to check back on status updates. Thank you for your feedback and interest in SONOS.

      • thomas

        thank you for the quick reaction. what you guys are doing for music enthusiasts is really appreciated. however, my experience with highres flac is somehow disappointing. So i will sell the whole stuff (2.000 €) at ebay and watch out for another solution. your concept is really compelling, but individually for me it lacks major features like WRT, WP8 and real flac support (96kHz). thx for caring.Thomas

      • JP

        I am yet another customer needing the WP8/WRT app.
        WP8 is now #3 in terms of quarterly smartphone sales.
        Add to this the many WRT tablets & I’m sure you must have a justifiable business case.

  • kesh123

    Hi it would be nice if you create a window phone 8 Sonos app

  • Nidwe1967

    I would like to see a larger ( better controllable) volume slidebar in your next release.

  • namnlose

    Please can we have Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 support!!!!!

  • John

    Does anyone know when the Sonos windows phone app is coming out? Phonos has lots of issues…

  • Ruslan Ulanov

    What about tablets larger than 10″? I just bought a 21.5″ Acer Android device which I was planning to use as Sonos controller in the kitchen. Was very sad to find out that it’s not supported.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      The Sonos Controller for Android is optimized for 7-inch and 10-inch tablets, but the app should be able to run on an Android device running a supported version of the operating system. If you have access to the Google Play store on the Acer, search for Sonos and see if you can install it. Keep in mind that since the app is optimized for a smaller tablet, running the Sonos application on a device this large may result in a stretched or sparse look.

  • Thomas Saraceno

    I just hooked up my sonos system (Bridge, Play 3) I’m super bummed out about the Sonos app that controls everything I’m a UX professional so I might be biased, but wow I really unhappy with the general experience. Could be so great with a little more follow through. Why do I have to relearn another music player UI? No soundcloud? 1/3rd the features of the Spotify app? Ugh! You’ve reinvented the wheel, only to make it worse.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hello Thomas,

      Thank you very much for the feedback. I’d recommend creating an Idea thread on our community-powered support forum http://ask.sonos.com so others can +1 and comment as well regarding your suggestions.


  • m.mcalpine

    How can I get sonos on my samsung tablet

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      You can download the Sonos application from the Play Store. Use the Play Store to search for Sonos, then download our application. Once downloaded, it’ll walk you through connecting your tablet to your Sonos system.