Discontinued Support for iOS 4 and 5

Posted on July 15th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in News

By Andrew Schulert, VP, Quality 

Today we informed a group of our owners using our controller app on older versions of iOS to let them know that – in the near future – these devices would no longer work with their system. This includes the first generation iPad, iPhone 3G, and second and third generations of the iPod Touch.

We take your investment in Sonos very seriously and believe that your music experience at home should get better with time. But occasionally we have to make decisions that balance our need to innovate with our desire to maintain support for older devices – in this instance, those running iOS4 and iOS5.

It is our ambition to build for and support as many devices as possible for as long as we can. For reference, below is the current list of supported devices. Visit the Sonos Support page to download the app on another device, or update any of the following compatible controller devices:

  • iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS6 or higher
  • Android phone and tablets running Android 2.1 and higher
  • Desktop controllers: Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or greater, PC running Windows® XP SP3 or higher, Windows Vista™, Windows 7, Windows 8.

For more information on the Sonos app, visit: http://www.sonos.com/music.

Posted on July 15th, 2014 by Sonos Staff in News

  • Guest

    “In the near future” ?! The 4.x app on iOS 4/5 isn’t working anymore ALREADY. So you inform us of this after the fact. Nice.

  • Guest

    “In the near future” ?! The 4.x app on iOS 4/5 isn’t working anymore ALREADY. So you inform us of this after the fact. Nice going there.

  • http://www.stattrandgedanken.de/ Michael Spieler

    “In the near future” ?! The 4.x app on iOS 4/5 isn’t working anymore ALREADY. So you inform us of this after the fact. Not nice.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Michael, I removed a couple of your comments since they were duplicates of this one. Version 4.3 of the app will still work with Sonos players on 5.0 for the time being. It looks like your Sonos application is asking to update before it can set up or connect to your system. This is likely because the controller was reset. When the app is checking for updates, it’s finding version 5.0 of the software which can’t run on the iPad. Our Customer Care team can help out and provide further details. Mind giving us a call? Our contact information can be found here: http://www.sonos.com/contact.


  • CuChullain

    So, just to clarify, does this mean that the version on the Sonos controller I have installed on my first gen iPad will no longer work with my Sonos system at all, or that it will continue to work, but I won’t be able to update the controller app?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      The version you have on your iPad is 4.3, which will continue to work with Sonos players that have version 5.0 of the software. In the near future, we’ll be releasing a software update that will no longer be able to function with version 4.3 of the software. Once updated, Sonos will no longer be able to use the first generation iPad as a controller.

  • Joe

    This is actually very disappointing. Many people have older devices laying around and using them as a dedicated Sonos controller is an excellent use of older hardware.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      We hear you. These are tough choices that we put a lot of thought into, and it’s a difficult balance between maintaining support for legacy hardware and looking to the future.

      • Dennis J Conklin, Esq.

        Would a class action in federal court seeking punitive damages for fraud change your minds?

      • Rik

        Very disappointed as a customer who just bought over ten sonos items to set up my house. We will never be able to keep up changing our items ever time you think it is too old. You will lose customers and loyalty doing this. Keeping the old app and developing a new one was the only winner. The old could have been left with minimal support.

  • Garywoh

    Have to agree with Joe on this one, a very disappointing move by Sonos with now not being able to use my old devices which was one of the things that attracted me to the Sonos system. Not good Sonos team – what more can I say without swearing at you.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      We understand and try to keep every device compatible as long as possible. We have free controllers available for iOS 6.0+, Android from 2.1+, Windows XP SP3+, and Mac OS X 10.6.8+. If you have any questions about controllers or your system please let us know: http://www.sonos.com/contact

      • John

        I am another customer who Sonos is now losing – and my equipment will feature in second hand sales listings
        Having been sold the equipment for use on Apple ipad 3 I was not told that it would then be made non compatible
        I hope sonos buy a fleet of diesel cars and find that their engine management units are replaced with ones which only drive petrol engines and require the owners to provide new engines
        Following Sonos own logic this will be quite acceptable upon the company’s principles to innovate and avoid further diesel emissions
        Sonos, sad to say you have got this totally wrong and you will go the way of Betamax. You have totally lost my trust and respect.
        You should at least have made it possible to reinstall earlier versions of your software for people who wish to continue using earlier IOS versions

  • danjrharvey

    This is actually apple’s fault for the short time lines of iOS support. First generation ipads are < 5 yrs old but apple haven't supported iOS updates for more than a year. I don't think sonos can be expected to support multiple versions of iOS, but Apple should build new versions to support existing hardware platforms. I think 4 years of software support is poor value, said as a long time Apple customer.

  • ClarkeApps

    Just wanted to throw out there how hard Apple are making it with iOS8 to support iOS 5 and earlier. It might be a prudent move on Sonos’ part to keep the old/current App in the store and leave it for earlier versions and to release their next update as a whole new App for newer devices, that way everybody wins.

  • motionist

    This is sad news from SONOS and poor customer support. Understands the need for new features but for us who bought the system based on its support for iPads back when there was only the first iPad this is bad customer care. Although you might introduce new features that cannot be supported by older platforms you should be able to maintain compatible versions going backwards. In my honest opinion you are not standing up to the sales pitch originally given and I’m considering if being a loyal SONOS user was such a good idea in the first place

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Motionist, we understand and it was a very tough decision to cease support for iOS 4 and 5 devices, but it was one we had to make. Ultimately it became a decision about being held back, trying to maintain legacy software just a little bit longer, or pushing forward unrestrained and focusing on the future. We have free controllers available for iOS 6.0+, Android from 2.1+, Windows XP SP3+, and Mac OS X 10.6.8+. If you have any questions about controllers or your system please let us know: http://www.sonos.com/contact

      • motionist

        That much is clear to me. However the choice doors have an impact on me as I have to abandon working versions and purchase new hardware to make use of my SONOS system. You were aware of my use of ipad1 for controlling my system as you sent me a specific mail of the change. What annoys me is not your focus on new technology that cannot be supported by the iPad but your decision to interfere with my setup. Given the setup I’m not completely sure you are aligned with marketing regulations in the markets you are affecting.

        • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

          Thanks for your comments, we know this decision impacts you personally and we’re committed to helping you find a solution. Here is our contact info: http://www.sonos.com/contact

          • Mikko

            How can you force people to update? If the update is by mistake i.e. people who don’t want any Change and want to use, say, old iPad, why don’t you help them (us) revert? I don’t need your new features.

    • wah wah

      How did they not live up to their word on a sales pitch. I highly doubt they promised it will work on outdated devices and platforms. Seriously? Sonos has some of the greatest support AROUND among tech companies. Can’t keep all the customers happy.

  • Steve

    Extremely disappointing. I have recommended Sonos to other friends and family members resulting in the acquisition of multiple Play5 systems and my parents having a Playbar. In your solution you have decided in the past to create a symbiotic relation with Apple products. It is unfortunate for you to not have been able to maintain the technology support respecting that relationship, for not having been able to excercize your leverage with Apple and as a result forcing your customers into buying new components to keep on supporting their existing product. I will cease to be a promotor of your product and will start become a detractor.

  • Gordi

    Sonos say they understand, clearly they don’t. I purchased my system on the understanding that it could be controlled using my Ipad I and Ipod Touch 2 now I’m told that support for these ‘legacy devices’ is being discontinued. Is it not possible in the 21st Century for a technology company like Sonos to maintain support for legacy devices, albeit with lesser functionality, or is this primarily a financial decision made by the company which shifts costs from Sonos (i.e. software support) onto their customers (purchase of new and compatible devices) Maybe a Sonos rep could explain the rationale of this decision in more detail.

    Sonos have already let customers down by not providing DTS support for the playbar, now this, what cost loyalty?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Gordi,

      This decision wasn’t an easy one to make, but our rationale was the desire and need to keep evolving. Eventually, all companies must make a decision between supporting older devices and services, and focusing on developing for the future. It was a tough decision, especially knowing the impact it will have, but we believe it was the right thing to do and have made every effort to provide notice in advance.

      We have many control options available for Sonos controllers from iOS 6.0+, Android from 2.1+, Windows XP SP3+, and to Mac OS X 10.6.8+.

      • gordi

        You say “we believe it was the right thing to do”, right for whom? Clearly not legacy Ipad owners such as me.

  • Keith

    Let’s hope there is true innovation beyond the last control app update. Hyped by Sonos as innovative, but really did not provide anything meaningfully new. Reminds me of flatbed scanners that “require” an Intel Core with 4GB of RAM. I seem to remember using 2400 DPI scanners with a Mac Quadra in the 90s just fine.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Rest assured, Sonos never stands still. We work to continually advance with the goal of making the overall experience better, even if it means occasionally making difficult decisions like this one. The first revision of Sonos 5.0 added universal search, a powerful new way to find and play music, and serves as the foundation for our future development.

      We recently added SoundCloud in beta, and are creating a solution to offer the flexibility of connecting Sonos to your home network without wiring into your router. Although we don’t have specific details on future plans for the Controller to share right now, there are exciting updates on the way.

      • Rob

        Dropping support for products that were touted as a benefit of owning your product is not a very good idea. It is likely to have future customers asking when their current devices will likewise be dropped as the support for them becomes a business decision, it happened once it will happen again. Had I been made aware that this would happen my purchase of this product would not have happened and by the looks of some of the comments I am not alone.

  • Tim

    I have an iPad1 purpose used only for controlling my Sonos system. You have got to be kidding!!!

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      We know how you feel, it was a very tough decision to make. There are many free options for controllers available from iOS 6.0+, Android from 2.1+, to Windows XP SP3+, and Mac OS X 10.6.8+. If you would like any help with your system or have any questions about controllers please let us know: http://www.sonos.com/contact

  • Roy

    My old IPad is the only device I can use for Sonos, since you still havn’t released a proper Windows Phone or RT controller app. So what should I do then? I am so tired of waiting for you to release a Win8 RT or Phone app. :-(

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Roy, we do have available controllers for iOS 6.0+, Android from 2.1+, Windows XP SP3+, and Mac OS X 10.6.8+. If you have any questions about controlling your system you should give us a call http://www.sonos.com/contact. We’re here to help as best we can and will help you find a solution.

  • Sonos_user

    Sonos Support Team Mod motionist • 16 days ago
    Thanks for your comments, we know this decision impacts you personally and we’re committed to helping you find a solution. Here is our contact info: http://www.sonos.com/contact
    So are you saying that you will fund any new replacement controllers as this seems the only solution to me?

  • Sonos_user

    Also, why have you made the new app less user friendly on the iPad. We used it at a friends and was highly embarrassed as we could not easily control it. We still have V4.3 on our iPad and this is much easier to use. We were appalled to be honest. Considering how much money we have invested in Sonos products, we are inclined to go back to iTunes and CDs. Grrrr !!!!!! Not happy!!!!

  • Jeroen Krijger

    Dear Sonos, I suggest you change your mind before black Friday. The competition is awake and getting stronger. If the choice is to change system or spend hundreds of euros on controllers the choice is simple even though emotional fueled. I won’t support a thief. Philips, Bose, bluesound and as I understand Samsung who have been able to copy your system are welcoming us for a similar price. I give it a month. Remember, word of mouth is louder than 100s of your systems. Don’t be foolish.

  • Me

    “No longer supported” I can understand.
    “No longer available” is not acceptable.
    As has been previously said, you have just forced people who were using iPad 1’s into a forced hardware upgrade.
    I shall no longer be an advocate of Sonos.

  • Hans

    I am running ios 8 on my iPhone and my Sonos app is gone. I can’t download it anymore from itunes. Is there no support yet for ios 8? If so, when is it expected? Very annoying that I can’t use my speakers anymore!

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Hans, iOS 8 is supported. You should be able to download it from your App Store. If it isn’t showing or your having trouble can you give us a call and our Support Team will help get you all setup? You can find our contact information here: http://www.sonos.com/contact

  • Jeroen Krijger

    When checking the About Sonos the info is: controller 4.1, the bridge and play 5 are 5.0 In your comment to CuChulain earlier you mention that AFTER the upgrade of the hardware the controller / iPad wont function any longer. But my hardware hasn’t been updated. So why is the iPad app demanding an update? Why not leave it as it is. Who are you to intrude and play with my belongings on a distance? And that without my concent. Is there no board to report such interference? It’s theft that’s what it is and intrusuance of privacy. I can be angry and walk away but that’s far to easy. You entered my private space and plainly broke one of my assets. Yes I’m lucky the store where I reserved a playbar never called me they received the material. Even though I tried several times. But now I know. They already made clear you run a very strict policy. Stores can’t give discounts or they will be banned. I suppose they just don’t want the hassle. Could you please answer!

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Jeroen,

      Sonos version 4.3 was designed to work with systems on 5.0 and still run on the first generation iPad. Since that iPad’s on version 4.1, it’s seeing the version mismatch and trying to update further, but is unable to download the latest version. If the iPad had 4.3 it’d work with 5.0 up until the 5.1 update, which has been out for a while now. If you add a new component, your players will need to update to the latest version which doesn’t have support for the first generation iPad.

      We’re happy to discuss this further with you if you’d like to give us a call: http://www.sonos.com/contact

  • Martin Janssen

    Wrong decision. Just like many people, I use a first-gen iPad as a dedicated Sonos controller. The Woman Acceptance Factor has just dropped down to sub-zero levels, when it was exactly that that made a big difference with the competition. I am in the process of putting back in place my good old SqueezeBox setup, despite its wifi hiccups. There is a major difference between no longer offering support for “legacy” hardware and actually rendering it useless, and Sonos does not seem to get that.
    Poor decision, wrong move, I’m out of the Sonos world.

  • wah wah

    Stop crying about the Sonos App not working on older devices! Use a phone! A computer! Name one piece of software that continues to run on or support older devices? Of course it will have a shelf life. Technology has never worked this way. Own a computer? Well if you do then you should understand that you must have the latest software for whatever to continue forward. This is kind of a duh factor

    • jeroen krijger

      Dear Wah Wah, you seem to think us early adopters and thus supporters of Sonos’ succes are feeling pity for ourselves. Well consider this. My device has a 1 Ghz clock speed en 0,5 GB internal memory. It’s still very much capable to run a simple controller app. This is not Word of Warcraft. You agree so far? You yourself are using a pc/tabet/phone as a controller. Tonight you use your Sonos system to full satisfaction. Tomorrow you get up. Start your controller appliance. The screen asks you to update or cancel. Right, you cancel because you would like to listen music. The reply: update or reed more info. Okay. You choose to update. Reply: your device is no longer supported. What to do? You would like to listen music. Ah, re-install might work. Nope, same result. Sonos requires an update. What happend in fact. Overnight Sonos has blocked you from using their service. Without any warning. Worse, you bought a new speaker. Full with expectation you take the controller to add it to your network. What do you get? See the above. Can you go back? No. If I understand you correctly you won’t inform or inquire Sonos about this. Or if you would, you won’t feel any bad feelings when the only response is to update. Nope, you’ll go happily to the shop and buy a new phone/tablet/pc or mac. Really?

    • Mrgrimm

      So what is your job title at Sonos? Guerrilla marketing disrupted?

  • Grace

    I am supremely disgusted with Sonos for not supporting IOS5 or lower. Despite the heavy investment in my Sonos equipment, now I must purchase a new iPad to play my Sonos system. I guess when Sonos systems weren’t selling they catered to us but now Sonos dares you to buy a new iPad.
    As for me, this is where I part ways with Sonos. They give horrible customer service a new definition.

  • Ganeda

    This is the most short sighted poor customer service a company could provide, if car manufacturers did this there would be complete uproar, with manufacturers going bust as customer move to those that provide support. Sonos beware you have made a serious error of judgement, you could have left the old software working on the old I-pad software. There would have been no need to update in future, just leave as is, customers would have been happy and then over time as they replaced the old i-pad with new equipment they could move to the latest version. It is painfully obviously, you are not concerned with customer care or retaining customers long term, it is a case of sell the kit make as much as we can and the sell the business before it all goes down the pan. shameful business practice.

    I have an I-phone 4s, a Mac book prop and an android so I could be saying “i am ok Jack” but no, this is just poor judgement and a very bad Business decision, possibly fatal.

  • Ganeda

    PS; Windows vista was crap software that Microsoft dropped way before the I-Pad came out, but you support that.

  • Pletman

    Just give the old sonos back on ipad 1 without the ability top update.how hard can that be?

  • Alex

    Just like many others I had an iPad 1 more or less dedicated in use as controller for SONOS. I find it hard to believe that SONOS advocates “Music lovers are the soul of Sonos, and we believe to the core that there has never been a better time to be into music” while forcing music lovers to upgrade devices which function flawlessly. I also have converted 20+ people and helped install their system. I just want to be able to use the controller on my iPad1 and nothing more. It worked great! Perhaps good opportunity to sell existing SONOS hardware for the coming holiday period and start looking for substitute myself. Yes I read the message that SONOS supports IO6+ etc etc.. For all you unsatisfied former SONOS lovers. Look at this DENON Heos, perhaps they do value early adopters…

  • Paul

    You know what, the Sonos product is great. Really great. But whoever is on your marketing/innovation/customer service teams, all need to go find new careers. I hate Apple products not because the products are bad but because of the company. The decisions Apple “makes” for its customers are down right appalling. Examples, an update broke the ability to play tracks on many car stereos a few years back and Apple said it was up to the car stereo manufacturers to update their firmware to fix the problem not Apple (they did later fix this I believe), repealling legitimate apps from the apps store because they think they could be used for hacking (WiFiFoFum, I used at work all the time to search for black spots so I could improve coverage if needs be, Antennagate “Don’t hold it like that” need I say more! I hate the arrogance of Apple and Sonos seems to want to be just like them.

    Don’t stop people from being able to use their own bought and paid for system, program in an upgrade block so that the Sonos gear doesn’t get updated and can be run on the hardware people have. Pop up a message saying your missing out on features if you have too, but come on its not that hard.

    Half of the exciting features Sonos seem to be harping on about seem to be a crappy smoke shield that detracts from some “killer” features that would make Sonos supremely viable again. Give us DTS support and give us official Windows Phone and RT support. If you’re waiting for Microsofts unified platform, then cool, tell us. We don’t want suprises, we want results. We want a return on our Sonos investments. We want to love our Sonos gear and we want to be able to sell it to others for you through heartfelt recommendations. But at the moment….your just slapping us in the face and expecting us to like it. Don’t be suprised when your market share starts to plummet at an alarming rate.

  • Andrew

    I’ve just spend £350 on a Play 5 to use with my iPad. I’ve just found out that my iPad isn’t compatible with the Sonos software. In store I was told the player was compatible with any iPad, and to be fair to the staff, the Sonos packaging doesn’t make this clear either. The store won’t refund my purchase because the box has been opened.
    Upon calling Sonos I was told I’d have to buy another tablet or run it from my PC. Running it from my PC (which takes 10 minutes to boot) wasn’t the spontaneous experience I had in mind.
    Hugely disappointed – no, in fact quite angry. This is the first time I’ve bought one of these products, and it will be the last.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Andrew, we’d love to look into this further with you. Can you email us at support@sonos.com with Blog in the subject and a few summary details?

  • Peter H

    Feels very much like those of us with original iPad are being taken for mugs! I simply cannot accept why these devices cannot be supported. Feels very much like conspiracy with apple to force people to purchase new devices.

  • Oliver

    Dear Sonos Team, thank you very much in making my Sonos system useless. I’m using an old iPad for the whole house and it was working fine. Can I return my speakers to Sonos and get back the money invested. What is the problem keeping the old legacy App alive?
    Very diappointed Sonos user. I will not be able to recommend your system anymore as I did in the past.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Oliver, we’re happy to work with you to help bring music back to your home. There are many controller options available (iOS 6.0+, Android 2.2+, Windows PC XP SP3+, and Mac OS X 10.6.8+) and we’re committed to finding a solution that works for you. Can you give us a call on our support line to speak with a technician live? Our contact information can be found here: http://www.sonos.com/contact.


  • JOHN

    Thanks sonos now I can’t use my over price speaker system. “great update”

    • Mercedes

      I’m with you, John!! I just realized that I can’t use my old ipod as a sonos controller. What a f’n ripoff!! So many of us have old ipod and ipads we use as dedicated controllers. It WAS a great system for my nine zones. I guess it’s time to start unloading this junk on ebay and find a system that won’t “update” it’s legacy customers right out of usage. Way to go Sonos.

  • kevin kevin.dobx.com

    I am very disappointed with sonos decision to desupport iOS 5, which means we have to use the rubbish controller rather than iPad. I hope that the boffins can be made to realise that they have made a large part of existing customers very dissatisfied. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!

  • fastiggial

    I too am irate about the lack of the old ipad as a controller. Just bought a playbar and a bridge to connect my stereo and had to update. I can now only use my phone as a controller now but like many, I have a family. When my phone leaves so does the controller !! So I either buy a used ipad 6.0 or newer or ,which I will do tomorrow, buy a MartinLogan playbar and an Apple tv/airplay to connect to the stereo to streaming and say goodbye to Sonos. It not 2002 anymore !

  • Fletch57

    Hi Sonos support team, Like a number of people in this thread I bought a Play 5 purely because I wanted to get some use out of my old Mark one ipad by using it as a controller for the Play 5. I was advised in store that the Sonos would work with any ipad. I now find that not to be the case. I think you are missing the point when you keep indicating which systems Sonos player is supported on. The fact is you have removed support for a hardware item that cannot be upgraded to one of the systems you do support. Much as I like the quality of the Play 5 I am in an awkward position whereby I cannot return the Play 5 as there is nothing wrong with it per se. It simply will not work with the ipad for which it was purchased. What is doubly disappointing is that I agonised for ages between getting the Play 5 and a Bose Soundtouch 20. I wish I had got the Bose now because they guaranteed me their product works with Ios 5

  • als1073

    Interesting that Apple still permit the download of itunes to those devices that SONOS have now blocked. I have a 64GB 3rd generation ipod touch that I store all my music on, dont have a PC at home as my music is stored on an external hard drive that I access at work. I’ve paid to upgrade to itunes Match to try and take advantage of my 16GB ipad controller, but surprise surprise, Apple are screwing SONOS over and not permitting them access to itunes match so what are my alternatives? Do I now have to buy a new ipod touch or PC in order to play music on my SONOS speaker?

  • gator1

    Dear Sonos, Your system is superb for sound and quality. This is no doubt the result of years of research by very intelligent engineers. The control app is simple software, or at least it should be. A person who has limited tech skills should not have to change ipods to continue enjoying your audio system. When a person who not an audiophile buys a stereo system they expect to use it more than a year (that’s how long we’ve had ours. Your system was not cheap. Don’t keep telling the populous that you hear us – I personally find your lack of solution criminal and dishonest. Put some of your genius engineers to work to find a solution that allows users of older “obsolete” (but usable) equipment to continue using the Sonos system.

  • Bill K


  • Hans

    Very disappointing not beeingable to use the investment in the SONOS system just because they cant leave the working app still be used för as long it is possible. But now we know that they don’t have responibility för sold products, it should be as long as their technical Life cycle, not just för four year.

  • Mike

    I think this is ridiculous that you no longer support an IPad purchased just a few years ago. You have now made the decision to keep or add more to my sonos a significantly more expensive proposition today and concerns me about keeping my investment in sonos for fear of this happening again. As a business owner I see this as a very short sighted decision .

  • krdrums

    I too will add my name to this complaint to Sonos.
    I was totally unaware 1st generation iPad will now not work the Sonos system.
    I have just purchased A play 5 and very frustrated with this scenario.
    Come on Sonos you must come up with something or be more honest with your current advertising.

  • pkkitt

    I use iPad 1 as my Sonos controller. Has been working under the previous version of Sonos software, up until today when it would no longer work. I cast my vote in favor of Sonos changing position to support backward compatibility with iOs5.

  • new songs user

    Was searching for a “fix” for this and ran across this. I have three iPad 5.x sitting around and I dedicate them to specific uses – what a waste of not being able to use a perfectly good pad that is dedicated to Sonos. Very frustrating and should have looked at support before purchasing. Other options exist with other hardware. As a life-long technology person, it is silly that you complete remove a segment of users from your customer base. It is routine and normal not to “update” older software/hardware, but to remove it completely??? Your marketing department needs to resist this.

    • new user

      By the way, for the record, I also own a Xoom tablet (Android). This is a 2011 model. Guess what, just downloaded songs to it and it works just fine. Sorry to all the IOS only folks. You may want to pick up an older android tablet, many out there for way under $100. Sonos should work fine on them.

  • SusanB

    Using old phones and ipads as controllers for the Sonos system is a wonderful way to reuse old technology. I fail to see why you can’t put out some of the old apps for this purpose.

  • gigalover

    I haven’t been able to enjoy my Sonos system since you made this change. The old software was very easy to use and this is just too complicated for me. You ruined a great product.

  • Kevin

    I too was disappointed by this decision. I have installed 5 in wall mounts for 5 Apple devices (Ios 5.1.1 and earlier) that were great for controlling my Sonos system (13 zones). The “update” shut down all that functionality…UNTIL I found SonoPad a third party app available on the app store for $5. I wasn’t happy to have to buy controller software, but it was better than having to purchase 5 new Apple devices.
    Functionality is great, in some ways superior to the controller the Sonos people have released.
    I have no affiliation with SonoPad but thought others would want to know that there exists a solution…

  • Rob

    @kevinkevindobxcom:disqus from which IOS platform does SonoPad work?
    I have tried it on an ipad one but it didn’t install.

  • http://www.mobilepundits.com/ Aabharan

    How do I add and manage Favorites in Skype 5 for iOS?

  • JW

    Well I’m well behind the times obviously. Just got to my seasonal home and discovered my iPad has been disabled by the “gods” at sonos and the system is – well useless. One more vote for how short sited that decision was. Why don’t you open source the controller for old devices and let us handle it from there if it costs you too much.

  • Joan

    This is a disgrace and the most dishonest way to mess with our pockets, I’ll never trust Apple and any other company that bases their solutions with iOS because they are all the same.

  • Jess P

    Well, poop. We were super excited to finally get Sonos, and apparently my Mac OS X 10.6.8 is not current enough, and my Windows phone is not cool enough to warrant an app – I can’t even use it. Time to return Sonos? BUMMER.

  • Rafael

    There’s an app on the Apple Store that works as a perfect replacement of Sonos app. It’s name is Sonopad and it works fine on iPad 1 😉

  • Ross Heitkamp

    I bought my Sonos system while my 1st gen iPad was supported. Just moving into the house now to find support dropped. That’s $829 to replace the working iPad just to get the new iOS. Why can’t the old app be left available? I made a huge investment in Sonos for 12 rooms of my new house and I come to use it finally and can’t. That really sucks!