Coming soon: New Controller apps for Mac and PC

Posted on March 15th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in News, Products

Sonos Controller FamilyYou asked, we listened. Our team has been working ‘round the clock to bring you two brand spanking new Sonos Controller apps for Mac and PC. The new Controllers will make it easier than ever to find, control and play music in any room—right from your favorite desktop or laptop.

What can you look forward to? For starters, faster access to music. The improved Search feature will let you quickly find artists, albums, songs, and stations from your music library, Internet radio and music services using a single search box.  And you can use the better-than-ever, drag-and-drop interface to add one or multiple songs, albums, or playlists to your queue, room, or group of rooms for instant music gratification.

The new controllers also offer instant volume control, with a one-touch Party Mode that lets you set the volume in your grouped rooms simultaneously. Plus, we’ve brought some of the hidden perks of Sonos front and center, with the Sleep Timer and Alarms now accessible from the main window. And speaking of looks, the new Controller apps will give your eyes something to smile about.

But the feature we might be the most excited about is the new Mini Controller, a slick, pop-out of album art that lets you control your music while you’re working in other apps, so now it’s even easier to control any music you want—any way you want.

Sonos Mini Player
Control your way with the new Mini Player.


The update will be available next week, but you can get a sneak peek at the new controllers in action right now—just check out the video below. Also, if you haven’t updated your OS in a while, now’s the time! Sonos 3.7 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher, including Vista and Windows 7. If you’re using an older OS, be sure to upgrade before you update your Sonos Controller.

And there’s more! We’re also giving away a house full of Sonos, so you can enter for a chance to win a bunch of free gear to go with our new free Controller apps. Click the pic below for all the details. (Note: Sweepstakes is open only to residents of the United States, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom or New Zealand.)

House Full of Music Sweepstakes

Posted on March 15th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in News, Products

  • Will Moore

    Any chance of a beta before next week? I am wildly impatient! :)

    • Sonos

       Haha…just a few more days, and you won’t have to wait any longer. 😉

  • James Doster

    Awesome, love Sonos

  • Tripgod

    I hope this new version still works well with WINE, so that I can use it under Linux!

    • talgor

       It would be better to have a Linux offical app. Sonos do you plan that ?

      • Sonos

         Nothing to announce at this time.

        • Mike O’Malley

          Any chance you can open up your API or protocol so that the community can build something?

    • neko

       I can use the new controller with wine, no probs.

  • Raphael Piedallu

    Any chance to get Windows Phone app? =)

    • Sonos

       Nothing to announce at this time!

      • Innershell

        This is secret code for “it is being heavily considered” or “we are working hard on it”.

        Funny! Sonos is the only reason this household has not moved to Windows Phone devices.

        • Sonos

          No code, really–more that we don’t announce specific timelines. :) However, we know that Windows Phone is an oft requested app, so rest assured it’s on our radar.

          • Elanmike

             Yes please

          • Lumia 900

            I have a Windows Phone.  Lack of an official app has prevented me from buying a sonos sytem.  Hope you get one soon!

          • maZZoo

            Yes please !! Running on Phonos here, it’s pretty good. But would prefer an official app. Please have a look at the new Windows Phone 8 SDK. You can make a brilliant integration with it.

            Further more, you must make a Windows 8 native app before October 26. Would love the abillity to make full use of my new Surface ;=)

      • Teemu

        Still waiting Windows Phone apps…. any news?

        • awex

          One more for Windows Phone 8 App. For a premium product like sonos it is a must have not to seperate and let users make there choice. Any news on this ? It is time to announce the launch after 8 month.

          • Teemu

            Any news?

    • awex

      One more for Windows Phone 8 App. For a premium product like sonos it is a must have not to seperate and let users make there choice.


    what I would like to see,  a memory for your last location when browsing your own music. I hate having
    to start at the top of my list every time. other than that YIPEEEE!

  • Jonathan

    Looks so nice! The mini player is a good idea, also! 

    I’m really exited to get a closer look :) Thanks! 
    (I also wrote an email because i love the iPad Controller app and ‘hate’ the Desktop App – and just two months later….. )

  • Jens Kunst

    Awww… I wanted to have a chance to win Sonos goodies…

  • CJ

    what’s that song title and band?

    • Sonos

       The song we used for the video background? Artist is Bosley; Title is “Life Is A Dance Floor”

  • CJ

    Ok I found it :)
    It’s “Bosley – Life is a dancefloor”

  • Ben Carlson

    Will this new controller also fix the issue of Spotify not playing linked tracks on playlists once and for all?

  • Rob Burns

    So cool. Nothing worse than losing a handpicked playlist in the current controller before you save it. Seems like this will be much easier to navigate, and more intuitive for the family who complain that finding music they want is painful right now. This seems to be a passion for you guys rather than just another product. I continue to be delighted that I went with Sonos.

    • Sonos

       It is a passion for sure!

  • Mark Pendlebury

    A super cool feature would be an App for Spotify. I use my Sonos exclusively through Spotify so having an app embedded in the Spotify software to control my Play:5 directly would be amazing. Although I can browse my playlist and search Spotify from within the Sonos controller it’s much easier to discover new music and creates playlists from the Spotify client.
    Now that Spotify has it’s apps API maybe this is possible?

    • Sonos

      Anything is possible! That’s the beauty of smart speakers and a strong software development team. :)

      • David

        Where do I find this icon/app for playing SONOS through my PC as the controller?

    • C Borek

      My two cents is that I strongly agree.  Spotify’s interface is a great way to find songs.  It’d be great to integrate that functionality into the Sonos controller. 

    • Nick Jakobi

      very strongly agree as well!!! Spotify UI rocks. Sonos music system rocks. Everyone should concentrate on what they’re good at!!

      • mike simm

        Love Spotify bring it on!

  • Innershell

    When will it handle searching by Artist +AND+ Title as a starting point for combo searches? Nothing worse than looking for a particular song and having all the remixes/remakes/tributes by other artists show up instead of the original artist who first released the song.

    • Guest

       Yes PLEASE! This is so overdue…

  • Js1952

    Nice improvements – the current controller is a bit cumbersome.  Like the other commenter, I tend to use one service more then the others so it would be nice to set that as the default search.  I love that partial word searches are now possible.  Please provide the simplified UI for the iPhone app as well!

  • santacruz

    awesome!! thanks so much for making sonos even better than it already is!!

  • Rampmeter

    Don’t use Facebook any other way to enter to win

  • Myrenggubben

    Does this version support searching for artist/track/album simultanously?

    • Sonos

      You must tab between the categories, but it is very quick and easy. Check out the video to see search in action!

      • Myrenggubben

         Thanks. IMHO, the problem is not switching between the categories, but rather finding a song without having to browse through a gazillion artists/albums. It is really time consuming to find songs with common titles the way it is today. This should be technically easy to implement too. At the very least, a way of filtering the search result would be nice. Can you please consider this? Thanks

        • Sonos

           We’ll pass it on to our product development team!

  • Bbirss

    Volume numbers? It would make it easier to set the volume in all the zones….i have 10 zones

  • Phil

    The one and only thing i request is the possibility to play Spotify using the Spotify UI (wireless.. not using cable..). Seems like the new release won’t allow that.. really disappointed. Does this mean i will have to move to Apple and airplay or do you have something coming soon? Sure, the new interface looks better than the old, but you are still far away from beating Spotify in UI design i’m afraid..

    • Sonos

      Hello Phil–This update does not include the functionality you mention. Such a feature is not outside the realm of possibility for Sonos, and we are always looking to improve our software. However, we do not announce timelines.

      • Phil

        thanks, good to hear. u seem to have something in the pipeline. 

        • vallgau

          I’ve seen on the SF Musichackday wiki that a guy (named fnork) started to develop a spotify app called sponos. You guys should contact him (if not already) to work on the spotify app for sonos. That could be a huge improvement for sonos system !

          • Phil

            There are already 3rd party apps like andronos for Android, but that’s not what I ask for. I want to be able to play Spotify, and any other streaming service, using the original streaming service’s user interface..

            the fact that u have to use Sonos’ gui makes me wonder how Sonos will be able to compete with Apple Airplay. Also surprised that Sonos hasn’t addressed this issue already since I can find posts from early 2010 requesting the exact same functionality.

            Now the competition is here and it is about time to step it up.

  • Dave

    Will it be possible to control the App (for Mac) via the Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac? I mean with the PLAY/PAUSE SKIP … Buttons on the Apple Keyboards (just like iTunes, Spotify)…. ? Would be a ‘nice to have’. 

    • Sonos

       Not at this time, but that would be nice! We’ll pass on the suggestion to our product dev team.

      • Sohail Somani

        It doesn’t work for the volume as far as I can tell. It would be awesome if we could use Fn+Volume or something similar to control Sonos volume. It’s annoying to use the mouse!

  • Programmer

    Is there any way you make Sonos controller able via a universal remote? Or make it with IR commands so myself as a Control programmer can learn the codes and use 1 remote?

    • Sonos

       Not at this time, but we’ll pass on the suggestion to our product development team.

  • Tommy Nanko

    Another cool feature for us custom integrators would be if the controller apps (mobile/desktop) could remember more than one system, as in selecting systems; family 1 family 2 and so on. We have to date probably 20 households and growing that have Sonos installed and every time we come to do maintenance or some other thing else we have to reset the controller app on the phone or desktop and go to a basement of a closet filled with junk and link the systems again. 

  • Therron Brown

    What about locking a zone so other people in house cant send music to the speaker you are listening to? My kids send their music to my Play5. Please give me a master password feature and user password feature to lock zones in use.

    • Sonos

       That feature is not included in this update, but we’ll pass on your suggestion to our product development team.

      • Knudl

        If Sonos had this feature, I wouldn’t hesitate to put it in my house. Right now, I’m considering something else because I don’t want my kids controlling the whole house’s music from their room.

    • Martijn Stegink

      Hahaha, I’d take their phones for a day every time they do that…

  • Jb

    Can your Desktop Controller sort / search a library / folder to discover “new” or “recently added” files? Been asking for this for years … 

    • Sonos

       This update does not include that functionality.

  • Tim Holland

    Awesome! thanks. Current desktop controller is a pain in the ass and feels like a win95 app. 
    An app inside Spotify as suggested earlier would indeed be a great extension!

    When using Spotify, is there support for the related artist feature?

    • Sonos

       We’re excited about it, too! This does not include any changes/updates to the Spotify functionality however.

  • dwahli

    As already asked but not answered, will this new controller also fix the issue of Spotify not playing SOME linked tracks on playlists once and for all?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Dwahli – If you could, please send an e-mail to support@ and CC: Clay – I’d love to get in touch about this issue – we’re pretty sure this should be resolved but if not I’d like to get an example!

  • Acrew

    How about a native Linux application? Don’t see it as part of the announcement.

    • Sonos

       Nothing to announce on Linux at this time.

  • Smithers657

    Linking up sonos with soundcloud would be a great fit, is it something that has been considered?

    • Sonos

       Absolutely it has — but we don’t announce timelines. :)

      • jcruelty

        My dream is to listen to Soundcloud through my Sonos speakers… then life will be complete.

      • Jon Clarke

        Please hurry :-)

  • Den

    Hope not losing my radiolist anymore in this new version, and faster xs to the radio favorites would be nice. Can’t wait to update.

  • Andrew

    Will the centralised search facility make it to the iPhone / iPad apps some time soon as this is a much needed feature

    • Sonos

      We don’t announce timelines, but we are constantly working to improve our software.

  • Zoar Road

    Why can I no longer see my list of Artists Channels under Rhapsody Channels then ‘My Channels’.  Seems to have disappeared!  It is what I use to listen to music in my home…Thanks for everything…its a great system.

    • jake2294

      why not answer my question?

    • Sonos

       We’ve asked Sonos Support to follow up with you — stay tuned, or contact them directly here:

  • Dan

    I love my Sonos, but my biggest issue right now is the fact that I can’t star Spotify songs directly from the Sonos controller. Starring is really important to me, and the only way I can get it done is to pull up the song/album simultaneously in Spotify. Will we be able to star Spotify songs now?

    • Sonos

      Unfortunately, this update does not change the Spotify functionality at all, but we are constantly working with all of our music partners to optimize the experience on Sonos, and this is on the feature request list.

    • Nate W

      +1 Why have Spotify on Sonos without ability to communicate your music prefs to Spotify. Please work with Spotify to include this feature request. Its the single most used feature of Spotify.

  • Loic_appart

    Hi, tanks a lot for the update… waiting for the release.
    Any chance to have an update for the android tablet?

    • Sonos

       We will continue to update all of our software.

  • B_buer02

    What I’d really appreciate is the landscape mode in the android app to have just the same usability as the ipad app. When will it be available?

    • Sonos

       We don’t announce timelines, but we’re constantly working to improve all of our controllers.

  • Drew

    My SONOS app no longer works after the new iOS update to my iPhone and iPad. Is there a planned patch in works? When will it be released?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Drew – Can you verify which versions of the app you’re running and what the messages state explicitly?  Also, can you make sure you’re on the same wireless network as your Sonos, sometimes during an iOS update it can jump.

  • Frank

    Ok, just installed the new SONOS Controller on Mac Air, OSX, 10.7. It refuses to show my Spotify playlists. This is as bad as bad can be. Comes with an error message (Dutch) “Kan niet bladeren door muziek”. (Cannot page through music).

    • Frank

      Well, it just seemed an intermittent problem. It now works as expected.

    • Sonos

      Sorry to hear that–please contact our support team so we can help remedy the issue:

  • Mike_n

    why cant we have a random play?! it’s the one thing i really miss. the rest of sonos is totally awesome!

  • Nate Adcock

    Will Sonos support Google Music as a library in the future?

    • Sonos

       Nothing to announce at this time.

  • Nate Adcock

    Will the app support Google Music as a library/service in the future?

    • Sonos

       Nothing to announce at this time.

      • Choerenz

        It is very frustrating that you don t support google music. The wy google automatically updates my new music would make it less cumbersome than having to copy the files to my drive at home.

        • Musicman

          I am also longing for Google Music to be available in Sonos… I really hope that it will come soon!!

  • George

    Hi. I cant find the twitter on the new contoller! Need help. Thanks George.

    • Sonos

       With the update to Sonos Software 3.7, we inadvertently removed the ability to tweet from the controller. We are working to resolve this issue.

  • Hans

    One thing I dont understand is why its have to be so hard to add a song to a sonosplaylist?
    Why is it not possible to drag a song to a playlist or right-click on a song and choose add to playlist.
    But anyways, thx for the update, much better 😉

  • Andrew Copelotti

    when I upgraded to the new Mas OS I am no longer able to connect to my iTunes library using the sons controller.  I get a message that says “Unable to play…access to //Macintosh-4/Music denied”  What do I need to do?

    • Jmattinglyjr

      was there ever an answer to this question, I am having the same issue

      • Sonos

         Sonos Software 3.7 requires MAC OS X 10.6 or higher.

  • Philip

    I use Linux.  I would love to see a lunix Desktop controller.  It’s can’t be that hard to implement.

  • Tobias Ulmer

    music access denied to music library – mac os 10.7.3. ?????????????

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello Tobias,

      Sorry to hear that you’re having problems.  If you haven’t already, we’d recommend that you get in touch with the Sonos Support team to assist with that error.  You can open a case with us here:

      One of our agents local to you will be in touch shortly thereafter.


      Sonos Support

  • Johan

    I lost the spotify in my sonos controller – and now I am not able to add spotify on add music. I simply cannot find the spotify logo or service – same goes with WIMP – anyone that has had this problem?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Johan,

      Try checking again, Spotify and WIMP should show again.  Do you know if the registration info for your system might have changed recently?  Music service availability is determined by region and it doesn’t appear as though your system was registered in the correct region.  

      If you continue to have problems, please contact us as

      Sonos Support Team

  • WindowsSonos

    When are you going to do a Windows Phone app?   Microsoft is paying for developers to create apps and perhaps they will cover part of the development cost.  I bought a new phone for my wife and she cannot use our sonos.  

  • Jack

    Is the app available for PC yet?

  • Guest

    A big problem that comes with the upgrade, or at least coincided with it, is that “all the music on earth” is no longer available. Depending on where you live, you might find yourself locked out of most of Tunein, while Spotify might not show up at all. I am not in the US so MOST of the radio stations do not play or don’t appear. It is self-censorship and a real bummer. How jazz is subversive, I’m not sure.
    A smaller problem is that the controller doesn’t really fit on the screen of a Macbook Air. It doesn’t seem it can be adjusted.

  • Bob

    My fiancé wants to know if she can download the Sonos app on her iPhone and play her own stations? Is that possible? Would that conflict with the Sonos app on my phone?  Please let me know.


  • Uasebese

    Any ETA on a Controller for Linux distributions?

    • Sonos

       We have nothing to announce on that at this time.

  • Steve-O

    Windows Phone app, please.

  • Mpkoerwer

    Is there a Sonos control app yet for the windows phone?

  • Lee Brunet

    AGAAGAININ & AGAIN Google Music PLEASE – Then I will buy PlaY 5

    • Cruiserandmax


  • Fjuk

    Can you please just make it possible to route the audio from the *real* Spotify client to Sonos? It seems, ehh… suboptimal, to develop your own “sub-client” with less features than Spotify.

  • yodave

    What I’d really love is for songs starred in spotify to show up in my music library along with all of the other songs I own. One huge integrated music library which I can properly sort by artist would be awesome.

    • Sonos Support Team

      I am happy to forward this idea on as a feature request. In the meantime, feel free to share this idea with the Sonos community at and click ‘Share an Idea’. Thanks!

  • GroovySonos

    Key Commands! Key Commands! Key Commands! Key Commands! CMD up/down for volume adjustments and play/pause on the spacebar please! :) Thanks

  • sfbgy

    How to add song to a Spotify play list when playing Spotify on Sonos

  • Mike G

    Need Windows 8 app and Windows RT Tablet app for Sonos. Any update?

  • AWilson

    Bump for windows phone app.

  • Stoffe Norborg

    Hi, I have a sonos system at home and was wondering if it is possible to stream sound from my DVD player on my PC to the sonos system and show the picture with a projector on a screen?

  • Warren Silver

    Any update with a sonos app will be available for windows phone 8 and Surface RT

  • namnlose

    Please can we have Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 support!!!

  • Gmone

    Why is it so hard to find the actual download link???? I just bought a Sonos system and as I go to set it up, I’ve done multiple searches for it online and your news articles seem to dominate the search results. Boo.

  • Gemma


  • Gemma

    what up peeps

  • Gemma

    Im a kool kat

  • Gemma

    I have a crush on Anthony Birozes and Jay Sorohan but more of Anthony

  • Gemma

    I hope he likes me too

  • Gemma

    Well see ya

  • Jon

    wouldn’t it make sense to include a link to the desktop app?

  • andro

    Would love it if you guys made a windows phone app and a Windows 8.1 app too for my Surface.