Spruce Up Your Halloween With This Spooky Sonos Playlist

Sonos HalloweenFind yourself wondering what to play at this year’s Halloween party? We get it. You want to create an original, scare-tacular party soundtrack, but no one really wants to do the ‘Time Warp’ again.

Fear not! Sonos is here to help. Earlier this week, we posted asking for your favorite All Hallows-season songs. The Sonos community answered back, big time. The result is the below compilation – everything from the macabre to the magical – the perfect complement to whatever found footage film you have playing in the party background.

So go ahead, lure your guests into a trap with the Time Warp, again. They’ll think you’re spinning the same tired tracks as other uninspired scare-seekers. And then…when they least expect it…SLAM! The Doors! Shakira! The Black Keys!

They won’t know what hit them. Listen here on Songza.

On your Sonos controller (US & Canada-Only) select Songza > Search > Playlist > Type “Spooky Sonos” > select “Spooky Sonos Halloween”