Your sexytime playlist, delivered

Post and playlist courtesy Sex and the 405.

We are a species full of judgment. We judge one another on how we look, what we drive, where we work out, who we know, where we work, what OS we prefer – if it exists, we’ve judged it. And no judgment is as harsh as that which is attached to attempts at seduction. You can imagine our horror when we ran across an old post on Spike listing James Brown’s “Sex Machine” and Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” at numbers one and two on their Top 10 Best Songs to Have Sex To list.

And by “old” we don’t mean decades ago. We mean a few years back. Listen — “Sex Machine” came out in 1970. “Sexual Healing” came out in 1982. We’ve had plenty of excellent tunes since then to get the mood going in our bedrooms. Surely we can find something a little more contemporary to get the party started?

To that end, we offer Obliterate, our very own collection of nothing but moody, panty-dropping tunes, ready for you to blast on your Sonos immediately, thanks to Spotify. Enjoy it, or make your own mix and share it in the comments.