The music of Entourage lives on

Posted on September 7th, 2011 by Sonos Staff in Music In Culture, Music On Sonos

Scott Vener

As loyal Entourage viewers prepare for the series finale on Sunday, wondering whether Sloane will take E back or if Vince will get the girl…again, the Sonos crew started reminiscing about all of that great music. That’s when we discovered the genius of the show’s music supervisor Scott Vener, aka @BrokeMogul.

For eight years, Scott has been curating the Entourage soundtrack, introducing us to new artists such as Kid Cudi and tracks like Santogold’s “Creator”, Tame Impala’s “Half Full Glass of Wine” and Jamie T’s “Salvador”. To help you celebrate–rather than mourn–the season finale, we’ve assembled a few of Scott’s playlists to keep the music of Entourage blasting well beyond your TV.  Subscribe to them by clicking the links below, and be sure to give them plenty of spins on the Sonos before Sunday’s finale.

As for Vince, E, Drama, and Turtle, we wish them well.

Have any tunes in your rotation that you discovered on Entourage? Tell us about it below.

Posted on September 7th, 2011 by Sonos Staff in Music In Culture, Music On Sonos

  • Danielle Edberg

    SO much good music in Entourage – Not necessarily discovered there, but given new meaning. Some favs off the top of my head: Lucifer by Jay-Z, Jane Fonda – Mickey Avalon…and my all time favorite music moment – For Once In My Life – Stevie Wonder (as Ari gets out of Lloyd’s car and picks up his wife to dance in the street)

  • Laraine Tarrant

    Brilliant. Can’t live without Sonos. If u don’t have it – GET IT.

  • Apsark

    This seasons end credit music has been spectacular.  
    Also when he can make a Paul McCarthy new song seem cool, he’s talented.  
    This is the best music on any TV show ever.  Thank you!!  
    And this season throwing in an old stones song was great.