Sonos + You = New Year’s Resolution Glory

New Year’s resolutions, written. Resolve, strengthened. Intentions, rock solid. So what are you still doing on the couch? Elevate mind-numbing repetitions to dance-party righteousness with the help of your Sonos system and the best workout playlists this side of last year’s gym membership.

Don’t know where to begin? It’s always the hardest part. Start with body vertical, water bottle filled, and Sonos system activated. Now just let the bass beat have its way with last month’s eggnog. You’d be amazed what kind of havoc “Seven Nation Army” can wreak on that third helping of mashed potatoes. And “Vertigo” will show no mercy on your niece’s “misplaced” gingerbread house. Ahem.

Here’s how we’re planning to DJ resolution radio this year:

TuneIn Radio (Global) Search> Specialty Talk > Health, Home & Life > Health > Fitness & Nutrition > Radio Stations > MasMusculo & Pure Energy Radio

Pandora (US) Jay-Z, Fun., Usher, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Journey, AC/DC, Martin Solveig, Avicii

Slacker Radio (US) > Slacker Stations > Fitness

Spotify (US, UK, DE, FR, ES, NL, SE, BE, DK, NO, AUS) Search > “Yoga Workout Music” or “Body By Jake

Songza (US & Canada) Explore > Activities > “Working Out: Cardio“, “Working Out: Weight Training“, “Workout Cool Down” or “Yoga

 iHeartRadio (US) Formats > Mix & Variety > Spin Cycle

Aupeo! (AR, AT, AU, BE, BG, CR, CZ, DE, DK, DO, EC, EE, ES,FI, FR, GT, HK, HU, IE, IR, IS, IT, MY, MX, NL, NO, NZ, PA, PE, PL, PT, PY, SE, SG, SL, TH, UK, US, UY)  Pop > Running Mix, Electronic > Body Beat, Electronic > Wellness

Napster (US, UK, DE) “Sport-Songs” straight from Germany, Joggin’ (DE)  (UK)  (US), Top 20 Detox Playlist (UK)

WIMP (DK, DE, SE, PL, NO) uptempo playlists guaranteed to get you moving…and keep you moving. SpinningBodypumpDistance RunningGeneral GymPumping IronYoga

JUKE (CHDE, AT, NL, BE & ITChristmas bacon away mixtape

Come drizzly, slushy, sog-soaked February, you may find yourself sucked into the gravitational pull toward pre-resolution sluggishness. Prod yourself to stay on track by tuning into one of these great sources for health and fitness tips.

Fitness Podcasts

SiriusXM > Family & Health

How about just focusing the mind and in turn the body and spirit? We recommend:

Spotify Search > “Baroque”, “Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons“, “Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3“, “Music for Airports

Stream wirelessly. Hit play. And start sweating. We dare you to sit still.