Sonos Rocks Phish Super Ball IX

When Sonos is invited to bring music to an event, we like to go all out. Over the 4th of July weekend, Sonos rocked the Phish Super Ball IX in Watkins Glen, NY, with a smattering of S5s streaming the festival’s live, on-site Bunny Radio via SiriusXM Jam_ON and Live Phish Radio throughout the grounds.

Sonos worked with the Phish team to outfit the House of Live Phish, JEMP Records Store and the Phish Dry Goods merch tent with Sonos and The Bunny. Plus, the 35,000+ festival attendees were given the ability to charge their phones and listen to music at the Recharge Zone.

Stay tuned for more Sonos Rocks stories next weekend, when we’ll be joining the Dave Matthews Band Caravan in Chicago, IL. If you’re attending the festival, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for S5s and other Sonos goodness.