Rocking AirPlay music on Sonos

There’s no end to the number of feature requests we receive from customers, and we always appreciate the input – after all, it helps us continually improve our products. Although we haven’t fulfilled every craving (yet), one new feature is taking us a step closer: AirPlay.

To enjoy AirPlay on Sonos, you’ll need to use an AirPort Express as an AirPlay receiver and be running Sonos System Software v3.4. Get the full technical details, including step-by-step instructions on setting up AirPlay, in our FAQ.

Adding support for Apple’s AirPlay gets us even closer to our goal to offer easy access to all the music on the planet. If you have a subscription with one of our on-demand music partners, you’re already pretty well covered in this arena, but as Sound and Vision puts it, “AirPlay’s a very useful protocol, and it certainly extends the Sonos system’s usefulness.”

For one, the new feature means that any friend that walks into your home with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch can quickly and easily share any track from his or her device on your Sonos music system – no docking required.

Another great AirPlay function? You can play music from any AirPlay-enabled iOS app. That means that you can now play any of your favorite iPhone music apps – say, Slacker – through your Sonos setup, even if we don’t yet natively support it.

But perhaps our favorite way to use AirPlay on Sonos goes beyond the traditional music streaming app. There’s nothing quite like kicking back on the couch with an iPad running SPIN Play, which lets you stream songs while browsing graphically-appealing articles from the eponymous magazine. And we just can’t put down Discovr, an innovative discovery app with a variety of music-related content, including an interactive family tree that shows the musical connections between various artists.

Finally, let’s not forget one of the main benefits of AirPlay on Sonos: it’s the only way you can enjoy AirPlay in true, multi-room Party Mode. No other system lets you send a song from an iOS device and stream it in multiple rooms simultaneously. And as always, Sonos lets you play different tracks throughout the home. You can listen to an iPhone playlist in the living room, an album from iTunes in the kitchen, and a Pandora station in the bedroom – all at the same time.

What are your favorite apps that use AirPlay audio?