Rhapsody’s Dark Side of Santa playlist

Our fifth day of playlists falls on the one day a year that Santa has to work his hardest. Can you blame him if he’s not in the best mood? In that spirit, Rhapsody has compiled The Dark Side of Santa playlist–and offers the following Christmas Eve tale:

Dark Santa

Kris Kringle is quite the mystery. Some believe he’s just a jolly good fella that can do no wrong; others are a little more suspicious. What exactly does he do with those reindeer in the off-season? Who is he really kissing under the mistletoe? Artists like The Killers, Sonic Youth, They Might Be Giants, Sufjan Stevens and, of course, Weird Al have all questioned Santa’s greater motives. The songs featured in this playlist suggest a different side to the typical portrayal of good ol’ St. Nick. Is he really a gun-carryin’, mullet-sportin’, daddy-kissin’ slave driver? Free the elves!

No Rhapsody subscription? No problem! Compile your own mix from the track listing below. (Warning: This playlist may not be suitable for youngsters.)

  1. “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” – The Killers
  2. “Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope” – Sonic Youth
  3. “Santa Needs a Prozac” – Brenda
  4. “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus” – Standstill
  5. “The Night Santa Went Crazy” – Weird Al Yankovic
  6. “Get Behind Me, Santa!” – Sufjan Stevens
  7. “Santa Claus Is Thumbing To Town” – Relient K
  8. “Something Funny In Santa’s Lap”- The Moaners
  9. “Santa Has a Mullet” – Nerf Herder
  10. “Gunslingin’ Santa” – Knock Galley West
  11. “Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy” – Reverend Horton Heat
  12. “Santa’s Beard” – They Might Be Giants
  13. “Back Door Santa (Non Album Version)” – Jet
  14. “Santa Is A Fake” – Arne Hansen
  15. “Santa Ain’t Comin'” – Dr. Elmo
  16. “Elf’s Lament – Barenaked Ladies


Note: As of this posting, Rhapsody on Sonos is available only in the United States.