Our Kind of Holiday: #VinylRecordDay

Vinyl Record Day (not to be confused with Record Store Day, April 20th) is upon us and what a better way to celebrate than with a loving reminder that your turntable and heirloom LPs can live quite happily with your Sonos system, as these users can attest:

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On a day like today we like to put all vinyl vs. digital debates aside. Sonos is here as an impartial partner to help you enjoy the music you love, more and more. It seems only fitting that we share with you a few of our favorite vinyl records in photo form, since streaming them on a day celebrating vinyl seems inherently wrong. The following are photos from folks who are enjoying the glory of analog in every room, wirelessly.

If you’re not yet enjoying vinyl on Sonos, you can check out this: official how-to on connecting your turntable as well as any other line-in components.

Or if you’re more into six-second how-tos, we highly recommend this.

For the record: Why do you love listening to vinyl on Sonos?