Going green with music

Santa Barbara Earth DayOn April 22, 1970, more than 20 million people across the United States participated in the first ever Earth Day, which was inspired by a disastrous environmental event off the coast of Santa Barbara the prior year. 42 years later, Sonos’ hometown continues to pay homage to the green movement that came out of the catastrophe with the Community Environmental Council Earth Day Festival. This weekend, Sonos will join forces with the CEC, the Santa Barbara Bowl, Oniracom, and Horny Toad to educate attendees about energy conservation and waste reduction.

Although not immediately obvious, the Sonos system is a great way to go green with music. For one, no excessive plastic production and waste—you don’t need CDs to listen to music on Sonos. Our products also utilize less power than competing products thanks to the “smart” software, which utilizes the minimum possible power to drive the amps and activates automatic sleep mode once the music stops playing.

Because we want you to go green with your music, we’re giving away not one but two Sonos systems in celebration of Earth Day. We’ve also teamed up with Rhapsody to offer free three-month premium subscriptions to the first 100 people who send in their CDs for recycling. Get the full details here.

In Santa Barbara this weekend? Be sure to stop by Alameda Park and pay a visit to the Sonos booth for more chances to win!