AUPEO’s Whistle While You Work station

AUPE Whistle While You WorkAUPEO walked the fine line between musical chaos and cultivated eclecticism when they created their brand new Whistle While You Work station, which was specially designed to get you through a heavy workday. Of course, when each member of a team has their own field of expertise in music, you run the risk of amassing a compilation of songs that’s a bit…varied. How does The Clash meets Chaka Khan meets Nat King Cole meets James Brown sound to you? An amazing combination, no? In the end, everyone on the AUPEO team runs on the same fuel when at the office: bad coffee, bad jokes and awesome music.

To listen to this station on Sonos, go into AUPEO, click on Pop or Featured Station, and look for “Music at Work”. Don’t have AUPEO yet? Follow the instructions here to add it–it’s free!