Wall of Sonos turns SXSW up to 11

Sonos exists at the intersection of music and technology, so it’s only natural that we felt compelled to trek down to Austin for the annual SXSW conference. In 2011, the Interactive portion of the festival enjoyed a significant increase in popularity. Even better, the line between Interactive and Music blurred as various tech companies hosted parties and events with musical acts from the likes of Big Boi, TV on the Radio, and Chris Cornell.

When we weren’t soaking up hours upon hours of amazing live music, the Sonos crew teamed up with MOG as the company formally introduced our partnership; we made sure they had some S5s on hand, which pumped out Jimi Hendrix prior to the announcement.  We also set up shop with gdgt Austin at PureVolume to show off our new Android controller app, letting attendees play impromptu DJs throughout the show and grab a variety of Sonos gear including the popular Android Blown Away Guy t-shirts.

Pandora's sweet ice sculpture.

The party was a lot of fun for everyone, but the real eye- (and ear-) candy was shown off during the TWIT live broadcast at Momo’s and the Tweethouse. Ever wondered how many Sonos S5s can play simultaneously – in stereo pair? The answer: at least 20 (see the proof above). We synced up 10 white and 10 black S5s to create the ”Wall of Sonos” – a creation capable of producing more decibels than most ears can tolerate. (Warning: Do not attempt at home.)

Meanwhile, several of our music partners commanded significant attention throughout the festival, hosting several high-profile events. The Mog at the Mohawk party was so popular that some hopeful – and clearly tenacious — would-be attendees continued to stand in line well into the set of the headliner. In what is becoming an annual event, Rhapsody rocked Austin at Club Deville with sizzling sets from the likes of Small Black and Deerhunter, while Pandora set up shop with Jim Beam at the Speakeasy for a private party with Kid Rock’s favorite up-and-coming artists.

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