PLAY:5 gets dolled up for charity

Sonos is lucky enough to call the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California home. You may not know it by looking at this seemingly quiet and unassuming little city, but it houses one of the most idyllic outdoor venues on the planet: the Santa Barbara Bowl. The Bowl offers not only a rich history and a beautiful setting, but also stellar natural acoustics, so it’s fitting that we set out to work together.

A clear evening at the Bowl. (Credit:

One of several activities that Sonos has undertaken with the Bowl is to supply PLAY:5s to be signed by the various artists who come through to perform there. The first speaker garnered the signatures of all the bands in attendance at the KJEE Summer Round Up, which played host to the likes of Foster the People and Cage the Elephant.

Earlier this month, Sonos and the Bowl Foundation donated this signed PLAY:5 to Notes for Notes, a non-profit dedicated to providing youth with free access to musical instruments, instruction and recording studio environments. The organization placed the speaker on auction and was able to raise several hundred dollars toward its cause.

Do you have a favorite music charity? Tell us about it below, and we may get involved!