Play – A Visual Music Experience Opens in NY & LA

SONOS_Q1_Promo_300x300_cleanWe are stoked to announce our latest exhibition opening: “Play – A Visual Music Experience,” our interactive audio-visual home filled with music and color.

Opening October 29th in NY, the stylized rooms of the home will respond visually to the songs selected in each room via pantone palettes on the walls, floor, and furniture. Guests will be able to actually see the music change according to the songs’ chords, tempo, and more—as well as the rhythm of body movement throughout the room.

Just like your Sonos Wireless Hifi system at home: you’ll be able to select different songs to play from different speakers in the same room, group rooms to play the same music throughout the home, or play a different song in every room. But unlike your home – here you’ll be able see the color changes from room to room as they impact and interact with the adjacent walls, windows, and floor.

Starting Nov. 13th the “Play – A Visual Music Experience” exhibit will be remounting in the Sonos Studio in LA, and will feature various home themed events and programming through the end of the year.

We’re thrilled to invite you to our home, and we hope you’re able to join us for the grand opening in NY on Oct 29th and LA Nov. 13th.