Os Mutantes Performance and Q&A at Sonos Studio April 16th

Sonos Studio is showcasing another legendary group and their reemergence into the music scene.  RSVP and visit the Sonos Studio April 16th for a look into legendary group Os Mutantes’ new album Fool Metal Jack with an album listening, Q&A and exclusive solo performance from founding member Sergio Dias.

The album explores an assortment of instrumentation including distorted metallic guitars, blaring brass horns, tinkering piano melodies, and heart thumping drums. There are heavy numbers like the title track which samples vocal coughs, classic Portuguese sounding numbers like the Gilberto Gil written “Eu Descobri”, and upbeat psychedelic rock tunes like “Look Out”. Keeping to typical Os Mutantes fashion, Fool Metal Jack is a musical world that only they could create.

In anticipation of their Sonos Studio appearance, Brazilian rock pioneers Os Mutantes want to answer your questions. Post them in the comments below and select questions will be answered by the band on this blog.

Os Mutantes Q&A

Q. Every now and then an American artist will release a tropicalia-influenced album — Jesse Harris’s Sub Rosa & Beck’s Mutations being among the more prominent. How do you think the sound and context translate? Any that you find particularly strong interpretations?

A. First of all, it was amazing to see our music outgrowing the band itself. I believe the moment the internet bypassed all the barriers and frontiers of race color and creed, and that’s how you guys – the kids – make all these things happen. I was very surprised to start seeing the myriad of bands that where influenced by our music and sound, I believe Beck’s Mutation was the most significative and deepest of them all.

Q. Os Mutantes has seen many personnel changes throughout the years; In fact, you (Sergio Dias) are the only remaining member from the 1960s/70s lineup. What unites all these different eras of Os Mutantes?

A. Mutantes are not the band on stage, Mutantes is an energy wave that comes and wipes everything around. The real lineup is the audience, the public and the energy that this can generate. The people on the lineup now are friends and we share a deep respect for you, the audience, and each member. I just happen to be enjoying the ride for longer.

Q. You performed Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol with the ’74 Mutantes in December. Any chance of a tour of that at some point?

A. I would love to do it, I don’t know if it will happen. It would depend on the understanding of the album by the promoters as a single situation, I would love to share it with you all, it was a blast playing with the original cats of that line up and I hope more would come.

Q. In the album version of A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer, the lyrics “verde” and “amarelo” are obscured by sneezing, censorship imposed by the military dictatorship in Brazil at that time. What did the government find threatening about those particular lyrics?

A. I believe as bullies, they didn’t need any particular reason, basically we said “My hair is yellow and green” (Brazilian flag colors) and that was enough for the thugs to come after us, we didn’t comply so we mutilated the song with the noise so the audience would know it was censored, but kept on playing live with the original untouched lyrics. After all, we had to be defiant…


Enjoy this Os Mutantes inspired playlist from Spotify.