Music through pictures with The Stone Roses

Stone Roses - Paint MojoWords cannot fully explain our excitement for the return of The Stone Roses–but pictures and music might do the trick. Which is why we’re getting involved with The Stone Roses: The Third Coming photography exhibition this summer.

The exhibit features more than 70 photos that chart the band’s inspired, at times mischievous, and undoubtedly psychedelic musical journey from their first ever performance at The Moonlight Club. Re-capture the glory days of ‘Fools’ Gold’, ‘Waterfall’, ‘One Love’ and more with renowned music photographers, Kevin Cummins, Ian Tilton and Paul Slattery. With never-before-seen pics, there will even be a chance to glimpse the antics of the real rock and roll lifestyles of Ian Brown, John Squire, Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield and Alan ‘Reni’ Wren. On tour, in the studio, and out partying–who knows what might be revealed.

Sonos will be on hand to bring to life the sounds of Madchester and all those inspired by The Stone Roses through bespoke Play:3 speakers, designed by award winning album artwork creator Richard Robinson. The exhibition will be filled with the music and anthems from the genre, which might even ignite the passion in a new generation. We’ll also be hosting a very special Madchester listening event for those who don’t get their fill.

The Stone Roses: The Third Coming will be running from Wednesday 13 June to Sunday 12 August at the Whiteleys, Bayswater, London W2.

For more information, stay tuned here and visit Whiteleys website.