Mapping SXSW: Where the music’s coming from

Musicians, fans, and industry folks have been converging on Austin every spring since 1987–and this year is no exception. SXSW has become a force to be reckoned with, drawing more than 13,000 registrants in 2011, plus many more revelers who come strictly for the shows and parties.

Sonos counts itself among this the lucky attendees in 2012, and we’ll have a special surprise in tow for a handful of artists. This year, the conference has attracted 500 bands traveling from 45 countries–and that’s just the officially listed count.  Get an eyeful of whence these musicians hail in the graphic below, and then try your hand at guessing how many “extra” acts will turn up in Texas the second week of March.

Editor’s Note: This data is based on SXSW’s band listing page as of February 28, 2012.

Band of Travelers at SXSW 2012