Hear, See, and Feel Sound at the Algo-Rhythms Exhibition

Since its inception, software has been changing the way we experience music. And while some artists have strived to help keep music at the center of that experience, others have incorporated music and software to create an entirely new experience altogether.

Algo-Rhythms, the newest exhibition at the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles, brings together a collection of work centered around how music and software interact. Taking an historical look at the astonishingly broad range of interactive audio-visual art, the exhibition features real-time reactive digital sculptures, projection mapping, audio-visual algorithmic animations and more.

Watch the video below and hear from the artists themselves about how and why they chose to combine music and technology to create new art forms.

Algo-Rhythms features work by artists Larry Cuba, Yoshihide Sodeoka,Refik Anadol, Hawking Leary & Dev Harlan, and Floating Point Collective.