Art and music inspire Japan

Back in March, the world could only look on in horror as Japan was rocked by major earthquakes and then nearly swept away in the ensuing tsunamis. However, the solidarity and generosity that the disaster evoked from across continents and cultures is nothing less than inspiring. It is just this emotion that Pecha Kucha, a creative organization that originated in Tokyo back in 2003, aimed to capture during its global Inspire Japan event.

During the Inspire Japan Nights, which took place in mid-April in roughly 140 cities around the world, Pecha Kucha challenged artists, designers, architects and other creatives to present 20X20 demonstrations inspired by – and inspiring to – Japan. Judging by the photo below, which was snapped at one Night in Amsterdam, the operation was a roaring success.

Of course, we’re of the belief that music can be just as inspiring as visual art, which is why Sonos was on hand in Amsterdam to donate an S5 to the cause.  Pecha Kucha raffled off the music system and other great prizes in a lottery and donated all proceeds to Architecture for Humanity and ArchiAid‘s reconstruction work in Japan.

How does music inspire you?