Big Tech Boom-Boom Room

This is nuts.

Every year, CES is where the world looks to find the vision of the tech industry. And this year that vision is particularly clear: Zero female keynote speakers. No women in clear agenda-driving roles.

Innovation is born from diverse voices, and we need to listen to them. We need to stream them. We need them to be heard beyond hard-to-find conference halls. For one week, CES lets us see behind the curtain of the tech industry, and it’s not pretty. I can only imagine the conversations we’d have if the industry took as much effort to include voices of women and people of color as they do into recruiting their army of booth babes.

Enough with the frat rock.

Our mantra at Sonos is “Listen Better” and we take it seriously. If the folks at CES aren’t willing to have a meaningful conversation that includes women and people of color, we will. During the event, we’re planning on holding a real conversation amplifying the voices that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.   In honor of the women who first blew the whistle on the boy’s club that was Wall Street, we’re calling it the Big Tech Boom Boom Room.

We’ll release more details as we firm them up, but in the meantime, I’d like to hear from you. What should we talk about? Who should we include? Who should help us co-host? Send me an email or tweet, and let’s make it go boom.

CMO, Sonos