The rules of using Sonos at Work

Sonos at Work

At home, most of us have unrestrained control of our Sonos queue, albeit, the occasional override of a family members’ song selection without shame. At the office, however, it gets a bit more complicated. Recently, use of Sonos in office environments has made headlines, while some studies suggest music leads to more productivity and in the open office era can defeat awkward silence.    A recent article also suggests a new phenomena referred to as “Sonos rage.”  “Sonos rage” seems to be driven coworkers skipping tracks and jumping the queue. There is no doubt about it, listening to music together at the office can be a tricky undertaking, but here are a few guidelines we use in…

Gorillaz Spirit House Entrance

Murdoc Niccals Takes Us Inside Gorillaz Spirit House & Beyond

We recently created an immersive audio and visual experience with Gorillaz called the Spirit House to celebrate the launch of their new album, Humanz and the launch of our new PLAYBASE. We had the opportunity to sit down with Murdoc and talk Spirit House inspiration, listening out loud, and movie soundtracks.    Tell us a bit about what a Spirit House is? It’s a cocktail bar, isn’t it? Ah, no, I get you. The other kind. Well, Spirit Houses are audio-visual chateaux through which you can live out your Gorillaz fantasies. You ears and eyes will be penetrated by music and mind-altering visuals, through state-of-the-art tech and physical installations. Plus, there’s a ton of…

Reimagining the future of fashion with music and technology.

Reimagining the future of fashion with music and technology

Our visit to Borre Akkersdijk’s home marks the continuation of our special collaboration between Sonos and Freunde von Freunden.    Borre Akkersdijk heads up the studio of his namesake brand Byborre in Amsterdam West, producing textiles that push the boundaries of wearable technology. Fashion and music are often riffing off each other, deeply linked by the creatives who breathe life into these industries. Borre takes the literal inspiration of each industry, merging the two and creating pieces that are not only attention-grabbing, but also thought-provoking. His music-playing onesie to help dementia patients communicate was featured at SXSW and pushed the dialogue about the…

Philip Glass on Listening (and Composing) at 80

Philip Glass on Listening (and Composing) at 80

Article by: Piotr Orlov Photography by: Danny Clinch   Philip Glass opens his own door. He ushers me into the front room of his East Village brownstone — busy, unkempt and fully lived-in — to drop my coat off and wait a minute. I am, it seems, early, and Glass is still busy with his previous task. As I peel layers that protected me from a frosty New York afternoon, Glass shuffles into the next room over — the music room, it turns out — and gets back to quietly, intently banging out single notes on a piano. Let me tell you, there is no feeling like the feeling you get when you realize that you have accidentally interrupted Philip Glass — among the most influential American composers of…

PLAYBASE brings Gorillaz’ Spirit House to life

PLAYBASE brings Gorillaz Spirit House to life

This month sees the launch of Gorillaz’ first album in six years – Humanz – and we’re excited to be helping them celebrate. Together, we’re creating an immersive audio and visual experience called the Spirit House – a place where fans can go deeper into the band’s dark, fantasy world, be dazzled by…

PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE: Choose your fit

PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE: Choose Your Fit

First came our PLAYBAR, the ideal partner for wall-mounted TVs. And now, we’ve launched our brand new PLAYBASE, designed to sit directly beneath your TV set and bring amazing sound to any room. Both look sleek, sound amazing and give you cinema sound in your very own living room. So what…

Illustrator Anna Eisenhauer talks hip-hop, creative methods, and playing music out loud.

Illustrator Anna Eisenhauer talks hip-hop, creative methods, and playing music out loud.

Our visit to Anna Eisenhauer’s home marks the beginning of a special collaboration between Freunde von Freunden and Sonos. We’re on a mission to celebrate the joy of listening out loud, waking up the silent home, and inspiring creativity in every facet of our lives.    Anna, better…

Interview with Hanni El Khatib

Hanni El Khatib talks music, fashion, and more at Sonos Home Paris

This frenetic week is finally ending for Hanni El Khatib. In between of the release of his new album, Savage Times (on march 3rd) and the launch of his clothing collection he designed for HUF, the Californian rock musician has a busy schedule. His vocal cords are tired but he’s happy to be here,…


Rob Fissmer talks style, speakers and the soundtrack to family life

Rob Fissmer talks style, speakers and the soundtrack to family life

Rob Fissmer heads up West Coast operations for Vitsoe, who produce Dieter Rams’ iconic furniture designs. He trained as an architect, dabbled in DJing and now juggles a busy job with the joys of fatherhood. He lives high in the hills above Los Angeles with wife Elise and his two young sons, Max and Sam.   For many people, parenthood means non-stop nursery rhymes and a tide of plastic toys, but Rob’s passion for sharp design and soulful music remains undimmed. Here, he tells us how listening out loud makes family time even more special. If you knocked on Rob’s door around dinnertime, you might well find the whole family gathered in the kitchen – cooking and chatting, whilst…

Introducing Sonos PLAYBASE. The perfect fit for your TV space.

Introducing Sonos PLAYBASE. The perfect fit for your TV space.

Introducing Sonos PLAYBASE. The perfect fit for your TV space. We believe that what’s on your TV is only as good as what your TV is on. So, say hello to the all-new PLAYBASE, delivering powerful home theater sound when the TV is on, and music all the time when it’s off.      Our starting-point for PLAYBASE’s unique design was a singular insight. 70% of TV’s are sitting on furniture, not mounted on the wall. We saw the need for a new kind of home theater product one that supports the weight of a TV, delivers incredible sound and blends in seamlessly with the rest of your living room. While simple in concept, fitting powerful home theater sound in our thinnest speaker…

We caught up with “the furniture pimp” Jim Walrod to talk living, listening and what makes his Chinatown space a very soulful space indeed.

“Furniture Pimp” Jim Walrod talks music waking up his home

At Sonos, we’re on a mission. We want people to switch off from work, stow away their laptops and celebrate the joy of listening out loud. It’s what we call 'waking up the silent home’ – and designer Jim Walrod is all for it.   Jim is the man behind some of the world’s most iconic and extravagant interiors – from hotels and nightclubs, to rockstars' pads and billionaires' playgrounds. So it might come as a surprise that his own apartment lies on a blue-collar block in New York’s Chinatown, entered through a hardware store and up three steep flights of stairs. Inside, however, the appeal of the place is obvious. Vast windows. Soaring ceilings. And 2,000 square feet of space in which to…

Causes and Conditions of The Silent Home

Causes and Conditions of The Silent Home

A Silent Home is a place where the absence of music exacerbates the stress and pressures of modern life. A home where people live side-by-side but not together. It is a problem that affects more than two thirds of our homes. Last year, we conducted an experiment to see if listening to music out loud at home could affect relationships. We showed that homes filled with music were happier, closer, more loving. So with such powerful benefits, why aren’t we all listening to more music together, why isn’t every home filled with music?…

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