An interview with Ben Eine

We caught up with one of the art world’s more expressive characters, internationally renowned master of type Ben Eine, at his train side London studio and converted vinegar factory loft talking about creativity, what Listen Better means to him and how music influences his art and life. As a letter and wordsmith, there’s no mistaking Eine’s hand, with his alphabets recognised on streets and canvases the world over.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

I’ll never forget the night I decided I was finished with the music industry. I’d spent the better part of the 90s in a band, singing and playing bass in clubs across the country. I also managed the business side of things, making sure we got paid and even brokering a record deal with a label.

By 1999, I’d lost count of all the venues we’d played and all the cocky sound guys who felt compelled to "mansplain" my amp to me during sound checks... I was tired. Tired of being talked down to. Tired of fighting for the money I earned. Tired of trying to make my voice heard whenever I was on stage (thanks again, sound guy), as well as when I was off.

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Sound Baths: Sara Auster on the Healing Power of Deep Listening

Sara Auster wants you to relax. As our lives fill up with the noise of digital notifications and attention-sucking screens, the New York-based musician and sound therapist wants to help others unplug, pause, and live more mindfully. But rather than using her own words to guide you through a meditation as you might expect, she uses sound.

It’s called a sound bath. Using crystal singing bowls and other unconventional musical instruments, Auster crafts her own room-filling, atonal soundscapes that are designed to immerse the listener and ease the mind. Through deep listening, she believes, we can rise above the mental fatigue of daily life and learn to focus again.

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Celebrate Music Freedom By Supporting These Censored Musicians

What would the world be like without music? For the past decade, Freemuse – a leading free expression organisation based in Denmark – has been asking that provocative question of music lovers. Music Freedom Day (3rd March) aims to raise awareness about censorship and to celebrate the courageous musicians practising their art in the face of adversity.

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Karen Kimmel & James Bond

Creator Homes – Karen Kimmel & James Bond

Karen Kimmel and James Bond are a couple of creative powerhouses. Kimmel is a multi-disciplinary artist who also consults for a slew of major brands, while Bond is the founder of cult streetwear line Undefeated. They share their mid-century abode in Los Feliz with their two children and a…

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Alex Valdman Stays in Motion with Music

Creative director at cycling mainstay Rapha, Alex Valdman leads a team tasked with discovering and developing products that respond to a cyclist’s holistic needs. While at his historic London home, he uses music and sound to communicate with his young daughter.…

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What would the world look like without music? An interview with Freemuse

Freemuse is one of the foremost organisations dedicated to tracking threats against musicians and artists worldwide. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Freemuse advocates for musicians at a number of levels, from highlighting attacks on individual artists to pressuring governments at the United Nations…

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Music Video Director Jason Koenig at Home

Jason Koenig has been busy directing music videos for Ed Sheeran, and his friends Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, for which he’s received a Grammy nod and several VMAs. Koenig lives in a quaint craftsman house in his hometown of Seattle with his wife Jenny and cat Oliver.…

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Effortless style: Why Amber Lewis believes in keeping it simple

Amber Lewis crams a lot into her life. Running a hugely successful interior design business, designing her own line of homeware and commanding a social media following of millions.At home in Calabasas, California, with her musician husband Mike, daughter Gwyneth (Gwynie for short) and a host of rescue animals , Amber’s happiness lies within life’s simple pleasures. She loves nothing more…

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Listen Better: An Open Letter from Patrick Spence

Listen Better: An Open Letter from Patrick SpenceFriends, Music is at the heart of our mission at Sonos.  But in today’s world, music faces mounting threats. Too many artists face barriers to free expression and others can be jailed or even killed for merely sharing their songs over the internet. Communities lack space and resources to ensure all musicians can be heard. We’re failing to foster a…

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Welcome to the Sonic Internet

Over the past 15 years, we’ve changed the way that people listen. We’ve designed the ultimate home music experience. And we’ve delivered a system that fits into your life, plays in any room, and works with every music service – all through speakers that sound amazing.   Patrick Spence, CEO Today, we’re ready to change the way that people listen once again. And we’re going to do it by…

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The Sonos App Remastered

It’s now even easier to find, curate, control and most importantly, enjoy your music. There are few things in this world as satisfying as a good record collection. It’s arranged exactly the way you want, alphabetically or chronologically, by colour or by genre. You know every album and where exactly to find it on the shelf. There’s something so beautifully simple about picking out the one you…

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